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General Discussion / 24h "guilty" timer too short?
September 05, 2021, 08:55:32 AM
Anyone else feel like the 24h "guilty" timer for raiders is way too short?
After a raid everything is covered in blood, shit and firefoam, corpses are piled to the ceiling, walls may have been breached, several colonists are in the hospital, remaining ones are popping wake-up to clean the mess AND THEN you need to somehow perform a ceremonial execution.
1.3.3102 Linux SendOwl version Core + Ideology, no mods, no Royalty.
I just realized my excellent hyperweave hoods give 0% sharp, blunt and heat armor. That seems super dumb so you may want to check that.
Slave collars and torture crowns also give 0% armor.
1.3.3101 Linux SendOwl version, Core + Ideology, no mods, no Royalty.

Biosculpt cycle tooltip doesn't take "Biosculpting: Accelerated" precept into account when calculating cycle time. It does, however, get properly adjusted by room cleanliness.

Have "Biosculpting: Accelerated" precept, make a biosculpt pod in a cleanliness 0 room, hover over cycle buttons. Shows cycle times as if we didn't have accelerated biosculpting. Actual cycle time is halved like it is supposed to be.
1.3.3087 Linux SendOwl version Core + Ideology, no mods or Royalty.
Social relaxation activity reserves the entire pew / kneel sheet, making pawns looking for an eating spot eat without a table when there should be ample space.
Spawn sheets, pews, tables, food, colonists. Make some colonists recreation-starved and wait for them to pick social relaxation activity at table+pew/sheet, drafting/undrafting if necessary to reroll activity. Make a colonist hungry. He will eat without a table.
Test save and unremarkable log attached.
Another issue regarding pews/sheets: [1.3.3080] Pawns may prefer to sit in wrong position on sheets/pews when eating
1.3.3087 Linux SendOwl version Core + Ideology no mods or Royalty.
Jobdriver throws an exception emptying the eggbox if the target stockpile is already almost full and no alternative stockpiles exist.
Spawn a pawn, create an eggbox and a 1x1 egg stockpile. Spawn ~65 eggs in the stockpile. Edit the eggbox to contain 20 eggs.
I had to edit the save since I couldn't find a debug tool to place eggs into the eggbox.
Unpause, pawn empties the eggbox, hauls the eggs, reaches stockpile, drops 10 eggs into the stockpile and 10 to nearest free spot with a jobdriver exception.
Gameplay impact without devmode is an unexplained pause.
All the footwork is already done in the test save, just unpause.

JobDriver threw exception in initAction for pawn Py driver=JobDriver_EmptyThingContainer (toilIndex=6) driver.job=(EmptyThingContainer (Job_39) A=Thing_EggChickenUnfertilized521834 B=(100, 0, 102))
System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
  at Verse.AI.GenPath.ShouldNotEnterCell (Verse.Pawn pawn, Verse.Map map, Verse.IntVec3 dest) [0x00000] in <75c61223621244ebbaedb254dfd0a66b>:0
  at Verse.AI.GenPath.ResolveClosestTouchPathMode (Verse.Pawn pawn, Verse.Map map, Verse.IntVec3 target) [0x00000] in <75c61223621244ebbaedb254dfd0a66b>:0
  at Verse.AI.GenPath.ResolvePathMode (Verse.Pawn pawn, Verse.TargetInfo dest, Verse.AI.PathEndMode& peMode) [0x0007b] in <75c61223621244ebbaedb254dfd0a66b>:0
  at Verse.AI.Pawn_PathFollower.StartPath (Verse.LocalTargetInfo dest, Verse.AI.PathEndMode peMode) [0x00018] in <75c61223621244ebbaedb254dfd0a66b>:0
  at Verse.AI.Toils_Haul+<>c__DisplayClass4_0.<CarryHauledThingToCell>b__0 () [0x0003f] in <75c61223621244ebbaedb254dfd0a66b>:0
  at Verse.AI.JobDriver.TryActuallyStartNextToil () [0x001de] in <75c61223621244ebbaedb254dfd0a66b>:0 
(Filename: ./Runtime/Export/Debug/Debug.bindings.h Line: 39)

Test save and log attached.
Technically not a bug, more like an omission that really should be in the base game. Yes I know, don't turn Bugs forum into Ideas forum Mk 2.
Since we have people who love/hate human meat, insect meat, mushrooms and meat in general, caravan packing/trade screen should have way to tell what the ingredients are. Like a tooltip.
Image shows human meat, insect meat, mushroom and plain packaged survival meals, all exactly identical.
Which meals I want to pack for my ovo-lacto-pescatoreans, and which ones to sell to the unsuspecting traders?
1.3.3087 Linux SendOwl version Core + Ideology no mods or Royalty.
Multi-analyzer 167 work
Ground-penetrating scanner 200 work
Bio-sculpter pod 467 work
Long-range mineral scanner... 17 work?
I think somebody missed a zero when these were first introduced in alpha 17, June 2017.

1.3.3080 Linux SendOwl version Core + Ideology, no mods, no Royalty.
Tinctoria has:

  • Growing time 2 days
  • Lifespan 6 days
  • Light requirement 30%
Planted a field of Tinctoria to 100% fertility ground, 20 °C, 50% lit by a regular lamp.
It rotted at 50% growth. 30% light requirement is very misleading. Its growth rate was 29%.
Low light requirement seems ok to me, since it produces 0 value crop with mostly cosmetic benefits. I suggest bumping its lifespan to at least 15 days.
Or maybe give dye some market value. Traders sell colored cloth, so it's not the planet of the colour-blind.

I see that 30% is the minimum requirement for it to start growing, but it really wants 100% light. I assume the growth rate is (50-30)/(100-30)=0.2857.
Tried 1.3.3066 and 1.3.3080 Linux SendOwl version Core + Ideology, no mods or Royalty. Disabling Ideology doesn't change the outcome. No errors logged.
Marriage spectators leave immediately to do whatever once the new couple is married. They are unrestricted by area and on Anything schedule.
The game message says "X and Y have married. Colonists are now celebrating the occasion.".
In 1.2.2900 the colonists stay and mingle a bit before buggering off.
Now it leaves just the bride and groom attending the marriage ceremony, having an akward conversation by themselves.
Repro simply by spawning a bunch of pawns, debug Start Marriage Ceremony and watch.
1.3.3080 Linux SendOwl version, Core + Ideology, no mods, no Royalty.
Pawns can prefer to sit on a part of large "chair" not adjacent to table for eating. Kneel sheets and pews don't work as chairs in all orientations.
Pews make sense, but kneel sheets don't exactly have armrests.
See image. All chairs/sheets/pillows/pews around the 2x2 tables are in same orientation, plus pews around 3x3 table facing the table.
Some rush to sit on a sheet, unable to reach a table and get a -3 Ate without table mood debuff. Some sheets are left completely unused.
If you rotate the north and east sheets 180 degrees, all sheets get 4/4 populated. Pawns not adjacent to table get a mood debuff.
Pawns seem to prefer sitting on the southwest corner of the sheet or west end of the pew, even if it means sitting not adjacent to a table.
Images, test save and unremarkable log attached.
Another issue regarding pews/sheets: [1.3.3087] Social relaxation reserves entire pew/kneel sheet, pawn ate w/o table
1.3.3076 Linux Core + Ideology SendOwl version, no mods, no Royalty.
Trading using your ideology Leader shows negative trading bonus in the tooltip for selling.
The buying tooltip is correct, and the actual silver amounts are correct. Extra minus sign.
Edit: Still an issue in 1.3.3080.

1.3.3075 Linux SendOwl Core + Ideology, no mods. No Royalty.
Spacedrone and beggar events generate 10+ lines of logspam every frame the bugged pawns are in view.
I typically get 720 lines per second per bugged pawn.
Beggars don't stick around for 1 day like the quest claims and the spacedrone raiders leave immediately.

Generate new colony.
Debug -> Generate quest -> RelicHunt -> accept quest
Debug -> Generate quest -> Hack_Spacedrone -> accept quest -> fast forward till raid comes -> get logspam

Exception drawing Murray: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
  at Verse.PawnRenderer.CarryWeaponOpenly () [0x00068] in <7339b4fcb02f49ad9a628aea44eff077>:0
  at Verse.PawnRenderer.DrawEquipment (UnityEngine.Vector3 rootLoc, Verse.Rot4 pawnRotation, Verse.PawnRenderFlags flags) [0x0017c] in <7339b4fcb02f49ad9a628aea44eff077>:0
  at Verse.PawnRenderer.DrawDynamicParts (UnityEngine.Vector3 rootLoc, System.Single angle, Verse.Rot4 pawnRotation, Verse.PawnRenderFlags flags) [0x0000c] in <7339b4fcb02f49ad9a628aea44eff077>:0
  at Verse.PawnRenderer.RenderPawnAt (UnityEngine.Vector3 drawLoc, System.Nullable`1[T] rotOverride, System.Boolean neverAimWeapon) [0x000f8] in <7339b4fcb02f49ad9a628aea44eff077>:0
  at Verse.Pawn_DrawTracker.DrawAt (UnityEngine.Vector3 loc) [0x00000] in <7339b4fcb02f49ad9a628aea44eff077>:0
  at Verse.Pawn.DrawAt (UnityEngine.Vector3 drawLoc, System.Boolean flip) [0x00006] in <7339b4fcb02f49ad9a628aea44eff077>:0
  at Verse.Thing.Draw () [0x00015] in <7339b4fcb02f49ad9a628aea44eff077>:0
  at Verse.ThingWithComps.Draw () [0x0000e] in <7339b4fcb02f49ad9a628aea44eff077>:0
  at Verse.DynamicDrawManager.DrawDynamicThings () [0x000d8] in <7339b4fcb02f49ad9a628aea44eff077>:0 
(Filename: ./Runtime/Export/Debug/Debug.bindings.h Line: 39)

See also: [1.3.3066] Raiders will leave instantly during Cryptodrone info hack mission
And: [1.3.3069] Can't trade / interact with charity pawn
1.3.3072 Linux Core + Ideology SendOwl version, no mods. No Royalty.
Research specialist ability "Research command" X in the interaction speech bubble, missing graphic.
Make a new game with transhumanism ideology, make a colonist with 6+ intellectual a research specialist, hit "Research command" button, observe X in speech bubble.
Fixed in 1.3.3075.
1.3.3072 Linux Core + Ideology SendOwl version, no mods.
Moral guide ability Preach health shows X in the interaction speech bubble and social tab. Missing graphic.
Make a new game with 3+ colonists, make ideology with moral guide, assaign someone as Moral guide, wound a colonist, use Moral guide's Preach health ability on wounded colonist.
Log unremarkable apart from the corrupted translation filenames.
Fixed in 1.3.3075.
1.3.3069 SendOwl Core + Ideology, Linux version, no mods.
Several of the Ideology symbols are practically identical, some have very minor shading/alpha.
Propably not intended.
1.3.3066 Linux SendOwl version. New colony, no mods, Ideology doesn't make a difference. Colonist/raider graphics glitch happens on Linux when changing resolution through menu. Regardless of windowed or fullscreen mode. Pawns first turn into black squares, then either invisible (Intel) or into a messy block-o-glitch (AMD). Saving and reloading reverts to normal.
On windowed mode, window can be resized by dragging without glitches.
Happens on both desktop with AMD Hawaii PRO Radeon R9 290 graphics and laptop with Intel HD Graphics 620. Both running Linux Mint 20.1, based on Ubuntu 20.04.
The funky raider has vertically flipped text that was being displayed on my second monitor. It's from the debug log.
Animals and mechanoids are unaffected.
Wearing/dropping clothes fixes the glitch, which makes me think the new colonist rendering is the issue here.
Possibly related invisible pawns:
1.3.3066 Linux SendOwl version has bad encoding in the filenames of the translation files.
Propably because of the tar.gz format. Previous .zip releases worked fine.
Translations with bad encoding are not available for selection on the options menu.
See also Unable to expand RimWorld? at the Support forum.
Mac also shows bad encoding in 1.3.3066 language files.
Despite showing (_____) in the language name field, the selectable translations such as Japanese work, Spanish for example is not available for selection.
All files in the SendOwl Linux version, at least Base and Ideology, possibly Royalty, too, have permissions set to 777.
You don't want EVERYTHING to be world writable and executable.
You don't want all the .xml files for example to be marked as executable by anyone, since, well, they're not executable. And it's generally a bad idea to have wide open write permissions. They should be as in the previous releases.
Mac version seems to have everything set to 777 too, I have never used a Mac, but that's propably not right either.

I mean, it runs, but it really should be fixed.
RimWorld 1.2.2900 Linux, no mods or royalty.

Prisoners that are caravanned and gifted back to their own faction incur "Prisoner sold" moodlets and "Sold prisoner to slavery" social opinion penalty.
There is a mechanic in place that gives you more goodwill for gifting a faction their own people back. This should not count as selling slaves.

Spawn a raid from fierce tribe / savage outlanders, down, capture, heal, form caravan to their faction, gift prisoners, observe penalties. Or try the test save. Note that Barracuda is not of the same tribe, and selling her should give a mood and opinion penalty.

Tribe: Thank you so much for bringing our boys back! We won't attack you anymore! Would you like to trade?
Colonists: Maaaan that sucked, we really should have cut off their legs and let them hobble back home on peglegs instead.
Orbital or outlander combat suppliers don't buy or sell simple or "flak" helmets. Or plate armor. It seems weird.
They are propably under StockGenerator_Clothes instead of StockGenerator_Armor.
Adding them under armor propably makes marine/recon helmets and armor rarer, since all armor traders roll from a bigger pool.