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Mods / [mod requests] Sprinklers
« on: September 29, 2017, 08:41:56 AM »
Is there any modder that has the skill and is willing to make a sprinkler mod to put out fires?

Just my idea of how someting like this should work..
You have the sprinkler that you put under a roof and needs electricity to work. Once a fire starts you command one of your pawns to flick a switch that turns on the sprinklers (Or it activates on it's own when fire is in it's range.) so it will start putting out the fire.

 Probably need C# or someting like that for this. but maybe a water pump with water pipes that work like a Generator and power conduit.
You put the water pump near a like/river for it to work then connect a power conduit to it so it starts pumping the water to the water pipes that go to the sprinkler after that the sprinklers are ready to put out fire when needed.

Sorry for my English, I hope you guys can understand what I wrote.

Unfinished / Mechs for Rimworld
« on: September 20, 2016, 11:45:18 AM »
I'm going to make for mechs in Rimworld with a little art of rimworld and titanfall.
I do not want to discuss it yet but am busy with making it soon you can download it.

Just wanted to anounce!

Help / creature mod upcomming need texures!
« on: September 14, 2016, 01:06:26 PM »
I have plans to make a fantasy/prehistoric creature themed mod.
It will be a simple animal pack, but I might make more out of it.
Currently, I have no texures and I am not very skilled at drawing.
As I build the mod, I will be using placeholder textures until I can find someone that can contribute.
What am I asking?
Are there (aspiring) texture makers that would like to contribute, without having to worry about the code?
Are people interested in my idea?
If so, please leave a comment so I can contact you.

Outdated / [A15] Rim-Magic Magic weapons,clothes, Potions, Etc (ceased)
« on: September 13, 2016, 01:37:40 PM »
Magic weapons,books,clothes and spells

I stoped working on mods.


Cauldron (for making potions)
    Speed Potion
        Boosts movement speed and some related stats for a limited time.
       This is also an ingredient for crafting Speed Sigils.
    Reflex Potion
        Boosts a lot of stats for a limited time.
        Expensive to make.
    Mind Potion
        Boosts conciousness and hearing.
    Brain Dead Potion
        Bring the drinker into a comatose state for a short time.
Magic Creation Table (for making wands)
    Electric Wand
        Gives target pawn a shock on hit. Pools up hits like poison, built up electricity will eventually kill.
        Easy to get a target down for capture so long as they aren't killed by excessive shocks.
    Hellfire Wand
        Let hellfire loose with a barrage of fire projectiles!
        Shoot off a little spark.
        Easiest wand to make.
    Explosion Wand.
        It does what it says. :P
Writing Table (Crafting spellbooks)
    Frostbite Book
        A book that shoots a projectile that freezes parts of a pawn.
    Toxic Book
        A book that shoots small toxic clouds.
Magic-Tailoring Bench (for making magic clothes)
    Magical Wizard Robe
        Light speed buff.
        Occupies chest slot when worn.
    Magical Wizard Hat
        Light speed buff.
        Occupies head slot when worn.
    Speed Sigil
        Amazing speed buff.
        Occupies armour slot when worn.
        Uses the speed potion as a main ingredient

People that helped me:
Master Bucketsmith.

Code: [Select]
Version 1.7
Changed pre-resc of couldron and Magical Potions
Now you need only Magical Potions to craft the Couldron.
Now you need BasicMagic and Brewing in place of BasicMagic and Drugpoduction to resc Magical Potions. (I think it makes more sense now.)

Version 1.6.5
Added better preview texture
Changed speed values
Fixed the hats

Version 1.6 Updated!
Added Sorcerer clothing
Added Witch/Wizard Clothing
Added Priest hat
Added Necromancer Skull
Added Witch hat
Added wizard hat
Added Windstruck Hair
New wand textures
Added Skeleton Pet.

Version 1.5 Updated
Small compatibility fixes

Version 1.4 Updated
Added writing table
Moved book bills to writing table

Version 1.3 Updated
Added purple glow to magic-tailoring bench.
Added purple glow to magical creation table.
Added green gow to couldron.

Version 1.2 Updated
Changed Test names to the actual names.

Version 1.1 Updated
Fixed the preview

And a lot more is comming.
(Tweaks/Updates will happen very common.) -Paused-

Extra info:
This is a mod I will work on if I have no school work.
I have dyslexia and English is not my first language, so would you please leave a comment if I make mistakes in spelling or grammar?

I did not create the most of the textures or art because I'm terrible at drawing.
Almost every texture is made by violyte for my mod.

Add more sigils
Add more wands
Add more books
Add factions like Goblins, Orc, Other Mage colony's, Maybe some other dont know yet :P
Update 2.0 Is going to include a bunch of your ideas from you guys so if you want to have someting added to the 2.0 Version leave a comment.
Add small things to make it better


I'm searching for someone to make Terraria like magic weapons,wands.books,clothes
for my Rim-Magic mod in the Unfinished section
Leave a message if you can help me with this
I will put you in the Helped me: section in my mod.

Help / Animated gif images?
« on: September 07, 2016, 12:35:15 PM »
Is it possible to use animated gif images for weapon texures so it looks better on my new upcomming mod?

Unfinished / [A15] Rim-Magic Magic weapons,books,clothes and spells
« on: September 07, 2016, 12:03:03 PM »
Magic weapons,books,clothes and spells

Adds spells, weapons (wands, more soon) books of magic spells and wizard hats and robes.
Magical creation table for wands.
Magic-Tailoring bench for Wizard clothes.
Cauldron to create potions.


Code: [Select]
Version 0.4 added:
Wizard clothes

Version 0.3 added:
Bills Wands
Bills Clothes

Version 0.2 added:
Magical creation table
Magic-tailoring bench
(Working on the bills of the couldron atm)

Version 0.1 added:
Frostbite Book
Toxic Book
Sigil of speed

Version 0.05 Added:
Explosion Wand
Hellfire Wand

Working on (Potions/Couldron) A.T.M.
Couldron (Working on it)

This is a mod I will work if I have no school work and no school exams.
I have dyslexia and English is not my first language, so would you please leave a comment if I make mistakes in spelling or grammar?
At this time there is no download or pictures, because I still have to make the mod I've only made this so if I finish the first version i can put it right on here.

I Do Not own any texures/art because im terrible at drawing.
I have the wizard clothes of the Wizardry Mod, due there had not indicated whether the texures should be allowed or not for use, therefore, all the credit of the Wizard clothes texures goes to their Mod.
Link of Wizardry:

Add purple glow
Add couldron potions
Add More sigils
Add more colors Wizard clothes
Add Witch clothes
Add Writing table to make the books
Add small things to make it better

People that helped me:
Master Bucketsmith

Undertale Storyteller pack

Adds 3 new Undertale storytellers!

Sans will protect you much, but when he is gone for a brief moment bad things can happen.. (He loves to tease you with his jokes -Small threats-)

Flowey want you and your colony dead. He keeps sending big threats, Because he knows that you're filled with determination.. He will make your life as hard as he can!!!

A kind of skeleton at heart. He is optimistic and innocent and has great enthusiasm for stories and spaghetti! If he makes a plate of spaghetti or a compelling story that is a true masterpiece.

Comparisons with the base storytellers: Sans is like phoebe only he gives you much lesser big threats over time than Phoebe, but sans teasing you by giving more minor threats..

FLOWEY the FLOWER does what his description says.. HE DESTROYS YOU!!! (Once you've had some time to build your colony up a bit. He gives you more time to prepair than other storytellers.)

Papyrus is a little like Cassandra the only thing is.. he gives more abouth you than her!:D

Download link:

Planned mods:
* Undertale storyteller mod expansion pack. -Adds All main characters-
* Undertale Underground colony pawns mod. -When i have learn to add pawns with special texures-
* Undertale food, guns, and more mod.

Help / Willing to start modding/learning to mod.
« on: August 16, 2016, 04:44:53 PM »
Hey guys.
I want to learn modding to add things to the game for this great rimworld comminution, but I can not because I am inexperienced.
I have a few questions about the teach of modding.
Where can you learn best to mod? (Guides / wikipedia / from other modders?) Have you perhaps any advice for someone who has never done anything with modding, but want to learn it and has no experience in any coding :(?

Thank you for your time!  :D

Scenarios / [A14] Almari - Tribe of the Holy Thrumbo.
« on: August 04, 2016, 04:54:46 AM »
Hey guys! (I dont have the game on steam, so if you like please upload it to steam for me :D)
This is my first scenario so i hope you like it!
(I'm not english, so am not aware of grammar mistakes.
If you can find a pair, you would then want to leave here in the comments.
Thank you.)

The story:
Animals and people were inseparable in this tribe lived and blessed by the Holy Thrumbos they had for centuries in peace But everything comes to an end also to peace.
When the Arorim came with their high technology weapons and armor....
Armored with high tech armor which the primitive weapons of Almari had no chance against.
Rifle bullets that animals and humans pierced like a hot knife through warm butter.
There was no hope..
At at certain moment 3 Thrumbos appeared on the horizon!
Armed with their powerful horns and armored with their thick skin they  went to war to help Almari!
It was a fierce battle.
the Trumbos pierced one after another armor of the Arorim. Many of their people died, but finally one of Thrumbos had to pay the price with his life.
The weakened trumbos and the remaining humans and animal of the Almari fled before another Trumbo would not make it and became there end..
After months looking for a new place to live they found it!
The Trumbos decided to stay.

Your faction will be a tribe.
Start with 4 people.
Your people will be at most 86 years old.
Player starting characters have a 20% chance to start with trait: Green thumnb
The stat "minimum handling skill" will be universally multiplied by 150%
The stat "tame animal chance" will be universally multiplied by 120%
The stat "train animal chance" will be universally multiplied by 190%

Start with:
-Silver x300
-Packaged survival meal x50
-Medicine x30
-Component x5
-Personal shield x2
-Chicken egg (fert.) x2
-Pila 3x
-Thrumbo x2
-Steel x550
-wood x400
-Random pet 2x
-Artic wolf x1

Map is scattered with:
-Ship chunk 3x
-Steel x720
-Packaged survival meal x8

Download here:

how do you install it?
Windows 10-8-8.1 Do Windows key + R write than C:/Users/[username]/AppData/LocalLow/Ludeon Studios/RimWorld/
Other windows. Press your windows button at the bottom left. (There it is normal for Windows 7 / Windows Vista)
You will see a search bar type this there: C:/Users/[username]/AppData/LocalLow/Ludeon Studios/RimWorld/

Than paste it in the scenario folder.

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