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General Discussion / Congrats!!!! 268,092$ and 9496 backers!!!
« on: November 01, 2013, 07:08:16 PM »
 ;D Congrats Tynan!!!!  ;D

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Ideas / Death is not the end of the game.
« on: October 30, 2013, 01:03:57 PM »
What if the RimWorld story was really about the colony and not the characters and the game continued even after everybody died.

The first people arrive and start building the colony. Disaster strikes and every body dies.
Why does the game have to end there?
The game fast-forward events until the next batch of refuges comes along. They find bones and a half destroyed colony. They start where the other refuges left off and try not make the same mistakes. Suddenly, pirates come along and enslaves the entire group.
Why does the game have to end there?
The Pirate King liking the place decides to make the colony his new base of operation. The steady flow of slaves coming to the colony is lucrative. With his funds he decides to build major defences. Every thing was going fine until the squirrels revolted and ate everyone.
Why does the game have to end there?
200 hundred years pass. The colony is in a state of disrepair. Three refuges crash land and find a old pirate base. The base is sealed. They will have to dig tunnels to find what is inside. What will they find? Salvation or disaster?

Creative Rewards / First draft on possible character.
« on: October 29, 2013, 03:42:16 PM »
Name: Afeeba Dafo

Test subject #11,529,914 of experiment #56,048 spent her childhood in white rooms performing mental and physical tests with only a voice called mother for companion. Praises from mother were earned for success and harsh punishment for failure.

As she grew up, the tests went from geometry to quantum physics and she was able to run the grand gauntlet without a scratch. One day, mother said that her final test lay beyond the red door and even if she didn’t hear mother, she would always be with there.

My explanation for the hexadecimal name.
In hexadecimal AFEEBA = 11,529,914 and DAF0 = 56,048

Obviously, her social skills would be very low and having spent her life in white rooms she probably would not want to get dirt under her fingernails.

Perhaps this set of skills:
Construction: 0
Growing: N/A
Research: +3
Mining: N/A
Shooting: 0
Hand To Hand: +3
Social: N/A
Cooking: +1 (Cooking is chemistry)
Medicine: 0
Artistic: 0
Crafting: 0

Creative Rewards / The character name creation guide
« on: October 24, 2013, 11:33:20 PM »
This is a small guide to help people who would like to create new, original and believable names for RimWorld characters.

For the official guidelines PLZ see: Creative Rewards Guidelines

So this is about 3400 years in the future and you need to name someone. While some classic name might stay the same like John Smith or Yu Wong. After that much time, names are bound to change and evolve.

Because names from different cultures and different places can differ greatly, I suggest you read the RimWorld longsleep revival briefing to have a better understanding of the RimWorld universe and to have an idea as to where the character might come from.

First names:
- The first name is what people will call the character. It has be intelligible and easy to pronounce.
Ex: "Silvana" is alright but "Gbuthrdfgut" not so much.

- I've notice that, no matter the number of letters, first names will usually not be more than 4 syllables long.
Ex: "Jean-François" 12 letters and 3 syllables. "Jean", "Fran" and "çois"

- If the name is too long it just might get confusing.
"Britny" 6 letters, 2 syllables.
"Britany" 7 letters, 3 syllables.
"Britanyca" 9 letters, 4 syllables.
"Britanycala" 11 letters, 5 syllables.
"Britany-Calabra" 14 letters, 6 syllables. While this name would be valid in the real world, it's a mouthful.

- Try to mix names from similar cultures. You can get very interesting results this way.
For example if you take "Elisabeth" and "Isabelle". You can get "Elisabelle" and "Isabeth".

Surnames are an other matter. While it's not always the case, most surnames and family names, no matter the culture, have a specific meaning. It could be socially related, work related, environmental, geographic...ect.
Ex: Smith, Potter, Mason, Tailor, Spinner, Thatcher, Tyler, Slater, Miller, Baker, Cook, Fisher, Shepherd, Skinner.

These are all surnames related to the work people did in medieval times. If the character comes from an industrious heavy planet than we could probably add "Smelter", "Pumper" and "Asphalter" to the list.

If a family lives close to a river, they might end up having the surname "Kawasaki" or "Riverstone" in a generation or two.
If this family is on a war torn toxic planet they might have the surname "Toxipond", "Deadlake", "Crater" or "Blackrain" instead.
If your character is a descendant from a small group of bio-engineered soldiers he might have the surname "Sniper", "Spotter", "Driver", "Gunner" and all the military ranks even if he's actually a Burger Flipper.

Basically, think of where your character comes from and on what kind of planet did he/she grew up.

Hexadecimal Names:
- If you can make some good names with only the letters: A, B, C, D, E, F and maybe O for 0. Go for it.
Just be prepared to do some explanation.

Here is a list of sites that can help you in creating a good name.

Feeling creative? Wordiod will create random fake words in sevral languages.
Japanese naming conventions with first names and surnames lists.

Russian naming conventions with first names and surnames lists.

Spanish naming conventions with first names and surnames lists.

English naming conventions with first names and surnames lists.

French naming conventions with first names and surnames lists.

German naming conventions with first names and surnames lists.

Arabic first names and surnames lists.

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