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Mod bugs / Bug or Feature ^^?
December 24, 2016, 01:39:33 AM
Ah this made my day.

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Stories / It's happy hour aprently
December 22, 2016, 03:54:13 AM
Typical Saturday night.

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Stories / Seems like a scene out of the film crash 1996
December 21, 2016, 07:37:44 PM
Rimworld erotica, "There was this film I saw once there was a car crash and..."

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Stories / Just you're average bloodthirsty rabbit.
December 20, 2016, 07:06:22 PM
I Just started a new game, It's alpha 16 its going to be good time!

That is for everyone except Casey whom was woefully "under-prepared" for the horrors that this one particular rabbit affectionately named Sir Pounce whom is a direct decedent of General Woundwort would inflict upon him.

Casey would never be the same again...

I think I know what to name this village now ^^, I wonder if there are any 80's kidds who would remember :P

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Not entirely sure if its bug or working as intended, but what's the point of a trader having fertilised egg's for trade if they're instantly ruined after trading? There is no grace period to do something about it. I had a dude ready & waiting to move the eggs as soon as the trade was complete but I wasn't even given 1 second. Are they already ruined before the trade is complete? e.g. entering a cold map/winter or are they just ruined because of where I chose to trade e.g. -33c outside on the floor rather than inside my base at 12c?

Rimworld has flying space ships, bionic body parts, artificial intelligence etc, But never invented a device that could transport fertilised eggs without them being ruined by environmental factors?
I saw this program advertise on Facebook (WAIT !!! It isn't as bad as it sounds!). Now I don't normally click these links but I suppose when you see 95% off you might give it a cursory glance, this case hence why I'm here about to ask a couple of questions.

The course in question is: (Normally it's £195 / $242 / €230 atm it's 93% off at £14 / $17 / €16 give or take) (For the next 13 hours as of writing this post)

1. Would you recommend that being taught to program via an online medium in an semi official capacity (as in not formal educational programs i.e collage/university) a good way to learn e.g. video tutorials. I suppose what I'm asking is; Did it work out for you?

2. Since Rimworld is built on unity/C# How directly does this translate into being able to mod in rimworld, This seems like exactly what I would need to learn, I'm asking for clarification if would you agree with me.

I honestly I think I'll get it and learn what I can. It seems very comprehensive / legit the reviews are pretty good. From what I can tell It was a kickstarter program, so I'd assume it'd be tailored to be specifically what people would want i.e to learn how to program video games.

Also to promote this offer it seems like It might interest other's who would like to be taught in a semi official capacity but not so much so as to go into college/university.
Stories / No 1 said being a trader is easy.
November 13, 2016, 05:27:52 PM
Before the trader met his demise...  (flashback) "Daddy when I grow up I want to be a trader just like you..." Oh Escobar, you make me so proud son." He never asked why his dad was missing his left arm, 3 toes, 1 eye, and nose.

Now it all made sense...

(I'm using hardcore SK pack if anyone wonders why the UI looks different)

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Would it effectively be possible to have an enemy or allied colony on the same map? like a modified siege.
I'm not looking for a solution to the problem as its mod related but just trying to break it down into parts so I can report a problem with a mod properly

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Stories / Rimworld gold
July 18, 2016, 08:12:47 PM
Just happily playing along and a social fight breaks out due to being insulted. In this very moment it is Quintessentially defined what rimworld is: kills the insulter picks up the body and proceeds to do a medical examination as a cover up story