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Stories / My mom and her favorite game
« on: July 04, 2018, 02:50:43 AM »
So, this is just a thank you post going out to Rimworld and a story about an unusual fan.

I play Rimworld, but I don't play it nearly as often as my mom. She loves videogames, but as she got older most of the 3D games make her dizzy and sick. So, she mostly plays 2D adventures. About 2 years ago, I visited her for a week and I pirated Rimworld. Yeah, I know... I already owned it at my place, but I wanted to play it for a short bit and figured what's the harm. My mom was in the kitchen, but she came frequently by to the computer, curious about what I was playing. I didn't think, she would be interested since Rimworld can be pretty gruesome and she usually doesn't like that (for instance, she had zero interest in Prison Architect because of the whole theme). But soon she sat down next to me and started asking me all kinds of questions about it.
So, we bought Rimworld properly and I set up a game for her (on very easy - thank you for that difficulty because she didn't want to play anything else) and she started playing herself, struggling a bit with all the options, but happy with all the chaos that enfolded (yes, on very easy - there was enough going on for her).

This was the start of what is now her favorite game. We are friends on steam and I see her play all the time. 15 minutes before work, sure, hours on end on the weekend. Since 2 years, off and on again, but very often. When we talk, I ask her about what is going on in her game and she has always a story to tell.
The latest is that she found a new colonist in a capsule and freed her, only to discover that she is deaf, lame and has a heart disease. She could only clean a bit and would move very slowly. So, practically useless. My mom saw that, too, and set up a second savegame to try out how banning a colonist works, but then, she told, all the other colonist got sad and the new one moved so heartbeakingly slow over the map, further and further away from her new home. She couldn't do it. So, now she has a useless colonist and she still works hard to make her comfortable.

I love that this game gives us the possibilty of those extremly different playstyles. My own rimworld is ruthless, a grim world where only the strongest survive and where every day is a battle. But my moms rimworld seems to be a place of friendship and honor, sure, chaos and losses, too, but always with an aim for peace and community.
So, thanks for this game. It is truly special and it is my moms favorite game.

Help / Can a wall have different colors?
« on: November 24, 2017, 07:41:34 AM »
so, I wanted to make a new wall texture, but I wondered, if a wall can have two different colors?
Like if I wanted to have a wall, that has a grey stone texture at the bottom and wood on the other half.
Is this possible?

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