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Let us develop ideology during Playthrough.

I am crashlanded dude, i was not a cannibal before, even a junkie. But some mental breaks in the middle of desert, reshaped my mind, into ruthless cannibal, and there is point where my ideology started.

I didnt think about organ harvesting, but in new world my new wife got a lung cancer, i want live with her forever, and there is point when some values changed to "don't care, acceptable".

My tribal kicked me out naked, and left me for dead, i imprisoned them all. So now is point where, my raiding/slavery ideology start growing.

Tynan again, do not force us to make half of our story before start.
Ideas / Self Care
December 21, 2016, 12:18:49 PM
Quick suggestion, maybe Tynan will consider that, or any modder ?
i really like play 100% lone survivor, but i dont like dying from stupid reason.

To Keep Logic:
-People can self care every part without back?.
-We can't surgery
-We can disinfection every body part, we can bandage and change bandage on every body part until our arms are not broken or cutted.
-We can stop bleeding until we are not in shock, by compressing, tying bleeding area.
-We are able to transfusion blood, our blood using medicine better than herbal.
-If our limbs will be cutted deep, and our muscles was damaged we can't restore fully functionaly when self-cared but we are still alive.
-We can't do it good, but we are able to dodge grim reaper's scythe.

How i can see it a gameplay ?

I was bitten by rabbit (minor), i can self care, stop bleeding disinfection wound, and slowly restore my health, but this left a pain scar on my body.

I was shoot in leg, with local anesthesia i can save my life but probably my leg never will be good again.

I was shoot in lung - what i can say, i am dead.
In a fight with clubman from first raid my hand was broken - if i ever heal, my manipulation will be extreme low..
If my internal organs, will be damaged, i propably die in pain.

One word about blood transfusion, in rimworld we can use only our blood, we can delayed our death and slowly wait for end bleed.

Maybe other idea guys ?

PS. Sorry for bad english, i just tried wrote my thoughts

Ideas / Annoying behaviors
December 16, 2016, 10:03:36 AM
1.) After raid, bloody accident, when 2/3 my colonist need instant doctor treating... My doctors prefer.. sleep.. eating.. PLAYING IN HORSESHOE.. Everything but not rescue bleeding colonist...
I am tired to click on my doctors to treating anyone, when this idiot pawn got a joy whim.

Please Tynan or modders, make treating the most important thing... But not for pawn who already lying in hospital bed, or something cause sometimes they join to infinite loop, when all want to help all..

2.) Items lying outside of allowed area should be accessible, when i click on it and give order to take it, haul it, or something else... Why i must redesigned allowed area, or set and reset allowed area for pawn..
Too many micro... Temporary rules "thought" there are smarter than I ?

3.) My cook, prefer eat raw meat or raw vegetables though he is able too cook something, why he choose worse thing... he is not masochist... Same other colonist, if are my butcher table are able to obtain some meat, WHY they choose eat corpse, why they can't wait 10 minutes, to prepare meal ?

4.) Playing as rich explorer on ICE SEA, temperature was very low so until i build shelter my toe get infection from frostbite..  So i want ask, my survivor will was to small to self tending my toe ? - Mod Robots++ make this gameplay really cool, when i can land on harsh map with one ER Robot
General Discussion / World Scavenging
December 13, 2016, 01:12:27 PM
So i played as a tribe on cold climate planet, my base was nicely developed until i got a food problems, no berries, no electricity, no animals, everything was harvested or hunted.. So what i want ask...

Will be possible to avoid nomadic game play, and just scavenge other hexagons and bring food to main base ? Actually one base can be made, and only options is a resettle, but what about temporary hunting camps, or others hunting grounds. or just simply option allowing back to previous base ?
Bugs / [A14]Game lage after speed up
July 23, 2016, 04:35:40 PM
When i use boost speed for few in game hours, game start lagging