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Outdated / [A16][MOD PACK] Fafnir Mod Pack 0.9.5 (18.01.17) SUSPENDED
« on: January 11, 2017, 07:17:54 PM »


Here's a collection of mods I use, around 90 mods packed into a mod pack, with permissions, compatibility patches and stuff. My aim is to add more stuff, more choices and more features that make the game harder, but without adding too much complexity or redundant things. Be warned - it leans heavily on Combat Realism.

I'd like to thank all mod authors whose mods made it to FMP. Without you it wouldn't be complete. :D

Feel free to report add suggestions and report bugs. Better if you use github for that: Fafnir-Mod-Pack/issues

I'm especially interested in your feedback if you are playing on biomes other than desert, because that's where I exclusively play - I don't know what's the balance on tundra or ice sheet.

I recommend starting with amazing Crash Landing scenario. With no seeds to plant. :3


Big update! Fafnir Mod Pack v0.9.5


  • Delete .../Users/[your name]/AppData/LocalLow/Ludeon Studios/ folder. Or don't, if you know what you are doing.
  • Unsubscribe from all mods in Steam Workshop.
  • Delete all mods from .../Steam/steamapps/common/Rimworld/Mods folder, but LEAVE CORE FOLDER AS IT IS.
  • Download FMP and unpack it to .../Steam/steamapps/common/Rimworld/Mods folder.
  • Move ModsComfig.xml to .../Users/[your name]/AppData/LocalLow/Ludeon Studios/Rimworld by Ludeon Studios/Config folder


Q: Can you add a version without Combat Realism/ammo system?

Q: Can you add mod X?
A: If I'd like to used it, yes. If I don't, but many people would like to use it and it can be disabled/skipped (like Prepare Carefully), yes. Otherwise no.

Q: X mod just got updated, can you add new version?
A: Unless it's a gamebreaking bug hotfix, it has to wait until next FMP release. I won't be adding significiant changes mid-playthrough.

Q: Can I add more mods to FMP?
A: Do it at your own risk. Some mods may be incompatibile with others and I only make compatibility patches for mods in FMP.

Q: Can I safely disable some mods from FMP?
A: Some, yes. Some, no. I added more dependencies - for example you won't be able to make MoreFloors wool carpets, if you disable Vegetable Garden, because it uses Tailor's Loom.

Q: There's something weird happening with pawns picking up and dropping stuff. What's going on?
A: Learn to use loadout system in the Assign tab. Create new loadouts and assign them to pawns. Make sure to add ammo, if you are adding a gun/bow and always add one meal, the one you are regularly cooking.

Q: Why cantipedes can't be killed? I'm not even scratching them!
A: Use explosives, EMP and AP ammo. Mostly explosives.

Current issues:
  • Sieges can spawn without steel.


Mods contained in FMP are under their own licenses - you can't reupload or publicly modify them, unless you have author's permission or the license says so.
My changes and additions can be used as you like, although it would be nice to mention who made them and contact me first.
Don't reupload the mod pack anywhere.

Mod authors are welcome to take my bugfixes and compatibility patches for their mods as they like.

Help / WorkGiver_LoadTransporters
« on: January 09, 2017, 09:33:18 AM »
Making my first .dll mod turn out to be harder than I thought. I could use some help.

I'm trying to make haulers carry stuff to caravans by removing conditions check if a pawn is part of the the caravan. However I have no clue what part of WorkGiver_LoadTransporters is responsible for this. It doesn't help that I don't fully understand how workGiver system in Rimworld works.

Code: [Select]
namespace RimWorld
public class WorkGiver_LoadTransporters : WorkGiver_Scanner
public override ThingRequest PotentialWorkThingRequest
return ThingRequest.ForGroup(ThingRequestGroup.Transporter);

public override PathEndMode PathEndMode
return PathEndMode.Touch;

public override bool HasJobOnThing(Pawn pawn, Thing t)
CompTransporter transporter = t.TryGetComp<CompTransporter>();
return LoadTransportersJobUtility.HasJobOnTransporter(pawn, transporter);

public override Job JobOnThing(Pawn pawn, Thing t)
CompTransporter transporter = t.TryGetComp<CompTransporter>();
return LoadTransportersJobUtility.JobOnTransporter(pawn, transporter);

PotentialWorkThingRequest rings a bell. As if it makes sure to give the job only to pawns from transport group. Damn, I don't know what I'm talking about.

Mod bugs / [A16] Mods persist after unsubscribing [FIXED]
« on: January 07, 2017, 02:28:25 PM »
I have three mods that are being re-downloaded, even though I unsubscribed from all of them.
817637750 - AC-Smart Speed [A16]
817697107 - AC-Enhanced Crafting [A16]
819213943 - PermaDeathNameFixer (A16)

1. Unsubscribed mods. They don't get deleted automatically from the steamapps/workshop/content/.../ folder.
2. Deleted them manually. They get downloaded with Steam as if I'm still subscribing to them.

They have different IDs that the same mods listed in the Workshop. It's as if they're leftover versions, maybe hidden files that are still subscribed?

It wouldn't be a big problem, because I can just disable them. However once I wasn't able to launch the game (crash on startup), because I had two exactly the same mods. I "fixed" it by unsubscribing to the visible mod and leaving the persistent one.

Help / Removing a def with merged patch
« on: December 07, 2016, 02:10:27 PM »
Is it possible to override a def in a way that removes it from the game? I'm working on compatibility patches and want to remove duplicate items.

I tried to gray out the code, just leaving defName, but I get a missing label and in case of FashionRIMsta, it didn't remove the item/recipe at all.

Ideas / Bionic arms come with bionic hands and fingers
« on: July 27, 2016, 03:24:07 PM »
Please correct me, if I'm wrong, but having intact hands and fingers in Rimworld reduces the chance of having an arm cut off. Simply because RNG has more parts to pick from.

If that is true, installing bionic arms and legs gives a disadvantage that doesn't make sense - it's easier to have a bionic arm cut off than a normal one. Same with legs.

Is it something that has been recognized as an issue already?

Off-Topic / Games with squad-based real-time combat
« on: April 14, 2016, 03:19:16 PM »
Playing Rimworld with Combat Realism made me really hungry for a game that focuses on squad-based real-time combat. As far as I know, there are lots of games like this. The problem is they are mostly old-school fantasy cRPGs with wizards and stuff. The only sci-fi game that comes to my mind is Fallout Tactics. Do you guys know anything else?

Help / Learning modding by understanding the game
« on: April 14, 2016, 06:53:35 AM »
I want to understand how the game works (and learn modding by the way). However I am not very compatible with usual learning methods such as reading theory and doing tutorials. I need to plunge into a system and attempt to understand it just by looking at it. What I can't understand, I have to ask about. I am going to have lots of questions.

So far I'm using traits as a base to understand game mechanics. Using Masochist trait as an example:

<workerClass>ThoughtWorker_Pain</workerClass> - I can't find where this workerClass comes from. Is it hidden somewhere in C# files? Is there a piece of code that searches for defs with ThoughtWorker_Pain class whenever a pawn is injured, sick or scarred? Where is this file?

So, that piece of code finds the def and a mood effect is triggered with Thoughts_TraitsConditional.xml or Thoughts_ConditionsSpecial.xml. Both of those check for <requiredTraits>, which is a... command (?) coded in C# files searching Traits_Singular.xml and Traits_Spectrum.xml for a specific def name. Is this correct?

Bugs / Remove marriage mood bonus when partner dies
« on: April 13, 2016, 04:53:22 PM »
The title pretty much explains it. I guess it's just a minor oversight.

General Discussion / Slow pace in A13 Randy Random
« on: April 13, 2016, 03:32:03 PM »
I have to admit I am not a big fan of the new slow pace of the game. It's easier to build bases now, but I thought the whole point of Rimworld is to build bases while walking through pools of blood and vomit, while my builder gets his arms torn off by a mad warg, whose owner just died from a burn infection (caused by mechanoids who dropped on my base), because one medic died from a plague and second one got hit by a mortar shell. I mean, I'm playing RR Challenge instead of Phoebe Basebuilding for a reason.

Now days are twice as long and the time between events seem to be twice as long as well. Add to that lovey-dovey colonists with high happiness even though they are walking through a field of rotting corpses - the game becomes horribly boring.

Is it just my experience? Maybe I just got a "lucky" roll with no big threats and colonists who like each other?

...I just realized that Rimworld probably irreversibly changed my view on gaming. I no longer want to simply build digital perfection - I'd rather see something interesting happening and have problems to solve. Thanks, Tynan.

Ideas / More numbers for job priorities
« on: March 24, 2016, 06:23:57 AM »
More often than not when I set job priorities I wish there would be at least one more number. Would it be simple to add this? What is the design reason for having only 4 priority numbers?


Does the game take into account home area when picking spawn location for normal raids? I'm wondering if I build a base close to the edge of the map, will raiders spawn close to it?

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