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Off-Topic / Count to 900000 before Tynan posts
« on: January 15, 2019, 07:46:48 PM »
Yup. Now anyone who comes here must now know the pain of the counters from this thread... Too bad we are now all homeless...

By the way, this will be the third counting thread and will probably be deleted. Oh well...

Ideas / Ideas for Making Rimworld Better
« on: July 27, 2018, 10:07:22 PM »
So, my ideas are going to be complex and simple, and they may have also been suggested before or put in B18 and 1.0, but I don't care because I am going to give a list of what I think could make this game more realistic and more interesting to play for people who aren't as fond of the game as I am.


Many of the games functions are on par with realistic standards like health and mood. However, there are things missing from the game that makes it less realistic. What to add/subtract/manipulate:

Pain: The system for pain is good and all, but the pain needs to play a more vital role in how organic pawns act and react. To do this you need to make it so any organic life form (not mechanoids) react to higher levels of pain with inaction or frenzy. That requires a new status bar called "Pain" and each character has a different pain tolerance. Pain tolerance can be changed by traits, bionic enhancers, or brain damage and there are two important levels to look at when a pawn is in pain: how much pain will it take for a pawn to become uncomfortable and how much pain will make the pawn breakdown into inaction (not moving at all and most common) or into trying to get rid of the pain (done by going to sleep, stealing medicine or painkillers, binging on drugs, or dropping the mood just enough to have a heavy chance of a minor mental break).

Stamina: What I noticed was that all these pawns have super-human like stamina and strength when doing certain tasks. For example, a pawn doesn't run out of breath when carrying a slate chunk from one end of the map to the center. Based on scale, one square is as long as the average human (roughly 2 meters) and even if you play a medium sized map, that is still a long walk from the center to the edge of the the map. Now I would have trouble going even 20 meters with a large stone chunk to haul around, I don't have the kind of stamina displayed in the game (even though I wish I had it). To combat this, a new kind of health should be implemented: fitness. Fitness should rely on how your pawn started out, how much they work out by doing work, whether they are bionic or not, and how much they haven't worked (plus drugs don't help with fitness in the long run). Fitness should change on a daily basis depending on how much the pawn did a strenuous job or do the opposite. The higher the fitness, the more a pawn can do; on the flip-side, the lower the fitness the more resistant you are (resistant meaning that you will survive longer without food and without heating/cooling since the pawn would be fat). This would also change the body structure of some pawns, for example one could have started out thin and became average later. Fitness would also depend on traits that deal with metabolism and how hard a worker the pawn is. Also, there should be a section for pain, where if your pawn works too hard, it will feel pain as the fitness increases.

Metabolism Traits: With any normal human being, a meal takes time to digest. Some people digest faster and slower than others. This ends up with people who eat a lot and are still skinny and some people who eat a normal amount and become fat. This is all due to the metabolism of people. A faster metabolism makes you need a lot of calories, making it hard to get nutrients to build the body. A slower metabolism will take a small amount of calories and use the rest to build the body and fat. The metabolism also affects how long a drug will affect your body and how fast you deal with sickness. Faster makes the drug last for a shorter time and make sickness slower, but slower makes the drug last longer and the sickness faster.

Combat: The combat system in the game is good, but what it needs is what Combat Extended, Simple Sidearms, and Run and Gun provide. Those three mods implement a system that makes the combat more realistic than just "Shoot at this guy from here, ignore any and all shots coming at you. You can only carry one weapon though, however it has infinite ammo."

Interest Grabbing:

Many features of this game make it quite interesting to play and watch. However, some people think that it isn't good enough for reasons unknown. To try and fix this I made a list of ideas to make the game more interesting.

More futuristic weapons: What I have found most irritating is that there is a lack of futuristic weapons, like some sort of laser weapon or a Particle Projectile weapon. Heck, even a Gauss rifle would be cool to see. "Your lack of futuristic weapons disturbs me..."

Speaking: The game would be full of life if people would just talk, with sound. While a little empty speech bubble is good for knowing that a pawn is talking, but how about we make them say random things like: Chitchat: "Hello.", Deep Talk: "Surviving is hard, yea' know?", Slight: "Who cares what you think?", Insult: "You are a moron!", Kind Words: "You look nice today.", etc.. While the colonists may not say anything specific of themselves, they will say SOMETHING, bringing to life your little colony of people. You should also have raiders yell charge or just yell when they begin their assault on a base. Also "random comments" should be made by colonists like what animals do, but instead of making an animal noise they hum/whistle/mumble/make a comment about an overseer.

That's all I can think up right now, I may make another comment later. All I can say is at least take my very complex thoughts and ideas into consideration.

Help / Tags for use in custom factions
« on: July 25, 2018, 09:31:50 PM »
Ok, so I am trying to implement a new faction type for A17 and run into a snag. You see, I want to make it so that the faction wears a very specific set of apparel that doesn't follow any of the other default sets. From what I could gather, this section of code is what does it:
Code: [Select]
(other code)
      <li>(insert tag here)</li>
(other code)
The thing is, I don't know how to create a custom tag for this. Is there a way to make a new tag? Is that even the right code to change? Thanks in advance for any help.

Ideas / Let's add a history to Rimworld!
« on: August 11, 2016, 12:13:57 AM »
Ok, so i have always wondered what a good history of the human race, based in this reality, would be like... So, why don't you top experts make one? I mean, i have lived with this whole history made out since I first got the A10 version of the game, and wish to see it compared to the history you developers have thought up! If this suggestion is not really important then put it off 'till later, but don't knock it down please, there may be others like me who may make a story based off of the history and bring in more people. The point is that some people may want to have this history so please consider putting out one...

Oh, and by the way: if you are wanting some inspiration, i will give it to in this post.

History (2016 C.E.-5500 C.E.):

2016-This year!!!
2031-The first mars landings.
2091-The U.K. makes the first moon base.
2134-The making of an orbital city station goes under way. Countries now divided by continent, not by border.
2452-Mass bombing across the globe occurs, only smart and strong survive.
2467-Global peace is established.
2468-City Station 1 is finished.
2501-First interplanetary drive is made.
2982-Solar system is fully colonized, plans for a sub-light interstellar drive and cytosleep caskets go under way. (This explains why you only can go at sub-light speed in cytosleep caskets)
3000-To celebrate a new era, the first interstellar flight takes place.
3359-Humans meet the mechanoids, who are friendly, and become allies across the galaxy. (This explains why there are mechanoids to begin with)
3962-The Luddite Riots begin causing many to wonder if the new technologies they are making are really necessary. (This explains when the Luddites began to come around)
4172-The galaxy is fully colonized and all planets that are useful have been terraformed. The human race changes its government type to an Empire and moved the capitol planet to Solcan 5. (This explains why you can have so many outer rim planets in one game)
4203-The outer rim planets say that the laws that the Empire made are unfair and start boycotting imperial trade ships and transports. In response, the empire sends mechanoids and soldiers to the outer rim planets. (This explains why spacer soldiers are aggressive and mechanoids are aggressive)
4560-These are the dark days of the outer rim planets. The imperial armies have all the outer rim worlds and have set up small buildings to insure that they won’t get far. (This explains the ancient structures)
4562-The outer rim survivors pick up arms and fight off the imperial armies at tremendous odds. The established bunkers are sealed to keep anyone from entering. (This explains why the ancient structures are ancient)
4563-The outer rim planets now are declared as their own part of the galaxy called The Rimworld Alliance. Imperial ships are not to go there and all the soldiers are left behind. The capital of this new alliance is Glitterworld and there are no laws in this place, except that you can’t trade with the Empire. (This explains why there are no imperial ships passing by, why anyone can do anything, why there is a Glitterworld, and why there are some ancient structures with only space refugees)
5500-This is when you usually start your game…

Stories / Question to all: have you ever had a bad luck game?
« on: January 28, 2016, 10:02:03 PM »
^The question above is not rhetorical so please answer! ^

I, personally, have had games that end short just because of bad luck... One of them was when I played in the oak forests. (There are multiple games like that but... )  So I landed and built up a colony with a jail cell for 5 people with a turret in front of it. I had, I think, 5 people where only 3 of which had guns. Suddenly a raid came in and they were people with melee weapons and personal shields. I got everyone I could Drafted and when they started coming in with, probably, 13 people, and all of my people died.  :'(

I have had other things happen to other games from game borking when mod-making to being naive when it came to ancient dangers...  :o

However, this isn't all about me, what about you guys?   :D

Outdated / A10 Mod: Laser Tech.
« on: January 27, 2016, 12:09:59 AM »
Well, after a good long fix-up process I have finally made my first mod. This involves laser technology (which cannot be researched) for the better (or worse) battles against raids. Laser Tech. has the following models: Normal Rifle, Assault Rifle, Heavy Blaster, Pistol, and Shotgun. Now winning battles is a easy as long as your enemy doesn't have 'em too. Click here

Mods / A10 Mod: Laser Tech.
« on: January 24, 2016, 01:20:22 PM »
Well, after a good long fix-up process I have finally made my first mod. This involves laser technology (which cannot be researched) for the better (or worse) battles against raids. Laser Tech. has the following models: Normal Rifle, Assault Rifle, Heavy Blaster, Pistol, and Shotgun. Now winning battles is a easy as long as your enemy doesn't have 'em too.

Help / Self made stuff on A10 not working
« on: January 14, 2016, 07:40:16 PM »
Ok, so I'm a new guy when it comes to modding so I had to poke around here, unfortunately I found nothing that suits my problem and I really need this fixed.

So, I created a new type of weaponry in the A10 version and it was laser based. I used the normal skins of the shotgun, the pistol, the assault rifle, the survival rifle, and the heavy SMG. The problem was I wanted better skins so I looked around and ran into a comment that said to use UnityAssetsExplorer like this:

Interested in creating new textures for RimWorld?  This post is here to get you started!
The process may seem complicated, but is actually quite simple!

Things you will need:

To Begin, Follow These Simple Steps:
Move UnityAssetsExplorer.exe to your Desktop
Open UnityAssetsExplorer.exe.
Click the Open Assets-file button.
Browse to your RimWorld Game Directory.
Open the RimWorld###Win_Data folder.
Highlight the assets file, resources.assets, and then Click the Open button.
Make sure the Covert TEX to DDS box is Checked
Click the Extract All button.

Excellent!  You've just extracted all the goodies and textures used to create RimWorld.

To Continue:
Minimize UnityAssetsExplorer.exe.
Go to your Desktop and open the newly created folder named resources.

You will see lots of files - most of these aren't important. However, some are very important! 
The important ones are the DDS files.  If you installed the required plugins for Photoshop or Gimp, you can open these DDS files to see what textures they contain!

Using Photoshop, open the DDS file you want to modify.  For example, I opened
In Photoshop, I changed the color of the sheets.  I wanted a Pink bed with my name written on the blanket - so I painted it in!
After I was satisfied with my changes, I clicked Save.

Photoshop then asked me all these weird questions about dds Formats and stuff!
It was simple though.. I only had to change one selection!

If the image is a UI element: Select DXT1 from the Drop-Down List and make sure No MIP maps is selected in the MIP Map Generation box. Then click Save.

If the image is a texture: Select DXT1 from the Drop-Down List and make sure Generate MIP maps is selected in the MIP Map Generation box. Then click Save.

Note: Be sure to keep a list of which files you modified!

Once you have modified all the files you want to change, we're ready to pack them all back into the Resources.assets file and load them into our game!

Open/Focus UnityAssetsExplorer.exe.
You should still have the Resources.assets file open. If not, re-open it using the above instructions.

Depending on how many DDS files you modified, this part may take a little while. I hope you kept that list handy!

Browse through the list in UnityAssetsExplorer and highlight each file you modified. In my case, I highlighted Bed.tex.
Right-Click the Selected Item and choose Import This File from DDS.
Do this for each file you modified.
Once you have finished Importing each file, click the Save as Assets-file button.
Browse back to your RimWorld Game Directory and save the new assets file as something original.  I saved mine as resources.IheartPinkBeds.assets.

I then created a copy of my Original resources.assets file so that I wouldn't lose it.
Then, I renamed my resources.IheartPinkBeds.assets file to resources.assets

The next time I played RimWorld - All my beds were pink!  I didn't even have to start a new game!

After you modify a file (be it DDS or XML or OGG) make sure the file size remains the same as the original.  Otherwise, you could run into issues with your RimWorld loading.  You have been warned.


How did I go from being all serious to the goofy ending?  This is what happens when I focus on something for more than 5 minutes...

Now I have problems with the skins I made, (I.E. they won't load). How should I fix this?

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