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Mods / Unload / Stop colonie
July 13, 2020, 02:12:52 AM
Hi all,
is there a mod that permits to stop or freeze a colony temporary (so you can focus on a second one without the first having events / needing your attention) ?
so that i can come back later ...
I am asking as i could not find something like this, but it might well be a subfunction of an already existing mod (i guess) ...
Mods / Storage mods
July 19, 2016, 11:21:30 AM
Hi everybody
I was looking but without a success. Are there any mods giving a more compact way of storage?
I remember in older versions but they didn't seem updated

i got the mail about the new version (bought it last year), and the download page does not let me download it, says:
"Unable to complete secure transaction"

for the versions before i never encountered (has downloaded most of them from the beginning) this problem so i guess it is an issue on -s side, but i though you might see with them into this problem, as it is Rimworld i can not get. (well i can with an IE but for reasons i really prefer to use Opera (security for one), it is just the best for two (imho please do not flame) )
I got an internal error (this one on while trying to post this post the first time):
"500 - Internal server error
Sorry, we goofed. Something's wrong in our server."
while trying to post (and it is not the first time, other times i got this i just abandoned posting but now it seems persistent) with Opera browser
(i used now IE but it is annoying to be forced to switch for everything Rim-related to IE)