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Hi !

Phi is a mod that allows players to interact between each other. You can connect to the global default server or host your own to play with your friends.

The mod doesn't and will never offer "real-time" multiplayer, i.e. 2 players playing the same colony at the same time. While it would be really cool, it would require way too much work. No need to ask for it, Phi will not implement it.

The mod isn't full-fledged for the moment, but features & improvements are done in each update. :)


  • Chat: Chat with the connected players
  • Send ship pod: Send items to other connected players (click on their nicknames)
  • [EXPERIMENTAL] Send colonist: : Send you colonist to the colony of an other player.

How to install:
Simply put the archive in the Mods folder like any other mod.

PhiClient | Github repository | Steam Workshop

It doesn't require you to make a new game. Though, please do a backup of your saved game before attempting to use Phi.

Setting up your server
You can download the archive and put it anywhere on your computer.


Launch PhiServer.exe using a shell (so you get the server logs in case of an error).
The server can also be hosted on a Linux server ( is hosted on a Ubuntu Server machine) using mono.