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See what an XPath PatchOperation did. Default RimWorld gives no feedback on what happened. You can have a syntactically correct XPath doing completely the wrong thing and won't get feedback. With this tool, you can see what actually happened.

Put the Assemblies folder with its PatchOperationWhatHappened.dll inside your mod folder.

How to get a before and after:

Code: [Select]
<Operation Class="PatchOperationSequence">
    <li Class="PatchOperationWhatHappened.Log">
      <li Class="PatchOperationAdd">
      <li Class="PatchOperationWhatHappened.Log">


  • It's wise to PatchOperationWhatHappened.Log one level higher for a better overview.
  • Patching multiple things with Defs/ThingDef[defName="FOO" or defName="BAR"] in one operation may result in confusing (but correct) output. The different XML nodes each get logged individually.


Overwriting (abstract) bases was all the rage back in A13. Some modders haven't caught on that this is now a really bad idea that causes weird and hard to detect issues. For more info:

Installation instructions:

Load order is irrelevant. AllYourBase will spit out yellow warnings with the exact mod, XML node and file that misbehaves.

If you enable Verbose Logging, AllYourBase will attempt to fix overwrites. Sometimes this makes it worse. Use Steam's handy Verify File Integrity if that happens.

It's recommend to yell at educate the author of the offending mod.

Ideas / Misc requests
« on: November 13, 2018, 06:35:28 AM »
My apologies for misusing the thread, but I figured I'd ask here anyway. I enjoy making mods for RimWorld and to increase my pleasure in creating mods I request you please consider moving the following classes from internal to public:

- TexButton
- Building_SunLamp
- Recipe_RemoveBodyPart
- WorkGiver_CleanFilth
- WorkGiver_FightFires
- ScenPart_CreateIncident

These are mostly classes for which a lot of their counterparts are public as well. The TexButton class would just make things easier for all modders and avoid needless duplication. Thanks in advance.

Bugs / [1.0] Outposts spawn without batteries
« on: October 21, 2018, 04:41:09 PM »
What I expect:

1. Spawn outpost with turrets.
2. See batteries.

What actually happens:

1. Spawn outpost with turrets.
2. No batteries get spawned. Makes a turret fight pretty easy at night.

Something's up. Faction bases seem to spawn with batteries inside, but simpler outposts don't. Tried multiple times on a completely vanilla game. Log's empty. Outposts spawned with "quest_banditcamp" and other outpost-generating quests.

What the circumstances were.
While selecting the brave volunteers that are about to sacrifice their lives on the RimWorld, I decided to rename them after my previous best colonist: Vlad The Evil.

What happened.
I could give them a name that was 9 letters long on the selection screen. I could only give them their proper name after landing on the map.

What you expected to happen.
I was expecting the same ~15 character limit to apply on both the selection and the map screen.

Repro steps.
1. Give a character a long nickname in the selection screen. Notice how you're limited to 9 characters.
2. Rename them when landed, the character limit now goes up to 15 or so.

This is Sam. Sam is a psychopath.

This is wild boar 15. She decided to bond with Sam, and is now called Natsuki.

This is strange, because the bond doesn't show on either the boar nor Sam.

Shouldn't the mood gain/loss from a bonded animal simply be nullified by the psychopath trait? Since a pet can only have one bonded master, the current situation withholds information.

Bugs / [0.18.1704] Boreal forest becomes a desolate Tundra after winter
« on: October 28, 2017, 07:32:17 AM »
Currently on a map with an advertised 20 day growing period. This is what the southern part of the map looks like, after 100 days. That's two winters and one toxic fallout. I don't think that part of the map even saw beavers, and if it did they weren't there for long. I didn't cut down a single tree there.

The lack of trees is a bother, but what's worse is that there's absolutely no grass or moss. This is what it looks like a little bit later, when the flora is trying to make a comeback - but since this is Boreal forest the game ALWAYS sends a cold-snap to cut off a couple of days from the growing season.

Basically, grass and moss doesn't stand a chance to grow. (Raspberry) bushes disappear the first winter. Most trees don't live long enough to spread from the centre either.

Suggestion/possible fixes: dormant grass that can survive under snow? Longer lifespan for certain trees? Tree/grass hibernation during winter?

Bugs / [0.18.1700] Could not reserve Thing_MealSimple
« on: October 26, 2017, 08:36:40 AM »
Could not reserve Thing_MealSimple104935/ for Cai for job Ingest (Job_686045) A=Thing_MealSimple104935 (now doing job Ingest (Job_686045) A=Thing_MealSimple104935(curToil=5)) for maxPawns 1 and stackCount -1. Existing reserver: Canto doing job Ingest (Job_686057) A=Thing_MealSimple104935(curToil=4)

It repros randomly but fairly reliably. I have about ten pawns and a very low food supply, so they're all fighting over the same stack of meals. I believe in this case, the cook just dropped a meal on the floor and it got snatched up by Cai, even though Canto was also reserving it.

It'd be nice if multiple pawns could reserve medicine too, but I suppose that's a feature request and not a bug.

[attachment deleted by admin: too old]

See attached screenshot for a description: Basically a roof collapse at one point of the base can damage/crush things that are over twenty cells away from the actual collapse.

[attachment deleted by admin: too old]

Releases / [1.0] The Many Mods Of Mehni [Updated "daily!"]
« on: September 26, 2017, 03:49:12 PM »
The many mods of Mehni

Since the forum has a habit of deleting attachments and maintaining different posts is becoming a bother, here's a nice list with a short description and links. I would love to hear feedback and stories.

Credits can be found at the bottom of this post. If I have violated your license / or failed to credit you, please let me know.

License can be found at the bottom of this post.

If you like my mods, please considering buying me a coffee.


Mod Name   Version   Updated   GitHub   Steam   Description*
More Faction Interactionv1.0.10Feb 17Adds more interaction with and between factions, bringing the world to life.
Food Alertv1.1.1Oct 10Shows a persistent alert with the amount of food you have, and an estimate of how long stocks will last.
Climate Cycle++v1.1.2Oct 22A runaway climate cycle seeking extreme temperatures!
Elemental Boomalopesv1.0.0Jan 16Boomalopes that do more than go boom.
Pick Up And Haulv1.0.5Dec 3"Greatest hauling mod ever" - Chicken Plucker
Dismiss Traderv1.1.0Oct 20Dismiss traders with the click of a button.
4M Mehni's Misc Modificationsv1.1.6Oct 30Adds various settings to customise your RimWorld experience.
Various Space Ship Chunks0.1.1.0Oct 21It adds various kind of Ship Chunks. Art and xml by Tobe.
Orbital Trader Transponderv1.0.1Nov 1Call a trader to your location. Collaboration with Shotgunfrenzy.
Numbersv1.0.3Oct 29Get a customisable general overview of all colonists, prisoners, enemies, etc.

B18: (deprecated, outdated. or just not updated yet.)

Mod Name   Version   Updated   GitHub   Steam   Description*
Number 22 with Rice0.18.0.1Nov 21Defaults the vanilla hydroponics bay to rice.
Plasteel Components0.18.0.1Nov 21Craft regular ol' components out of plasteel.
Return of the Megatherium0.18.0.1Nov 21Restored the inferior megasloth back to its former glory.
Minigun Handling Techniques, Vol. 21Targeting with the minigun highlights the area in which the bullets will land.
Sun Tzu's Raider Tactics0.18.0.1Jan 10A fun and exciting raid type featuring smarter raiders!
CutePenguin0.18.0.1Jan 10Cute penguin. Can clean. Don't eat plz. Art and xml by Tobe.
How Much Longer, My Muse?! 10Shows an expiration timer on the inspiration.

*For more detailed descriptions visit the mod pages on Steam or GitHub.

Deprecated and one-offs:
(A17) I Can't Believe It's Not Growing There - Devilstrand, Corn and Healroot now require at least 140% soil fertility.
(A17) Visible Hives Makes hives more visible in stockpiles.
(B18) Coward Scythers Scythers seek cover.
(B18) PostArmorDamage Restores the pre-B18 one-shot limbs.
(B18) WildAnimalAlert Updated version of Lost_RD's WildAnimalAlert. Comes with a new "warn only on predator spawn" option.

Resources:   Marnador - RimWorld Font
Libraries:   pardeike - Harmony Patch Library
Code:   Why_is_that, erdelf, AlexTD, everyone else that hangs in the discord.
Testing:   XeoNovaDan, pdxsean, Spartyon7 
Art:   Xen, Chicken Plucker, Shotgunfrenzy
This table:   Dingo

My mods all fall under the MIT license. I'd appreciate the courtesy of dropping me a message when you include it in a mod pack. Do not upload standalone translated versions on Steam. If you wish to translate it, please give me a pull request on GitHub or drop me a line here.

If I don't respond/appear alive for a month after a new alpha release, have at it. However, give credit where it's due.

Bugs / [A17] Prostophobes and Teetotalers object to Luciferium injections
« on: September 16, 2017, 10:20:04 AM »
What happens:
Pawns with the prostophobe or teetotaler trait will get unhappy from being administered Luciferium, but will happily take it themselves.

What you expected to happen.
I expect pawns with these traits to not care about the drug and their administration.
Alternatively, I expect them to care a whole lot and be grumpy all the time they're on the drug.

Repro steps:
- select pawn with prostophobe or teetotaler trait. Order them to take Luci, either manually or via schedule. Observe their compliance without mood debuffs.

- select pawn with prostophobe or teetolar trait. Schedule them to be administered Luciferium. Observe their mood debuffs.

Bugs / [A17] Stuff does not have an armor multiplier
« on: September 12, 2017, 09:11:56 AM »
Apart from some hitpoint differences, there's no reason to make a helmet out anything other than the cheapest material. Steel protects your noggin just as good as plasteel.

Every textile has an armor multiplier, why not Metallic?

Bugs / [A17] Map sizes of item stashes varies with arrival method
« on: September 07, 2017, 10:18:45 AM »
What happens:
Arriving via foot/caravan at an item stash creates a small encounter map. Arriving via drop pod generates a full-size large map.

What you expected to happen.
I expect map sizes to be equal regardless of arrival method. I suggest making them a little bit bigger than the small encounter map, but not as big as a full-size map.

My request for a larger size encounter map is that the current small map is cramped and renders enemy mortars mostly useless and turrets very dangerous. It would also help players to grab some more resources while on the enemy map. I realise that's a suggestion and not a bug.

Repro steps:
Generate two item stashes (or savescum).
Use drop pods to get to one, use a caravan to get to the other.
Compare mapsizes. You will find one is quite larger than the other.

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