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General Discussion / @Tynan RE a Twitter post
June 25, 2014, 09:23:45 PM
RE: This post

It is easier to write what I wanted to reply here as twitter wouldn't let me haha!!

I was thinking that certain low-level plants could have a set "weight" based on what type of plant they are either based on real world plants, like plants that "strangle" others or perhaps based purely on height/sunlight. Plant types that are more robust can spread easier and need less sunlight, however can be "overtaken and eradicated" by other plant types that are more reliant on sunlight.

You could then tie this into Horticulture and perhaps add in being able to "capture" muffalos and designate zones for them to graze on. This way the player could choose to influence a certain area by moving grazing muffalo around. Also it would allow you freedom to add in a bit more "difficulty" by adding in more aggressive plants if a player chooses to over-hunt the local animals. Plants that could damage pawns, or perhaps damage the fertility of the land they are growing on based on how long said plant occupies the tile, eventually turning the tile into sand or "parched dirt" or something.

I know the coding could be complicated if you went down the route of plants effectively "fighting" eachother on a slow scale, however having an "ecosystem" to manage/ignore and potentially survive/die as a result would really really add to the feeling like you are deserted on a strange planet striving to survive long enough in a strange harsh environment to get home!

I have a few more ideas but I'd like to hear your thoughts before I carry on typing out an essay :)
General Discussion / \O/ SIEGES!!! - Thank you Ty!
June 08, 2014, 05:06:18 PM
JUST saw this in the changelog and I am literally dying now for alpha5!!!!!!!! I couldn't contain my excitement and had to post! Thank you Tynan I REALLY look forward to testing this!! :D

QuoteJune 6
Turrets can now require manning to work. This is the case for artillery.
Raiders who drop into your base get less points to spend.
Sieging raiders will eat and sleep.
Siege AI now properly spends points to create emplacements.
Sieging enemies now fight fires around their emplacements.
Siege AI now properly splits sieging enemies between construction and defense duties.
Nerfed pila.
June 5
Sieging enemies can actually build their fortifications and artillery.
Smarter siege sandbag placement.
Added artillery warmup time and minimum range.
Made mortar graphics.
Mods / Rimworld Prototype Feature - Oxygen
June 07, 2014, 12:39:27 PM
I played the rimworld prototype last night for a while and I really liked the oxygen mechanic... Air leaks random structural failures etc... Would be nice to perhaps have something similar put back in the game... Having to scrub then store Oxygen and use piping to pipe it into rooms. Not on the premise of having no oxygen on planet. That didn't make much sense with colonists outside for so long, but perhaps under the premise that there are chemicals in the air and pro-longed exposure will start damaging colonists or perhaps damaging their skills or pushing them hard to a mental break...?

They would only be able to survive outside with no clean oxygen for 24-48 hours and would need to stay inside an oxygenated room over a period of time to "purify" their bodies of the toxins? Would make for an interesting mechanic.

Good idea?
Mods / [Is it possible] Weather control...
May 28, 2014, 08:02:35 PM
Is it possible to create a machine that controls ingame-weather with a right-click menu, and consumes a helluva lot of power to do so?
Help / [Help] Adding ThoughtDefs
May 23, 2014, 05:11:44 PM
Okay I am trying to add thoughts to my own items that I have added. In ThoughtDefs I have

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>




<label>Observed Horrifically Pink Bed</label>

<description>This is pink enough to make anyone feel ill!</description>









<label>Observed a flamingo looking couch</label>

<description>I saw a bright pink couch. Can this place get any worse?</description>









<label>Observed an evil cat!</label>

<description>I saw a cute cat.... This place is terrifying!</description>








After "Observed" I have placed the defname of those 3 items. What am I missing?
Cute Mod - 1.0.1 - 24th May

Updates & Future:
Please see changelog for updates ~

For the future, I plan on adding research for my items, as they give quite a large happiness/fear boost, rather than INCREASE their cost, I would rather add an expensive (Possibly 2 part) research to the mod. Maybe each piece of research will cost 6000 each.

Also in the further future when I am not revising to take my driving test, I wish to add something very special to the fear mod... Think a few random events :)

- Still happy for any other ideas

I wanted to get into doing a little modding for Rimworld to learn, and I couldn't think of any ideas so I asked my partner and she told me to make a little hello kitty statue as our daughter loves hello kitty and after doing that, I realised that nobody has ever made anything remotely cute for Rimworld, it's all slaughter and doom, so I expanded on the cute theme.

I am willing to accept requests for items to add to the pack but bear in mind I am by no means a good artist or coder :)


There are now 2 versions of the mod, each what they say on the tin. One makes your colonists happy, the other instills fear into raiders and colonists alike. I will slowly add custom textures to each but for now there is only one tiny change to the fear version (See if you can spot it!) :) - Credit goes to Cala13er for teaching me how to create .dll's and how to create custom thoughts for pawns, without him it wouldn't have happened :)



So far my only plans are to add any user request items - Preferably fitting the theme but I am happy to deviate, and eventually if I get enough varying items, I wish to add dyes to the game as a requirement to build any coloured aesthetic items.

Cute Clutter Fear Version 1.0.2
Cute Clutter Happy Version 1.0.2


Version 1.0.2
Updated to Alpha4D
All other items apart from floors - Now generate Fear or Happiness depending on which version you have downloaded
Added Test Flooring - Please give me your thoughts

Version 1.0.1:
Created 2 separate versions of cute clutter - One to make pawns happy, the other to scare them.
Cute Pod Bed now generates Happiness or Fear with custom thoughts for each
Cute Statue now generates Happiness or Fear with custom thoughts for each
Cute CouchA (2 seater) now generates Happiness or Fear with custom thoughts for each

Version 1.0:
Added Cute Couch
Added Cute 2 seater Couch
Added Cute Desk
Added Cute Drawers
Added Cute Shelf
Added Cute Round Chair
Added Pink Round Lamp
Added Hello Kitty Statue
Added Cute Pod Bed & Cute Prisoner version
Added Pink Marble Tile Flooring


These models are free to be used/changed and included in mod packs as long as both myself and mrofa are credited, until such time as mrofa decides otherwise as they are based on his own models from the Clutter Mod and also big thanks goes to him for allowing me to use them as a base to learn.
Help / [Mod] [Help] Changing vanilla plants
May 22, 2014, 09:37:51 AM
Hey all,

I am wondering how to overwrite how the vanilla plants work. I don't want my mod to overwrite anything in the core folder but at the same time I don't want to confuse people by telling them to active my mod before core... Is there any way I can make the game load my plants and not the vanilla?

My plan is to add a new resource "dyes" which are harvestable from the vanilla flowers, and used in the construction of coloured aesthetic furniture etc....
Help / [Idea/Help] New mod idea
May 18, 2014, 04:53:19 PM
I am wanting to get more into modding for Rimworld and I have had  an idea and before I start figuring out how, I want to know if it is possible.

Basically I want to be able to either A. Spawn a village (using a custom storyteller) with enemy faction NPC's that don't leave and have their own jobs/defences or B. Have 3 enemies spawn and build  their own village.

I guess I think it's going to be quite complicated (if possible) but Ill at least try and learn as much as I can while failing! haha
Hi all,

I am hoping I am not the only one who finds this an issue but would it be possible to make it standard practise for modders to amend their thread titles for updates?

Other forums do this, especially games that are under heavy development.

For example [Mod]Better power+ version# 16th May

It is so simple but it makes seeing which mods I need to update SO much easier, even going into each and every thread sometimes still leaving me wondering if I have the latest version lol

Just a thought, let me know what you think! :)
Mods / [Request] Advice on creating an item.
May 15, 2014, 02:29:53 PM
Hey all,

I am weird when it comes to games and hate messiness. I want to be able to mine (My bases are always built inside a mountain) but when I mine rock out I hate the way it leaves rooms looking messy or un-symetrical so I want to take the texture so that I can fill rooms in and have it look like they have never been mined out.

Any advice would be helpful. I have a basic understanding of *some* programming but not a lot at all
Mods / [Request] Configurable hoppers
May 14, 2014, 06:54:20 PM
I would like to know if it's a good idea and also possible to modify all hoppers, including mod hoppers, so that you can specify the amount you would like to keep a particular hopper stocked? For example I have 4 nuclear reactors and want my uranium split between the 4 but I have 60 uranium, I could specify each hopper to only stock 10, so they are shared equally rather than one hopper being filled before the next is
Mods / [Request] Event pause Mod
May 12, 2014, 12:41:52 PM
Hey, I play a lot of 3x speed and sometimes (using mods anyway) I get enemies drop in from space and attack immediately and sometimes it takes me a few moments too long to notice. I am wondering if someone can write or knows of a mod that can automatically pause the game when a configured event happens, trade ship, enemy attack, berserk animal etc?

Thanks all :)