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Unfinished / [A15][WIP] Beasts of the Outer Rim
« on: October 10, 2016, 05:13:37 PM »
So I started working on some creature concepts for RimWorld, drew up some sketches, and then brought them up on Sagan IV forum where fellow member Hydromancerx (who some of you might know from here) and new member Fluffe9911 soon joined. We're currently coming up with some new ideas for creatures, which we will post here as we work further on this mod, but we have one finished species right now, known as a Squiddle.


We're still working on the coding for it, but Fluffe9911 has been very helpful in this and made a basic one for it, utilizing the Muffalo as a base. We'll tweak it some more, though I'm still debating if this should be a smaller species. The idea behind it is that this is a genetically engineered species of terrestrial cephalopod originally bred for agricultural use but which has subsequently been spread throughout the Rim and since gone feral.

I myself am very open to any help and suggestions you guys can provide, as I'm fairly new to the modding scene and have little experience in coding. kaptain_kavern has helped me a bit in this regard, providing me some links, and I've also been peering at the code for various other animal mods in order to get a better idea on how they work.

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