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General Discussion / Storytelling?
« on: March 04, 2017, 05:16:10 AM »
Hey folks
Just a quick question. Does AI follow a certain pattern while generating events?
I'm asking because I've had several games where the events didn't seem so random. For instance, I had a crash-landing colony that accepted pretty much every refugee, wanderer and escape pod spacer, they also captured a raider or two. The three original colonists had Chinese names, and guess what, all the willing newcomers were of Asianic origin aswell. After the total population count reached about 12 and a couple of marriages took place, they all turned out to be related in one way or another. I also had a rich explorer's colony, his chronological age was quite high, around 3000 years, and pretty much everyone who joined the settlement had no experience of being put to cryptosleep, or atleast a very short one.
So, are the events truly random?

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