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And you are stuck with them unless you let them starve or imprison them.  Would be nice if you could operate at least to add missing body parts or if more of their buddies would come by to pick them up.
Ideas / Automatic Power Usage
March 20, 2014, 11:54:25 AM
Could there please be some way to have lights/power only activate when an object/room is in use?

There could either be hardware that needs to be built (pressure plates/switches) for a colonist to activate when entering a room to turn on the lights/power the objects or research a technology that will automatically turn lights on/off when colonists are in the vicinity.  To this same point, I would assume that the colonists wouldn't want the lights on while they sleep.
Bugs / 254 Bug With Arrest And Attack
December 05, 2013, 08:30:58 AM
Just had a dual event spawn where a wanderer and mad squirrel showed up.  The two of them were close enough that they started fighting each other.  In the middle of their fight, one of my drafted colonists arrested the wanderer and started hauling them to the prison bed.  During the 'hauling' the squirrel was still able to stay in the initial spot where the wanderer was arrested and attack them while they were being carried away (psychic squirrel attacks).  The expected logic resumed after the arrested wanderer was dropped off.
Ideas / Few Ideas
October 29, 2013, 10:35:48 PM

  • Allow for corpses to rot away and also allow for your colonists to burn them.  The graves pile up after a while.
  • Change the equip system to allow for primary/secondary and gear.  The idea being that your members that only do combat really would have a long range and short range / melee weapon.  Any miners that you send out and about could use some mining equipment to do their job faster and a sidearm for defense from animals.  People that stay in the base might drop the weapon all together and use repair equipment, research equipment, farming equipment, etc.  Ideally there could be several sets of gear, like fire resistant clothes, ballistics armor, hauling exoskeletons to increase hauling capacity, etc.
  • Biofuel systems that generate electricity from dead animals and food
  • Wall modifications/upgrades such as in-wall lighting, 'arrow slits', reinforcement to resist explosions, sprinklers to resist fires, solar flare shielding, etc.
  • Electrical grid improvement systems that reduce output but also decrease chance of electrical failures
  • A safe way to remove roofs or prevent them from being constructed, for example, i want to wall off my solar panels for protection, but not cover them up
  • Call to arms, allows you to assign members to be recruited and where they are supposed to go, allowing for a single click deployment of your forces
  • Non-lethal weapons such as stun guns, bean bag rounds, batons, etc.
  • Prisoners can perform jail breaks
  • For the love of god, a roomba to help clean
  • Rain washes away blood over time.  Blood attracts hostile creatures
  • Cloaking enemies
  • Highly coordinated raids can call in planetary strikes from their support ship
  • Light vehicles such as RVs for hauling or APCs from the enemy to attack
  • Sensor system to actually know when events are coming instead of instantly knowing a raid is coming
  • light/dark affecting combat, for example, take the fight into your base and shut off the lights near your members so they are harder to hit or putting spotlights outside to help aim at raiders during the night
  • Various defenses such as barbwire, trenches, electrical fences, barricades
  • Lightning rods to help precent damage to your base
  • Leadership roles, such as commander, preacher, or leader giving various bonuses such as better performance in combat, reduced affect of death, or higher loyalty.  Possible events could start to occur such as a coup, inquisition, or rigged elections causing unhappiness, conflict, or executions, trials leading to exile
  • Target practice, sparring, social event time such as drinking/playing cards/etc
  • Send teams of colonists out on expeditions to gather resources, research, survivors, go on the offensive against raiders.
  • food storage systems such as barrels, processing, refrigeration, etc.
  • hydroponics to improve soil quality, plant growth, and provide more bountiful harvests
  • trade for books to create a library, helping improve intelligence and provide relaxation
  • set the maximum amount of work that should be done, such as bob should only haul for 2 hours but bill can haul for 8
  • Colonists will visit the graves of their fallen friends