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Ideas / 1.3 Pawn rendering
July 06, 2021, 05:26:49 PM
Hello. I've been modding for RimWorld for at least 4 years now. Ever since 1.2 I've decided to switch to high resolution textures to increase the level of detail with my apparel mods.

I have invested a lot of time and my own resources to try and make a very high quality mod series for 1.2. When the announcement for 1.3 came out I got very excited, only to find this:

This is the new and "improved" rendering system for the apparel pawns, and I use quotation marks more as a question because I understand this will be good perhaps for the long term when you want the game to have better performance.

But what was then all the effort I've spent on 512x512 px apparel? What of the other artists modding apparel for this game, which mind you is hard enough having to do 15 textures for one piece of apparel. What was the point in actually bothering to scale the resolution and trying to hit that vanilla style plenty of the players seek if it just looks like a blurred mess?

This is the stuff we make. This is how it looks for 1.2 in comparison to what's above:

I'd like to mention the elephant in the room. I'm using Camera+ for the screenshots. It can be argued "The game was never meant to be played with Camera+, so there's no point in seeing textures that close in the first place"

That's perfectly valid, but the game was also never meant to be played with mods. Mods are optional, so by that argument, there's no point for Camera+, no point for the mods I've been working on with the other artists who have sweated to get things done. Maybe just play the game without anything?

There's another possible retort here, and that's "The game was never intended to be so detailed, so you're wasting your time doing these high resolution textures." I'm sorry but I'll go back to my response above.

The game wasn't intended to be played with any mods either, so should none of us try anymore? If the response will be that "this wasn't intended to be x because it's a mod" then I'm surprised that a game designed to be extremely moddable by the community, a game that has gotten most of it's attention from modding is suddenly gonna mug off modders because they're just optional. I argue the community that modders are a huge part of, keep the game alive. If apparel modding is gonna be like this, I won't speak for anyone else, I will personally see no point in creating anymore apparel mods for this game no matter how much I love it. No matter how much detail I put in, as an artist who wants a certain level of detail, it can end up looking about the same as some other image resized from Google because of how pawns are rendered in 1.3. Maybe this sets a precedent about the kind of quality expected from newcoming artists who want to make something. "Hey yeah, let's not bother with apparel mods. Can barely see it in-game."

So enough crying, here's my suggestion:
Could we please have a clearer picture for the pawns in 1.3 or some kind of settings to scale the graphics?

EDIT: So I want to make this clear. It turns out this affects pawns in general. This new rendering system affects the textures for:
- Hair mods
- Custom race mods
- Apparel mods
- Custom body texture mods
- Animal mods/Creature mods in general

That's more than just apparel mods affected. Mind you, even if you're doing standard 128x128 px art your work still loses detail. Artists investing their time to create any kind of quality now have to look out for this feature that downgrades what they make.

I want to add that I don't understand programming and how this works. I am sure perhaps this was a compromise the devs had to make to boost the game's performance or some other heavily weighted decision for the future of the game, or perhaps just a bug for the unstable build and both of those are good. I'm just asking to improve and build on this change (if it was intended) please, not for any kind of rollback or just demanding to "make it work" without any consideration.
Support / Change my name in game reward?
June 22, 2021, 01:38:40 PM
Hello I purchased the cheapo package of having my name generated in the game. I'd just like to change my nickname. How do I do this? I have forgotten since it's been over 4 years (wowowee) and also it has been officially removed from the purchase options if I recall correctly.

Is there a link to go to? Many thanks.
Unfinished / [1.4-1.5] (WIP) Red Horse ²
February 13, 2021, 09:46:24 PM
1.4/1.5 Red Horse ² Early Access Link:

1.4 Google Drive

NOTE: Not every mod in this collection will be linked below. Some mods will only be found by looking through the Google Drive folder containing the RH2 mod collection.

Greetings ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Red Horse ². With the advent of 1.3, came higher quality of mods in terms of content and texture. It's a sink or swim culture here, cause if I don't go along with the current, I'm gonna drown like a chicken.

The goal of this series of mods is to remaster all of Project: Red Horse. To improve coding, to declutter some code done from the early B18 days in .xml and for the new art style to mimic the highly sought after vanilla style as close as possible.

As a once mentor and engineer once told me: "Either do it right, or do it again."

Will you remaster absolutely everything?
I will remaster what I can within the constraints of my spare time.





Disco Link

Boris Link

Brain Link




Download Link



Project: Red Horse (Original Thread):

A world behind on technology, gets awakened from its petty problems when they are outmatched by a mechanoid hive invasion. With their homes devastated by years of conflict, their only chance of survival is finding a new world for their people.

This is a cinematic trailer for the Coalition and Allegiance faction mods, which tells a bit about their origins before arriving in an outer rimworld. This trailer took too long to create and I had to rush its finish in order to finally release the mod and move forward with my career and take a break from modding.

Hope you all stay safe during these troubling times.

SHEL - Enter Sandman cover and her amazing voice!
Ods - Clothing textures
Jecrell - Cigar texture
Tynan Sylvester and Rhopunzel for RimWorld assets
OskarPotocki - RimWorld textures, what a legend
Infinity Ward, Beenox, Raven Software for Modern Warfare Remastered and the silly looking tacticool poncho
Rockstar games - Map port for the office
Valve - Sourcefilmmaker, L4D, TF2, HL2 maps
Steam Workshop community - Map portsSFM
SFMLab - Other map ports for SFM
Red Menace - SFM ports for the "Rimworld" (Actually Krypton) map and Earth map
Hello, there's no error log for this one

So before you were able to press the "Y" button on your keyboard to set prisoner beds but after the latest update its set to assign colonist beds instead.

We've had the Y keybind for prisoner beds for a few versions now and its actually very convenient to have it there in a jiffy. What makes it obvious that this isn't intended, is when you do manually use your mouse to set prisoner beds, you have the Y keybind set back to turn the prisoner beds into colonist beds (because the option to choose which colonist the bed belongs to is gone for prisoner beds).

I hope this gets sorted out, its just a minor annoyance though I'm gonna cry if it doesn't get fixed
Ideas / Resurrection mood buff
February 01, 2020, 11:37:35 AM
Just an idea, a resurrection mood buff for a colonist coming back to life.

-5 for not eating on a table, -20 for a brawler holding a ranged weapon.. But your loved one coming back to life?

Video / "Metal Gear Solid 1.0" - RimWorld Mod Trailer
November 03, 2019, 08:39:46 PM

A group of terrorists associating themselves with Outer Haven are desperately trying to replicate the Shadow Moses incident, only this time..
It's not exactly your typical FOX operation.

Video / "DOOM in RimWorld" - A Cinematic Mod Trailer
August 23, 2019, 09:00:33 PM

A ship chunk crashing in the outer rim, on one Cryptosleep Casket you can make out the letters "UAC".

Creatures of darkness with glowing eyes filled with hatred and all manner of evil start appearing, forcing the hearts of men around to fail in fear of what's to come, except for one very, very angry space marine.


Greetings, I've made quite a few animated trailers like these before, any excuse to make an animation for a mod! Took me 4 days in total to make, went for a "parody" tongue in cheek theme for this one since It's hard to make very serious videos when it comes to RimWorld and it's cartoony feel.

Anyways, whoever wants to check the video out feel free as I've linked it on the image and the description. The Task Force 141 mod for RimWorld is also available in my Ludeon thread also linked above, have a good day!
Releases / [1.0] The Replicator - Resource Duplication
December 18, 2018, 01:07:29 AM

Life isn't easy enough? Behold, a machine that clones items for you!

Featuring a product banned in multiple planets because governments deemed them "Overpowered" and companies couldn't exploit money out of you anymore!
A machine capable of cloning organic objects but not a new girlfriend!


Mod Features
- Resource Replicator: Clones resources such as steel, wood, plasteel components and etc.
- Organic Replicator: Clones organic material such as vegetables, food meals and converts all types of meat into beef
- Medicinal Replicator: Clones drugs and medicines
- Each bench requires 3,000W power
- Requires appropriate research found under the Rustic's Mods tab
- Comments complaining about this mod being overpowered


Does not feature
- Human cloning, the replicator cannot replicate souls, we don't want another little girl/dog hybrid accident.


Guide to mod modifying:




[MGW] Henry - Created Original Duplication Mod Which this one is inspired by
Rustic Fox - Original coder, for refining the mod ever since B18.

Goodluck in the military bro, see ya later!

Version: 1.6.2

Pardon for the huge delay in making this mod's own thread in Ludeon, I have been up to doing a billion other things I forgot all about it here! Cheers all.
Releases / [1.1] Urumi's anime hair mods
December 06, 2018, 08:08:45 AM

DOWNLOAD LINK (Google Drive)

Kemono Friends Hair

Vocaloid Hair

Touhou Hair

Seraph of the End Hair

DOWNLOAD LINK (Google Drive)[/center]

Description: Urumi 333 hair mods, was abandoned by the author due to business and was only available in a Japanese art website. She has given me the rights to update these mods and update them for 1.0
Video / Rimworld - The Ghosts: Faction Mod Trailer
November 18, 2018, 06:19:07 PM

Click the image for the full video (Youtube)

Shot-by-shot parody of the "Call of Duty: Ghosts" trailer by Infinity Ward, in Rimworld style.

Steam Workshop Link:

Software used:
Premiere Pro CS6
Photoshop CS6
After Effects CS6
Source Filmmaker
General Discussion / Malnourishment kills too fast
September 25, 2018, 04:33:37 PM
So I only paid proper attention to malnourishment in a current playthrough, and it's gotten me upset that a prisoner died within the space of less than 24 hours, their malnourishment went to severe and they just died. Another colonist had a mental break and almost died as well, but she made it fine.

There's challenges, and just unecessary hardship. Game goes out of its way to make things realistic in terms of surgery, body parts or how pawns can have this illusion of free will with social behaviour, but people can't go on for 24 hours without starving to death immediately?

Can we look at Ramadan in real life please, I don't think people die of malnourishment so fast in the space of 1 day, or how about stories of people surviving being lost in the desert without food and getting back out alive?

Please discuss, I have some hope this gets changed in-game, but I highly doubt it will.

Edit: Sent an email at Ludeonhelp, looking forward to the response.
Don't do the crime, if you don't wanna mine.

Latest patch: raised cold resistance by request, added arm coverage

When these prisoners aren't busy raiding your base in tattered apparel, they ought to look good in uniform.

Gotta make the colony look good in front of those visitors!

NOTE: Temporarily made out of cloth, will be updated later to allow different fabrics and leather without losing orange color.

Also, soldier uniform shown in one of the previews is NOT included, it belongs to an upcoming update for Rimmu-Nation: Clothing.

- A prison apparel that covers torso and legs, saves you the time of making pants
- Outfit adds 0.25 workspeed, for those enthusiastic about making your prisoners do labour
- Has it's own prisoner apparel category, allows for easy stockpile sorting for prison cells

Current problems:
- ApparelAdjuster.dll is broken by the latest update, when it's fixed by Jecrell, I will update this mod

After ApparelAdjuster.dll is fixed, the apparel can use leather or any type of fabric and it will always stay orange, for the time being, it is only made of cloth in order to keep the orange texture.

Highly recommend Avius' prisoner labour mod!

Also, feel free to check out Albion's Sparkling Worlds!

Special thanks to him, for his massive help. Also to Jecrell and my bro Odstriman.


- How can I get prisoners to wear the uniform?
Strip them, haul away their tattered clothes and set a stockpile exclusively for the prison apparel, they will have no choice but to wear this.

Warning: this mod is so powerful it needed a nerfed version of Terry Crews.

Note: Download link has both the nerfed and original version, please choose whichever one you want from there.

latest update:
05/09/2018 - Japanese translation added for original version only, special thanks to Proxyer

It's lightweight, it's portable, it doesn't stop giving power when the sun goes down or when the wind stops blowing and it doesn't even cause deforestation.

We both have Terry Crews AND his nerfed version, what else do you need?!

Terry Crews Hulk body used: Detailed Body Textures II

Special thanks to:
Terry Crews - For acting in the mod advertisements for free, could you believe that?
Power - I'd like to thank power
Nerfed Terry Crews - He was willing to help along too, he was a chill guy.
Proxyer - Portable Power Generator Japanese translation

Check out Albion's Sparkling Worlds!
Releases / [B19] T-45b Power Armor
September 03, 2018, 11:38:44 PM

"Take me home, country roads."

The Original T-45b Mod by: JangoD'soul
Beta 19 version.

Special thanks to:
Stealth - Convincing me to update the mod right this bloody second
Brrainz - Camera+

Also don't forget to check out Ashborn's project fallout here:

WARNING: Mod contains nudity, not suitable for children!

Latest patch: Fixed uneven shading detail for fat body front view

Hand-drawn body texture detailing for pawns. A revamped version of the original A17 and B18 Detailed Body Textures mod. This newer version is better proportioned to vanilla clothing, and of course, more symmetrical.

Daz3D models used for reference.

Note: Clothing featured in preview is NOT included.
Mod only replaces vanilla body textures, no more no less.

Credits to:
Croix3D - Thin 3D model reference
LordAardvark - Male, Hulk and Fat 3D model reference
RedMenaceKun - Female 3D model reference

Hello, I make mods usually involving factions to expand on combat and NPC encounters in Rimworld.

(Testing a faction base with dev mode, an "Umbra Company" base.)

One of the pains as a faction modder, is knowing that no matter how big and powerful the faction you create, (e.g. Sci-Fi power armor wielding super soldiers) the current base generation system for the game will force them to have vanilla beds, often times, "sleeping spots" as if all the budget went on the equipment and somebody forgot to order proper beds for everyone.

In this example, Umbra Company is supposed to be a faction with UGVs and super tacticool gear, and yet they sleep on the floor, and the best they could get are a few sleeping bags.

I noticed in the Buildings_Security.xml, there is a building tag for the mortar:

The suggestion is, could we please have a similar building or furniture tagging system for beds, tables and chairs? (maybe floors, walls and power generation too, but maybe that's asking for too much.)

(faction furniture example, something I'd like to implement for my super tacticool factions, to match their tacticool gear with tacticool beds)

I believe a furniture or building tagging system for in-game factions would make it easier for faction modders or the dev team to customize the base, personally, I will see to it that my military factions will have tacticool furniture, and my sci-fi factions would have wibbly wobbly spacey stuff.

And what about other modders? I could see Jecrell having police furniture for the agency, perhaps we will see Glitter-tech furniture for Orion Corp in Sam's mod and Rooki expanding on Rimsenal factions to have futuristic furniture for the likes of "The Federation". How about fallout themed furniture for "Project Fallout" bases?

I understand that the team is busy enough expanding on vanilla, especially with the 1.0 update, and maybe adding tags for other types of buildings besides turrets are easier said than done, but I believe this one feature will be a solid foundation for the future, making things easier for modders to immerse players in their stuff or for the dev team in case they ever add any new kind of faction.

(just pretend I sold the idea better, because I can't think of a better way to exaggerate the benefits of this feature)


Hello all, I am closing this thread after some years of working with these mods. I have thought about it, and decided maybe it's time to move on.

When I say move on I mean rebuild all the mods from the ground up, coding and texture wise even if it takes forever. If you're interested, please wait out on the new thread.

Project Red Horse, formerly a series of faction mods, now covers every mod I make that focuses on warfare. The intention of this mod is to add a sense of pride and accomplishment towards Rimworld through the use of lootc- I mean new combat based content, be it visually through new textures or in terms of new mechanics if I am able to receive C# coding assistance from various modders.

What exactly do I want with Project Red Horse?

- Minimize micro-management
+ Silver acquisition
+ Food
+ Casualty treatment
+ Training skills
+ Power
+ Colonist recruitment
+ Carrying capacity

- Equipment Expansion
+ Weapons
+ Armor
+ Apparel

- Faction Expansion
+ Difficult enemies
+ Helpful allies
+ Reinforcements in emergencies

- Quest acquisition
+ Mission board

- The long term goal
+ Up to the player, will their own war ever end?

Features successfully added as of 1.0:

- Backpacks (Rimmu-Nation: Clothing)

Description: Allows pawns to have more carrying capacity, useful for caravans.

C# work by: Jecrell

- Mission Board (Red Horse Furniture)

Description: Allows players to start their own operations, triggering in-game events at the cost of silver along with recruiting new colonists and "contractor" unit types.

C# work by: Albion

- Reinforcements call through communication devices (Red Horse Furniture)

Description: Allows players to call friendly factions for reinforcements, at the cost of silver there is the "QRF" option (Quick Reaction Force) that guarantees drop pods at the centre of the map, and there's the patrol version free of cost where the friendlies arrive by random means.

C# work by: Albion

Current mods in progress:
Rimmu-Nation - Weapons
Umbra Company - Faction
The US Military - Clothing/Faction mod


Project Red Horse Road Map:

Description: Here's the plan in my teeny tiny head on what's gonna happen, what needs to be done in the right order before moving on to what's next. In terms of importance, Phase 1 Alpha is up first, once these main mods are done the others are easy to follow.

Phase 1 Alpha
- Finish Rimmu-Nation Clothing
- Finish Rimmu-Nation Weapons
- Finish Chicken Mitchell Hairs
- Finish Red Horse Furniture

Phase 1 Bravo (Optional)
- Mod trailers

Phase 2
- Finish US Military Kit
- Finish British Military Kit
- Finish DOOM Kit and others

Phase 3 Alpha
- Faction Mods

Phase 3 Bravo (Optional)
- Mod trailers

Known Incompatabilities:

- Rimmu-Nation Weapons + Rimworld of Magic
Currently awaiting for the .dll stuff to be fixed by Jecrell. Hoping for the best innit mate. Cheers, see ya later.

Mods available to download: (pending full release)

Status: Finished, Stable

Status: Finished, Stable

Status: Finished, Stable

Status: Unfinished, Stable

Status: Finished, Stable

Status: Unfinished, Stable

Status: Finished, pretty good

Status: Finished, Stable

Note: Please consider all B19 versions Unfinished, Unstable due to the fact that they are no longer supported. Many bugs present in B19 versions are fixed for 1.0.

What's the latest?


ANVIL contractors added for Red Horse Furniture

Orbital Traders for Rimmu-Nation arrive!

MSF arrives to provide an army to those who need them.

Task Force 141, re-instated and back in action.

Your hands and feet have never looked so tactical until now.
QuoteMod updated 17/08/2019
Task Force 141 Returns.

- Mod adds 15 new gloves, 15 new footwear and 1 tactical sock.

Other Mods Updated:
Chicken Mitchell Hairstyles
Rimmu-Nation Clothing/RNC: All Craftable

- Updated with new hairstyle, outfit and Rimmu-Nation: Clothing in compatibility with Gloves N' Boots

More details here:

Mods are compatible with Combat Extended Fast Track
(A much more up to date version of Combat Extended for third party mods)

Off Steam:
Hello, I have plans making a Diamond Dogs and XOF faction, though I wanna do the mod justice and make sure the Diamond Dogs get a non lethal unit, just like in the game "Metal Gear Solid V" where they have an elite unit solely for non lethal missions.

Please let me know if you could help, thanks so mucho