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Bugs / [Bug?] I can't get my colonists operated on a Hospital bed
« on: October 04, 2014, 11:25:32 AM »
Like the title says, I am unsure whether or not this is a bug, but it is actually quite annoying.

If I have an available Hospital bed, a colonist that is going to receive a Prosthetic immediately goes to one to rest and wait for the operation, but no matter what I do, no Doctor goes to operate or provide the Anesthetic.

Only after I de-select all the free Hospital beds to normal ones, and have the colonist wait on a Medical bed, they finally get operated on. The same thing happens with prisoners I believe, since I was forced to do the same thing in order to harvest some organs or to install a peg leg.
The weird thing is that they provide medical care to colonists that are injured and waiting on H.Beds, but limb replacements and operations seem to be restrictive to have the colonist wait on either medical or normal beds.
As you can see in the picture, I had to mess with the other beds in order to get Ida to wait in that specific one.

Like the title says, this is where I'll post a few helpful spreadsheets, containing all the useful information that we are given in the game. Information such as item value, range, damage, defense... all sorts of things that you should know when equipping and outfitting your colonists!
In the future I also plan to make one for animals and such. ^^

Here are the links to the files, and will be updated accordingly with each Alpha that is released.
Feel free to use the contents of these sheets to update the RimworldWiki and to create your own sheets. I know the formatting I used might not be the best there is, but I personally find it easy to understand and to use.
And finally, here are some neat little .png files for whoever wants to print or keep them for later reference. ^^
I also made an old thread on the "Public Testers" Forum that is similar to this one. But for now, since the current Alpha is out, I see no need to post there until Alpha 8 is available to the testers. I will only leave a comment on it once I update the sheet that has suggestions for specific stats for each specific piece of clothing. ^^
Here's a link for said thread:

Mods / Mod Suggestion - Squirrel Faction
« on: August 30, 2014, 02:14:49 PM »
Hello, this is just a suggestion for a fun little mod. I haven't had the chance to mess with the code to try it out myself, so hopefully someone more experienced can have an easier time making this.

I think it would be quite fun if squirrels would behave like enemies from another faction. Instead of going deranged whenever the AI tells them to, have said faction raid you at random times. In a similar way that the Zombie mod works.

Imagine the terror it would be to have a horde of 40+ furry creatures rush towards your colony and surrounding raiders/visitors.

I got this idea after 20+ squirrels ganged up and cleaned the surroundings of my base of both zombies and raiders, the raiders having managed to fight both threats in an impressive display of... let's just say that there was bloodshed and a lot of friendly fire. XD

Of course players would have to invent new tactics to fight off this threat, in a similar way that they did for the Muffalo and Zombie threat. I personally like to funnel the enemy into a large or small hallway surrounded with embrasures, then have my colonists pick them off one by one after the entrance to my colony is sealed off.

I know it's cheap, but since Survival is at stake I say that the shame is worth it. ^^

Stories / Mechanoids vs Raiders
« on: June 14, 2014, 06:19:12 PM »
So, a bunch of Mechanoids showed up to attack my base earlier, and I was still rebuilding my defenses due to a previous Mechanoid attack. I made a fail in my design and they were able to target my turrets without being stopped by the sandbags.

Either way, in the time they took to chase a random visitor and fight off a rampaging Muffalo, a bunch of pirates showed up to attack my base! :D

They are currently fighting off the Centipedes and heavy casualties are appearing on both sides. Right now I'm just blocking out the entrances so I can clean what's left later. ^^

I'm playing on Tough Cleopatra.,1jz669g
Here are 2 screenshots. ^^

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