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Translations / On the topic of genders in non-english languages
« on: July 24, 2018, 07:15:33 AM »
You've already included female title for backstories to suit some languages like german, where lehrer and lehrerin is a good reason why. But what if you went beyong that? Maybe, just duplicate backstories for each gender? That would make translations on many languages much easier. In case doubling the data required for backstories file is an issue, then it can be achieved by writing every backstory in male gender, and adding some sort of brackets , liki [] next to a word, so that in case a subject is a woman, the word in a bracket would be chosen. Something like 'blah blah blah i don't actually know german lehrer[lehrerin]' .
About 80% of the time spent on translating backstories goes to trying to make it gender-neutral, which is a pain. Russian, which is a main language i translate into has many forms of each verb, so in that case writting 'blah blah blah [PAWN_pronoun] решил[решила]' is both easier and shorter than 'решение пришло в голову [PAWN_nameDef] сделать blah blah blah'

After most of those close to him died,he once again set off to lend his gun to those who needed it - or those who could pay.

what does 'lend his gun' means in this context? I feel like it's not a direct translation. Something like starting with robbery again or something like that.

Mods / Mod Request - Dig-able rich soil
« on: July 17, 2018, 07:17:35 PM »
I feel like it should be possible to dig rich soil, leaving regular soil behind with the ability to place it in the other place. Is there any mod for that or i should just hope someone makes it ? :p

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