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Map Reroll 2 is a complete rewrite of the Map Reroll project. The significant internal changes should yield improved stability and performance.

Notice: The beta has concluded successfully, and the new features have been merged back into Map Reroll. Thank you everyone for helping test the new goodies.


  • Preview alternative starting maps for your chosen world location.
  • Select a preview to reroll your starting map to the selected one.
  • Randomize the locations of the steam geysers on your map.
  • Saving and loading your game will no longer prevent you from rerolling.
  • Maps settled by caravans can now also be rerolled.

How to use

  • Start a new game or settle on a new map.
  • Click the "Map Reroll" button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Click on "Reroll map" or "Reroll geysers".

Change log

0.10.0: Added map preview system
- Map rerolls are no longer random- the map can be picked from a selection of previews
- Map reroll cost is now per preview page, rather than per map
- Removed the monument
- Added Map Reroll main window button and tab
- Added map generator accuracy setting
- All rerolling can now be done while the game is paused
- Game will auto-pause if it was paused before a map reroll

Pack policy
Feel free to use and include wherever. Credit is optional.
I would advise to wait for the 1.0 release, though.


Github releases: Latest

HugsLib library (required): Latest

HugsLib is a lightweight shared mod library for Rimworld. It is designed to provide a foundation for mods and deliver shared functionality.
I initially developed this for my own mods, but decided to make it publicly available after people showed interest in using the library for their own work.

  • HugsLib must be installed as a separate mod by the players. The library itself is not to be included with your mods. You can use the mod dependency system added in Rimworld 1.1 to add HugsLib as a requirement to your mod. See the required About.xml additions below.

  • Mod foundation: Base class to build mods on. Extending classes have access to custom logging, settings, and receive the following events from the library controller: Initialize, DefsLoaded, Tick, Update, FixedUpdate, OnGUI, WorldLoaded, MapComponentsInitializing, MapGenerated, MapLoaded, MapDiscarded, SceneLoaded, SettingsChanged.
  • Persistent in-game settings: Implementing mods can create custom settings of various types that can be changed by the player in the new Mod Settings menu. Settings are stored in a file in the user folder.
  • Mod update news: Mods can provide a message for each version they release, highlighting new features. These messages will be shown once to the player the next time he starts the game. This is a good way to ensure that new mod features do not go unnoticed by the majority of players. This is especially true on Steam, where the player may not have even read the description before subscribing. Messages include support for images and basic formatting.
  • Log publisher: Adds a keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+F12) to publish the logs from within the game. Returns a URL that you can share with others or send to a mod author. The published logs also include the list of running mods and their versions, as well as the full list of active Harmony patches. This is a great way for a mod author to get the logs from a player who is experiencing an issue with his mod.
  • Quickstarter: Load a save file or generate a new map with a given scenario and size right after the game is started. Also allows to generate a new map with one click. Settings dialog included.
  • UtilityWorldObjects: A convenient way to store your data in a save file. Since A16 MapComponents are no longer a reliable way to store your data, and UWO's are designed to be a drop-in replacement.
  • Custom tick scheduling: Includes tools for executing callbacks with a specified tick delay, and registering recurring ticks with non-standard intervals. Recurring ticks are distributed uniformly across the time spectrum, to minimize the performance impact of the ticking entity.
  • Auto-restarter: Automatically restarts the game when the language is changed.
  • Log window additions: Adds a menu to find common files: open the log file and browse the user data and mods folders.

Included translations: Russian (by anonymous, dragomano), Simplified Chinese (by cainiaowu), Traditional Chinese (by duduluu, shiuanyue, CuteLasty), Polish (by Kunegard), Spanish (by nahuen89, PelucheKawaii, 53N4), Japanese (by Proxyer), Korean (by urty5656), French (kaptain-kavern), German (maculator).

Dependency tags
If your mod depends on HugsLib, it is recommended to include these tags in your About.xml file:

Rimworld 1.1 update guide

ModBase reference (start here)
Adding mod settings
World data storage
Mod update news
Introduction to Patching
Custom Tick Scheduling
Development Utilities

Deprecated features (A16)
GUI injection

If there is something missing, feel free to look through the code, or message me if you need more info.

Detour by attribute feature added by Fluffy
Detour safety checks contributed by 1000101 and Zhentar
HubsLib badge contributed by Alistaire
Shell commands contributed by scuba156

Honorable mentions go to Andreas Pardeike for the lovely Harmony library.

Pack policy
Feel free to use and include wherever. Credit is optional.


How to install
To install using Steam:
  • Subscribe to the HugsLib and Harmony pages on the workshop (links below).
  • Once the download in the Steam client completes, start the game and open the Mod menu.
  • Enable both in the Mods menu in-game, along with any other mod you are adding (click the red X next to the mods)
  • Click the "Auto-sort mods" button at the bottom, then "Close".
  • You are ready to play after the game restarts.
To install manually:
  • Download the latest Harmony release using the link below ( file).
  • Download the latest HugsLib release using the link below ( file).
  • Extract both to your Rimworld/Mods folder, like any other mod.
  • Enable both in the Mods menu in-game, along with any other mod you are adding (click the red X next to the mods).
  • Click the "Auto-sort mods" button at the bottom, then "Close".
  • You are ready to play after the game restarts.

The Harmony mod is required and must also be installed: Latest version

HugsLib: Latest version

Also available on the Steam Workshop

Also available on NuGet

Raids are fun, but positioning your fleshy turrets for battle each single time gets old pretty fast.
Well, now there's an app a mod for that! With the push of a button you can send off your whole colony to man the defensive perimeter. Convenience!

  • Each colonist can now be assigned a place to stand, activated on command.
  • Clean and simple- just a single button to work with.
  • Basic and advanced mode- easy to pick up, and more flexibility once your colony grows out.
  • Up to 4 positions can be assigned to each colonist- great for multiple entrances and fall-back lines of defense.
  • Colonists and buildings can be assigned to squads for quick selection. Up to 9 squads can be created.
  • Some useful hotkeys to make your life easier: send everyone to their defensive position, select everyone, undraft everyone.
  • Colonists will automatically man mortars and guns next to their defensive position.
  • Included translations: Spanish (by h771864, 53N4), Chinese (simplified by vednic, duduluu; traditional by duduluu), German (by Lauri7x3), Russian (by Havrus)
How to use

Basic mode

Every colonist now has an additional button next to his Draft command. Everything is done using this button.
First, the colonists need to be shown their assigned defensive position. To do that:
  • Draft your defenders and place them where you want them.
  • Select all defenders, hold Shift and click the Defensive position button (or press T).
  • Done. Next time you click the button (or press T) the selected colonists will be drafted and will run to the position you assigned them.
Once you feel like one saved position is no longer enough, you can switch to advanced mode by holding Alt and clicking the button.

Advanced mode

Advanced mode works exactly like Basic, but you have 4 positions to work with. Same deal- shift+click a slot to save a position, just click to send the selected pawns to the position they have been assigned under that number.
Pressing T is the same as clicking the first slot, pressing T multiple times in a row will activate the slot with that number.
You can return to Basic mode by Alt+clicking the button again.

Other stuff
  • The shortcut key for the button can be reassigned in the games options.
  • In advanced mode, the "defensive position" and the "send all" hotkeys can be pressed multiple times in quick succession to select the position to send your defenders to.
  • When assigning a position to a colonist, you can just order them to move there and save. That way you don't have to physically move your colonists just to assign them a new position.

  • The HugsLib library is required to run this mod. Download link below.
  • Extract both mods to your Rimworld/Mods folder.
  • Enable both mods in the Mods menu. HugsLib must be loaded first.
  • Enjoy!
Existing saves should work just fine.

Pack policy
Feel free to use and include wherever. Credit is optional.



Github releases: Latest, All releases

HugsLib library (required): Latest

Also available on the Steam Workshop.
Trying to port one of my mods, and running into issues with loading a custom def that extends the vanilla Def:

Found no usable data when trying to get defs from file MapReroll.xml

The custom def contains only a handful of primitive types. Source.
It used to run just fine in A13.
Anyone know what has changed on this front?

This mod allows you to generate new starting maps for your colonies.


  • Reroll your starting maps to change the landscape, but keep your biome, elevation, etc. And, you get to keep your colonists.
  • The map preview system generates miniatures of potential reroll destinations, so you can pick exactly the map you're looking for.
  • Roll new steam geyser locations for that shiny geotherm right near your dirt shack.
  • Generating map previews will cost you mineable resources. You might be paying for that extra page in plasteel.
  • For free stuff enthusiasts, the resource cost can be turned off in the in-game settings menu.
  • Included translations: Chinese (by yuriok)


  • The HugsLib library is required to run this mod. Download link below.
  • Extract both mods to your Rimworld/Mods folder.
  • Enable both mods in the Mods menu. HugsLib must be loaded first.
  • Enjoy!


2.6.0: Rimworld 1.2 compatibility, tweaks
- Added button to re-enable rerolling after "Keep this map" as used
- Map size setting now accepts arbitrary numbers
- Optimizations for faster preview generation

2.5.2: Minor fix, backported features
Changes for Rimworld 1.1:
- Fixed rerolls failing when a language with missing important strings is active
Changes for Rimworld 1.0:
- Fixed Prepare Carefully compatibility issue- animals changing genders on reroll
- Geyser arrows will not be automatically hidden while the game is paused
- Added encounter map size (75x75)

2.5.1: Fixed compatibility with Rimworld 1.0

2.5.0: Updated for Rimworld 1.1, unreleased additions
This and future releases are compatible with both Rimworld 1.1 and 1.0.
- Fixed Prepare Carefully compatibility issue- animals changing genders on reroll
- Geyser arrows will not be automatically hidden while the game is paused
- Added encounter map size (75x75)

2.4.0: Updated to Rimworld 1.0

2.3.4: Mod compatibility tweaks
- Restored "Configure map" button for Kiame's Configurable Maps

2.3.3: Updated to B19, tweaks and fixes
- Added map stripping (memory cleanup)
- Map disposal now happens before map generation
- Rerolls will always respect the 'has caves' tile feature
- Fixed rock overwriting rivers on previews
- Fixed 'could not find drop spot' error
- Added ROM Vampires compatibility fix
- Added ModSync config

2.2.3: Compatibility tweaks
- Fixed startup error when loaded with certain other mods
- Dice button and windows should now always display on top

2.2.2: Drop pod fix
- Fixed player launched drop pods causing errors on arrival

2.2.1: Fix, compatibility tweak
- Fixed preview generation of river maps
- Added compatibility patch for the Configurable Maps mod
- Added button to previews window for quick access to Configurable Maps settings

2.2.0: Updated to B18
- Added caves to preview generator
- Added setting to hide caves on previews
- Maps can now be resized when rerolling (see mod settings)

2.1.2: Mod conflict fix
- Added error handler to prevent unknown mod conflict from breaking map rerolling.

2.1.1: Important fix
- Fixed resources being consumed on each map load
- Geyser arrows will expire even if the game is paused
- Added option to disable geyser arrows entirely

2.1.0: UI rework, new features
- Added "Keep this map" button
- Rerolls no longer expire after naming the colony
- Improved the look of the reroll controls window
- Added setting to change the default map size of the world
- Consumed resources now replaced with more appropriate rock type
- Fixed purchased preview pages not being saved

2.0.0: Rewrite, added map previews
- Rewritten rerolling logic for better stability & performance
- Additional settled maps can now also be rerolled
- Added map preview system
- Map reroll cost is now per preview page, rather than per map
- Overhauled reroll control visuals
- Removed the secret feature
- Added arrows pointing to rerolled geysers
- All rerolling can now be done while the game is paused

1.6.1: Important fixes
- Fixed errors when generating maps other than your starting map
- Reroll controls will now be hidden on the world map
- Creating a caravan will now lock the reroll map button
- Having no colonists on the map will prevent rerolls
- Added tooltips to the reroll button to explain the lockout

1.6.0: Updated to A17
- Added rerolling support for loaded games
- Refactored the code base

1.5.3: Compatibility fix
- Added Crash Landing compatibility

1.5.2: Minor fixes, translation
- Deterministic rerolls: rerolling on the same seed and tile will produce the same sequence of maps
- Fixed interface issues when scaling is above 1x
- Colonists on rerolled maps will now remember their pod landing for artistic purposes
- Added Chinese translation

1.5.1: Minor fix
- Fixed a potential error on map reroll

1.5.0: Updated to A16
- Added a notification and sound for secret discovery

1.4.6: Minor fix
- Updated HugsLib (settings order fix)

1.4.5: Mod update news fix
- Updated HugsLib to 1.0.4

1.4.4: Important fixes
- Fixed errors on saving/loading maps
- Fixed duplicate pawns in save
- Fixed shrine corpses accumulating in the save each reroll
- Damage and effects on colonist health will now carry over between rerolls
- Fixed hurt colonists spawning with a red tint after a reroll
- Added dev mode setting to suppress cryptosleep sickness
- Updated HugsLib to 1.0.3 (CaveworldFlora compat fix)

1.4.2: Compatibility fixes
- Fixed compatibility with Prepare Carefully
- Deep Drill will no longer get stuck on invalid resource
- Updated HugsLib to 1.0.1

1.4.1: Hotfix
- Fixed error on loading an existing map

1.4.0: Content update
- The mod is now dependent on the HugsLib library, which comes included
- Added in-game settings
- Added update news
- Added free rerolls option
- Added secret feature
- Colonists will now be fully reset between rerolls, fixing a number of issues

1.3.1 - 12/9/16,
- Dice widget will no longer hide under the learning helper window
- Dice widget should no longer appear on the loading screen
- Removed artifacts from textures

1.3.0 - 31/8/16
- Updated to A15
- Interface widget now properly hides on loaded games
- Added config setting for logging consumed resources
- Added config setting to offset the interface widget

1.2.1 - 30/7/16
- Minor fix: colonists auto-generated during rerolls are now properly disposed of

1.2.0 - 29/7/16
- Updated to A14
- Silly loading messages are back!
- Reroll window will now stay open after a rerolled map load.

1.1.4 - 1/5/16
- Fixed incompatibility with latest release of Prepare Carefully

1.1.3 - 28/4/16
- Added compatibility patch for the early A13 release of Prepare Carefully.

1.1.2 - 28/4/16
- Scaled down the dice widget and added size setting to the xml config.

1.1.1 - 10/4/16
- The geyser reroller will now do its best to pick new locations for all new geysers.
- Fixed a bug with map rerolling: after enough rerolls the generator would fail to find places to put stuff.

1.1.0 - 7.4.16
- Ported to A13.
- Silly loading messages had to be cut for now.

1.0.2 - 1.4.16
- World seed will no longer change after a map reroll.

1.0.1 - 29.3.16
- Added EdB Prepare Carefully compatibility.

Pack policy
Feel free to use and include wherever. Credit is optional.



Github releases: Latest, All releases

HugsLib library (required): Latest

Also available on the Steam Workshop.

At some point in our lives, we each ask ourselves questions like- "Who am I?", "Where did I come from?" and "Am I exploding as much stuff as I could be?". This highly introspective mod will help you answer at least one of these questions.


  • Craft and deploy different types of remote explosives, to defend from the safety of your walls.
  • Blow up whole minefield at the touch of a button.
  • Mining too slow for you? There's an app explosive for that! Two, actually.
  • Get more rock chunks from your stone with a special explosive. Handy on maps without much natural rock.
  • Cut mechanoids down to size with the handy EMP mines.
  • Use the sealing foam canister to rapidly seal off area entrances with very tough walls.
  • The sleeping gas canister makes capturing live enemies a lot safer- if you can expose them long enough... and can keep your own colonists from breathing the stuff.
  • The shaped charge finally brings an end to the tyranny of the overhead mountain roof, allowing it to be blasted off.
  • Channels allow multiple groups of explosives to be triggered separately.
  • Charges can be set to be auto-rebuilt. Once such a charge explodes, a blueprint is left behind for a charge of the same type and with the same settings. Convenience!
  • The portable detonator is a easy way to trigger your explosives on the go.
  • Makeshift explosives can be made out of leather and a few other renewable components. Great for tribal colonies.
  • The manual detonator and detonator wire are a good early-game way to trigger your explosives before you go wireless.
  • Vanilla IEDs can take advantage of the auto-rebuild feature and be triggered by the manual detonator.
  • Included translations: Chinese (simplified by Fu_Yang, duduluu; traditional by duduluu)

How to explode stuff

  • The detonator unlocks through the Remote Explosives research. The explosive and incendiary charges unlock with Explosive IEDs and Incendiary IEDs respectively.
  • The charges are crafted at the Explosives Workshop. You can place them down using the build menu (look in the Explosives category).
  • The workshop allows you to select what you want to craft you charges out of- components, or the equivalent amount of steel.
  • Charges can be placed down even if you don't yet have the required research. You can buy them from traders, including caravans.
  • The detonator has limited range and will only trigger the charges you have armed. It can be easily uninstalled and moved around, though.
  • You can deconstruct your charges to quickly move them somewhere else.
  • The detonator can be triggered manually with a drafted colonist using the right click menu. Handy for perfect timing!
  • Channels can be used once the associated research is done, and an additional component is installed into the detonator (see the actions menu).
  • Changing channels on explosives still requires a colonist to actually walk over and flip the switch.
  • Makeshift explosives (research required) are made from leather, charcoal and Sparkpowder. Charcoal can be made at a campfire from wood, and Sparkpowder is made by growing Sparkweed plants.
  • The shaped charge (research required) can only break through thick mountain roof when it is applied at its edge. The effective area of the charge will be highlighted with a green outline when it is correctly placed. The additional white outline highlights any thick roof nearby.

The two types of mining explosives:

The sealing foam canister in action. It expands to fill whatever space is available. Before the foam hardens, you can still squeeze through it, though that is rarely a good idea. Also, with a bit of planning, it's possible to make walls out of this stuff.

The sleeping gas canister in action. The gas behaves as you might expect- it spreads to fill rooms, seeps outside through open doors and vents, and quickly dissipates under an open sky. Some gear may prevent the gas from affecting the wearer.

The manual detonator and detonator wire. Note, that remote explosives can be triggered by wire, but need to be armed. It's a good idea to keep the detonator wire away from rain (or dry it, if necessary).


  • The HugsLib library is required to run this mod. Download link below.
  • Extract both mods to your Rimworld/Mods folder.
  • Enable both mods in the Mods menu. HugsLib must be loaded first.
  • Enjoy!
Existing saves should work just fine.


2.2.2: Minor fixes
- Fixed save-load issues of auto-replaced charge blueprints
- Auto-replaced charges will now remember their armed state

2.2.1: Error fix
- Fixed a potential error during periodic faction relation updates

2.2.0: Rimworld 1.1 update and fixes
This and future releases are compatible with both Rimworld 1.1 and 1.0.
Changes for Rimworld 1.0 and 1.1:
- Doors from Doors Expanded mod will now block gasses when closed
- Mining explosives will now work properly on ores
- Added mod setting to auto-forbid resources dropped by mining charges
- Improved look of connected solidified foam walls
- Solidified foam walls will no longer be dropped by meteors
- Fixed gas vent not working when both ends are outdoors
- Significantly improved ability of gas vent to act as a heat exchanger
- Increased gas vent durability
- Shaped charge placement overlays are no longer covered by fog
- Shaped charge placement overlays will now highlight effective areas of other charges
- Lowered construction skill requirement for all upgrades

2.1.2: Minor fixes and tweaks
- Red button fever mental break is now limited to colonists
- Portable detonator moved to accessory slot
- Detonator wire no longer deconstructs buildings it is placed under
- Crushed charcoal recipe added to electric smelter

2.1.1: Minor fixes and tweaks
- Added colonist avoidance logic for sparkweed and gas clouds
- Sparkweed flammability has been doubled to compensate
- Placing charges will no longer expand the home zone area
- Only originally friendly factions will have an extended negative goodwill cap
- Added setting to disable negative goodwill extension entirely (dev mode)
- Fixed proximity sensor errors after loading dead tracked targets
- Added crushed charcoal recipe to fueled smithy

2.1.0: Updated to Rimworld 1.0
- Fixed sleeping gas not affecting insects

2.0.0: B19 Update, new content                               
- Re-branded mod to Remote Tech                               
- Added new channels keypad with research                     
- Added radio mast for setting up wireless networks           
- Added portable power unit                                   
- Added proximity sensor                                     
- Added universal upgrade system                             
- Added secret metal break                                   
- Added Place button on item-form charges                     
- Added sparkpowder-based crafting recipe variants           
- Added instant detonation on manned detonators               
- Added channels to portable detonator                       
- Added base components for damaging gasses                   
- Redesigned foam wall texture                               
- Fix: shaped charge thin roof breaking                       
- Fix: proper volume calculation on stacked chemical charges 
- Fix: do until amount for sleeping gas cans                 
- Fix: collapsed rock path cost                               
- Auto-replace system fixes                                   
- Detonator wire no longer requires sparkpowder               
- Prefixed all def and resource names for better compatibility

1.14.0: New content and fixes
- Added gas vent
- Added refined sleeping gas
- Added detonator wire crossing
- Split up chemical charges research and crafting
- Sparkweed plant is now removed on harvest
- Sparkweed ignition is now suppressed by firefoam
- Replaced sparkpowder and detonator wire graphics
- Added recipe info button to explosives workshop
- Added settings to auto-arm placed explosives
- Added concentration readout to gas clouds on hover
- Gas clouds are no longer selectable
- Fixed detonator wire causing walls to deconstruct
- Fixed charges not dropping their item form when deconstructed
- Fixed portable detonator resetting uses when unequipped
- Fixed most building being constructed instantly

1.13.1: Minor fixes
- Fixed errors caused by auto-replaceable buildings made from Stuff
- Meteorites will no longer drop smooth foam walls and collapsed rock
- Faction bases will no longer generate sparkweed farms

1.13.0: Updated to B18
- Added improved detonator wire
- Added foam wall smoothing for use as interior wall
- Foam wall will now visually connect to rock and other walls
- Goodwill will now drop below -100 when using sleeping gas on allies
- Extended auto-replace feature to passive cooler
- Charcoal renamed to crushed charcoal

1.12.3: Sleeping gas fix
- Fixed the sleeping gas becoming inert after loading a saved game

1.12.2: Translation
- Updated Chinese translations

1.12.1: Mining explosives fix
- Fixed the resource yield on the mining explosives
- Added in-game stats to all mining explosives

1.12.0: Updated to A17
- Workshop will now show all available recipes
- Locked recipes will show their research prerequisite
- EMP charge stun duration increased by 25%
- EMP charge is now able to incap mechanoids at low health

1.11.3: Translation
- Updated both Chinese translations

1.11.2: Minor feature, fixes
- Added wire detonation and auto-replace features to the vanilla firefoam popper
- The shaped charge will no longer leave a thin roof after breaking mountain roof
- The channel button on charges will now indicate that the channel is still being switched
- Fixed error when detonating multiple clustered shaped or mining charges
- Fixed bill error when placing the workbench in dev mode without doing the research
- Collapsed rock can now be multi-selected

1.11.1: Compatibility fix
- Resolved a world generation breaking issue when Rimarsenal+Federation is present

1.11.0: Updated to A16
- HugsLib is now a requirement and must be added as a separate mod
- Mining explosives now deal limited damage and are less efficient at mining resources
- Foam walls are now significantly easier to mine
- Makeshift Explosives research is now a prerequisite for the remote detonator
- Added mod setting for how long auto-replaced charges should stay forbidden
- Trader prices have been rebalanced and basic charges have become more affordable
- Detonator cord has been renamed to detonator wire
- The detonator wire grid will now be highlighted when the "select wire" designator is selected
- Shaped charge roof overlay will no longer draw when multiple charges are selected
- Fixed error in detonator wire drying job

1.10.2: New translation
- Added Simplified Chinese translation

1.10.1: Minor fix
- Shaped charge will now clear build roof designations from tiles to prevent pawns being stuck in a build-remove roof cycle

1.10.0: Content update
- Added Shaped Charge for mountain breaking, new research
- Fixed gas-related memory leak
- Optimized gas rendering for improved performance
- Pawns no longer need to be drafter to use the detonator context menu
- Gas mask will now make the wearer more resistant to toxic fallout
- Incapacitating friendlies with sleeping gas will now incur a goodwill penalty
- Added dynamic shadows to all buildings
- Detonator cord will now drop only steel on deconstruction
- Minor AI performance optimizations
- Channels component installation time now depends on construction skill
- Makeshift explosive sprite edited for a more 3D look

1.9.4: Minor fix
- Removed inheritance of one more def

1.9.3: Minor fix
- Removed inheritance of external defs for better compatibility

1.9.2: Stuck pawns fix
- Fixed the stuck pawns and errors related to installing the detonator component
- Squashed a typo

1.9.1: Minor fix
- Modified the detonator cord to look better under IEDs
- Fixed a corner case in the component installation logic

1.9.0: Content update
- Added Makeshift explosive
- Added Manual detonator
- Added Detonator cord
- Added Sparkweed plant
- Added Sparkpowder, Charcoal
- Added Makeshift explosives research
- Added 3D look to detonator and workbench
- Added Auto-replace feature to vanilla IEDs
- Mining charges will now clear trees
- The EMP charge will now show its radius
- Enemies are now significantly less likely to target explosives
- Optimized Gas performance
- Added test cases for parts of the code
- Fixed some typos

1.8.0 - 31/8/16
- Updated to A15

1.7.0 - 22/8/16
- Added portable detonator
- Fixed warning shown by FluffyTabs
- Added some documentation to the classes

1.6.0 - 29/7/16
- Added charge auto-replacement
- Fixed an edge case with the detonator component installation

1.5.0 - 22/7/16
- Updated to A14

1.4.0 - 4/7/16
- Added explosives workshop
- Charges can now be crafted with either components or steel (select in workshop).
- Moved all explosives related things to their own category
- Research now unlocks the parts needed to place the explosives, rather than the explosives themselves.
- Added chemical explosives research
- Added sealing foam canister
- Added sleeping gas canister
- Added gas mask
- Added explosives to caravan trader inventories
- EMP charges now drop gold slag on detonation, which can be smelted down for a bit of gold.
- Assorted minor tweaks

1.3.1 - 7/5/16
- Vanilla traders now carry explosives
- Added a separate category for explosives (in item form)
- Minor fixes

1.3.0 - 6/5/16
- Ported to A13.
- Explosives are now slightly cheaper.
- Detonator now must be upgraded with an additional component to unlock channels.

1.2.0 - 3/4/16
- Added channel functionality with an additional research.
- Explosives waiting to be armed now save correctly.
- Explosives splashed by EMP will now get disarmed.
- EMP charge range has been adjusted.

1.1.0 - 1/4/16
- Added the Fracturing and Clearing mining explosives. See above for what they do.
- Added the EMP charge for dealing with pesky mechanoids.
- Assorted small fixes and improvements.

Pack policy
Feel free to use and include wherever. Credit is optional.



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Also available on the Steam Workshop.
Allow Tool

A set of tools to make your life on the Rim a bit easier.
Easily forbid and unforbid items, select similar things, have things hauled urgently and affect the entire map with powerful new tool extensions.

Other features:

  "Finish off" tool: allows to quickly and painlessly kill downed creatures.

Other notable features:
  • Global hotkeys: Allow Tools can be quickly selected from anywhere by pressing their assigned key. No more digging through menus.
  • Pressing the Context Action key ("Equals" by default) will activate the whole-map function of the tool you are holding. Extra handy in combination with the Mine tool.
  • Lots of settings: Set up the tools to your liking in the Settings > Mod Settings menu. All tools and right-click menus can also be disabled individually if you aren't using them.
  • Included translations: Chinese (by cainiaowo, duduluu, master_wu), French (by kaptain-kavern), Korean, Russian, German (by Lauri7x3,  XNoNameX), Spanish (by JortonMV)

  • The HugsLib library is required to run this mod. Download link below.
  • Extract both mods to your Rimworld/Mods folder.
  • Enable both mods in the Mods menu. HugsLib must be loaded first.
  • Enjoy!
You can find the tools in the "Orders" menu.


Pack policy
Feel free to use and include wherever. Credit is optional.

All releases

HugsLib library (required): Latest

Also available on the Steam Workshop.