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On a different forum ( for those interested) I asked yesterday if there was a way through a RegEx search&replace to remove all XML tags besides "defname", "label" and "description" from a text file - to be able to see what we translators need to see :)

And voila! A helpful fella replied today with the below RegEx code that I successfully tried on one of the XMLs from the "Defs" folder.

The result is just the lines containing these tags (and the text within them) are kept and all other lines are deleted from the file. In this way you do not need to scroll through the file and search meticulously for all defnames, labels and descriptions and instead have it all neatly one after the other. I left the "defname" in there for string reference in the resulting translated file.

This does not change the format of the Defs file into the "language" file, so it is more for reference and backwards control for changes between versions (after which you can edit your translated files).

I am using Notepad++ and it works there, so not sure if it works in ALL RegEx-enabled utilities.


Replace with:

Translations / Translating "Defs" - do I have it right?
« on: May 05, 2014, 08:37:01 AM »
Judging by the other translations already included in 0.4.430 I just wanted to be sure - for my own Slovak translation I need to create a "DefInjected" subfolder (besides "Keyed") in "sk-SK", copy in there all the folders under "Mods\Core\Defs" and translate the XML files in them?

Translations / Official: Slovak
« on: April 17, 2014, 03:42:50 AM »
Hi guys,

though I am not a paying supporter, I became interested in Rimworld with the first ever videos that surfaced a few months ago. And I was hooked!

I would like to contribute at least by translating what I can into my native - slovak - language for when the game is eventually out. I already started a few weeks ago with the wiki pages and currently I am going through the L10n pages on the wiki, the "Localization" section. The other files (I presume mods etc.?) under "DefInjected" would come later...

How shall I approach this, seeing in the other topic that Github is maybe the ultimate way to go for official translations?

Just to add, I do not have access to the Alpha releases etc...

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