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Outdated / [A17] SeveralPuffins mods for A17
« on: May 29, 2017, 10:04:09 PM »
Razzle Dazzle
Do you hear the thrumbo sing?


Frankly, rim colonists are too downhearted about things. Sure, you just saw your spouse eat your dead dog raw after the ostriches that killed him ate your winter supplies, but is that really an excuse to be glum?

Razzle Dazzle introduces performing arts to the rim, so that we can get over this dead dog drama with a little song and dance!

- Performance: The new skill for your colonists to work on! Good performers can lift the spirits of everyone in the audience, whereas bad performers can turn a masterpiece into a muffalo corpse.

- Theatre:

Get your artists to write great tragedies at the sculpting bench (it is just a table, after all), and then build a stage so that your performers to rehearse and deliver them! Mood boosts for anyone who attends, unless the quality is terrible!

- Music: Compose artful pieces at the piano and then hold concerts to wow your fellow colonists!

- Stand-Up:

Fancy a quick mood boost? Rehearse a stand-up routine at the microphone stand, and watch your colonists crease up with laughter, or sit in stony silence as a comedian dies on stage.

 - Radio: Performances from all of the above will be automatically broadcast if you have a broadcast tower, with subscription payments sent in by nearby settlements based on the quality of your broadcast.


via Dropbox.

- Install HugsLib.
- Unzip into your RimWorld/Mods folder.
- Activate in the in-game mods menu and restart the game.

Thanks to Gracierocket for requesting these mods and throwing ideas at me.

Detours & Clashes
- GracieRocket informs me that Misc. Robots robots do tend to come along to performances, but frankly I think that it's sweet!

Outdated / [A16] Several Puffins' RimDisorders.
« on: January 03, 2017, 10:20:16 AM »
Rim Disorders
Mental illness for all!


What RimWorld needs, I'm sure we all agree, is more misery, trauma, and poor mental health to add to our already vibrant, lively colonies! Colonists will develop, either randomly or due to some trigger or trauma, various mental health disorders. Poor mental health comes and goes in episodes for the afflicted, with episodes ranging in severity. These disorders can only be cured slowly, and with counselling.

New Illnesses!

- Depression: Triggered by random chance, extreme low mood, downer addiction or witnessing death. Depressed colonists are slower, unhappier, and have impaired cognitive function. Moderately depressed colonists are more likely to go on food binges. Extremely depressed colonists are a suicide risk if they pass the mental break threshold- this risk vanishes if they're arrested and confined for the duration of the episode. Suicidal mental breaks happen quickly, so it's best to stop them before it gets that far.

- Generalised Anxiety Disorder: Triggered by extreme low mood, any single large mood stressor, stimulant addiction or random chance. Anxious colonists will be worse at talking, more unhappy, and will have a higher mental break threshold and moderately impaired global work speed. Extremely anxious colonists may have panic attacks as mental breaks (and thanks to Psychology for first introducing the idea of panic attacks to RimWorld!).

- Cleanliness-OCD: Triggered by random chance, extreme sickness and exposure to rotting human corpses. Affected colonists will have a lowered global work speed through worries and rituals and will be unhappy in rooms that are not perfectly clean. Extreme cases may result in mental breaks to obsessively (but not efficiently) clean the home area.

- PTSD: Triggered occasionally when downed. Affected colonists have a higher mental break threshold and are somewhat more likely to get into social fights (though this does not mean they will- the maximum level is the same as for an Abrasive person). Moderate and Extreme cases will suffer from panic attacks when an enemy is near, and Extreme cases will suffer from panic attacks even outside of this situation.

New Work!

Counselling: Counselling appears as a bill on the individual with the illness, like surgery. A counsellor must be trained to a certain degree in medicine in order to perform the bill, but the magnitude of their success will be based on their social skill. Counselling can only be done on any one colonist once per day, and reduces both the present and the maximum severity of an illness. If it is counselled to the point where it is permanently controlled, it will be removed (but may recur if triggered)!   


 I hope you all enjoy this, but note that this mod will only make things harder! Use for stories of disaster- your best scientist, locked in a dark room, gets depression and can't think through the problems any more. Your best soldier can't go back to the front line without having panic attacks! If you feel that you want disaster, but that the balance is wrong, the rates at which all diseases manifest, and the strength of counselling, can all be changed in the Options>Mod Options menu. If you like this, please check out my other less nasty mods!

- HugsLib.

Detours & Clashes
- There are no detoured functions in Rim Disorders, so compatibility should be very broad. I'm not currently aware of any issues with other mods.

via Dropbox.

- Install HugsLib. .
- Unzip into your RimWorld/Mods folder.
- Activate in the in-game mods menu and restart the game.

- Counselled patients currently go to sleep whilst someone makes metalwork noises at them. My headcanon: 3X1st century counselling is mostly about hypnosis, strobe lights and chimes. I'm pretty sure I'm getting that image from Hannibal. I haven't found a way of doing this better without detours (which I don't want to use if I can avoid it, for compatibility reasons).

Future Plans

- Bipolar Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, Delusional Parasitosis, pure-OCD and more! Some will be counsellable, some will need to be medicated.
- Counselling to remove certain traits: chemical interest, psychopath, cannibal etc.
- Counselling to assist the mood of addicts in withdrawal.
- (Possibly) a separate bed type for counselling (though this might have compatibility issues with other mods- I'm looking into it!).

Thanks to UnlimitedHugs and Fluffy for the wonders of HugsLib, and thanks to  Gracierocket for heaps of input.


The way these issues are represented is a mixture of academic research, personal experience and conversations with people who have experience of the above conditions. To anyone with experience of any of these, or any other mental health conditions, I am happy to take feedback on how they (or should be)) are represented.

I am also very happy to take feedback on any bugs or balance issues in the mod.

Rumours & Deception


Have you ever wondered why your colonists don't talk about each other? Did no-one wonder about sending that shifty cannibal Alex to bury the dead? How come Ray likes the abrasive psycho that beat up her friend, just because she's never been insulted directly? And why is no-one ever apologetic about anything they've done?

If you want more social complexity, or just plain gossip and intrigue in your stories, then look no further! Rumours and Deception adds several new colonist social interactions, traits and thoughts that largely focus on people talking about people.

New interactions:
- Chat about other colonists: Alice likes Bob. Bob hates Carol. Bob can now tell Alice this!
- Spread rumour: Colonists will tell nasty, unsubstantiated tales to each other, particularly about colonists that neither of them like.
- Share secret: A colonist can trust another enough to reveal something deep and personal, bringing them closer together.
- Reveal secret: There's no guarantee that all trust is well placed! Colonists that have been told a secret can go and gossip about it to their friends!
- Apologise: Colonists can try to make up with others that they've insulted or hurt.
- Make peace: Colonists may try and apologise on behalf of a third party.
- Culture clash: Not all insults are intended! One may insult another due to having a poor understanding of their background culture (for example, Tribal vs GlitterWorld culture clashes).

New traits:
- Compulsive liar: This colonist just can't help it- every conversation is an opportunity to make up some new, snide story about one of the others.
- Gushing: This colonist just cannot judge who to trust with their darkest secrets, exposing themselves to potential embarrassment.
- Gossip: This colonist talks about other people all the time. This extends to secrets, with which they can't be trusted.
- Manipulative: This colonist will use any social trick they know to make other people see things THEIR way. They are great negotiators, but can be divisive and isolating within a colony.
- Trustworthy: This colonist keeps secrets. They rarely spread rumours, and if they do they feel terrible about it.
- Peacemaker: This colonist can't stand to see their friends fighting. They will try to resolve other people's differences, and will get a mood boost if successful.

New events:
- Defection: A socially isolated colonist may, over time, decide that they're better off elsewhere. If they remain friendless, they may walk off the map and join an ally.
- Splinter: In the unlikely event that a clique of friends forms within the colony that is largely hostile to the rest, they may choose to leave together and form a new map faction. They will take some of your colony's belongings with them as they go.
- Brawl: Even if they don't leave, hostile cliques will start fights- unless you patch up your fractured colony, mass brawls will break out.

- HugsLib.

via Dropbox.

- Install HugsLib.
- Unzip into your RimWorld/Mods folder.
- Activate in the in-game mods menu and restart the game.

Thanks to Gracierocket for requesting these mods and throwing ideas at me. Thanks also to Orion, whose faction discovery mod I trawled through extensively trying to understand how RimWorld factions work, and to UnlimitedHugs for the brilliant HugsLib!

Please, please do give feedback on the balance of this mod, and the rates at which events happen. I am only one person and do not really have spare time to properly play-test things, but I am happy to respond to community feedback on how well this mod runs!

Detours & Clashes
- Rumours & Deception currently makes no detours, so compatibility should be very broad.

Update on 5th Dec. 2016:
- Added menu options, allowing players to disable splits and defections.
- Married/Engaged/Dating Colonists on either side of a defection will now split up.
- Split risk lowered.
- Introduced brawl events, so that even without splits there is a downside to a strongly divided colony.

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