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ask twitch streamer Disnof for information.
hope this gets fixed - it'll be shittin' annoying to get random hives like this.
bonus note: please fix stool strats. raiders can be cheesed with stools says him as well.
update: ants tamable not connected to hive. same streamer successfully tamed one. he is testing breeding.
it's really broken.
you should be able to choose to give up when everyone's down. i hated how now have to reload because i lost my damn alpacas and people because they just "dropped" when i'm a fan of debugging full heals.
so i will now add more to my lists because i've gotten another complaint.

it's unbalanced. my colonists can't get joy anymore. you're welcome. fix pls
Ideas / Balance for Tainted Clothing
June 20, 2018, 04:22:37 PM
lemme be up front and forward:
either use silver upfront or a bin & something purchased in bulk with silver to "bleach" clothing, getting rid of the tainted tag but adding a "bleached" tag preventing selling and allowing wearing.
you're welcome tynan.
i have a huge mod list, but this time i removed my CE and racial mods. i mainly have mods which add things, not to the scenario editor AFAIK.
i go to a scenario, press scenario editor, and edit mode, and i get a log spam of this error, preventing me from editing the scenario to tweak it.
it should have just let me edit my scenario parts, vanilla style. i have no mods interfering with scenario editor... as far as i know, but there could be a culprit.
here is the link to a hugslib output.
i've already sifted through my modlist, i will do that again in a minute to see if there is any dumb culprit i forgotten somehow.
Outdated / Microelectronics Actually Basics (B18)
March 12, 2018, 10:12:49 AM
finally, the solution to the horrendous grind of smithing and machining when you already know half the $&!7!
nobody likes the brand-new grind of microelectronics. it's too - HCSK-Feeling, like it should be in there, but really somehow it got out.
i made a one-line edit to code, packaged as a mod so computers don't complain, and left as much compatibility as possible!
it literally melted right in, a slight of lag for half a second, but not a single error appeared!
(i mean seriously who personally edits the main code of research projects?) i know this will eventually get drowned in the enormous market of other AAA mod titles, so i published it to steam! (and if tynan keeps this crap up i'll be making updates, i really don't want a bigger timewall for my beautiful traders)
cat-chicken seal of approval
dropbox instant, you don't need to view the zip
i am geniunely sorry for packaging it in winRAR, it was kinda installed by my superiors and they refuse to upgrade to 7-zip.
steam workshop

i had modswitch on, which should not conflict with uploading to steam. i attempted to re-upload (it never left my computer, let alone the folder, though it got zipped, derp) a mod which i made in mere minutes, but now the button is gone and i need to figure out how to let rimworld know that i still own it, and i'd like to re-upload my poor old mod.
i'm sorry if there's nothing i can do, i would prefer not to assemble everything over again.
having over 200 mods loaded at once on a potato laptop isn't nice with rimworld.
i love playing rimworld modded but it takes forever to make a megamod and often i give up.
my laptop is multithreaded so that's a thing... though i wish i could take my half-broken school laptop home to use as only 1 usb port is missing and another useless port is too...
i would use my gaming computer but my sister uses it often, so that's something.
so something that would be great is being able to multithread the modlist because my laptop has multiple cores.
it would make it a lot easier to play rimworld.
i can figure out the base but i need the textures for the robot.
I am using the base robots base, so i just need a few textures, 3 to be exact.
i need front, back and side.... usual like a pawn.
if you know how to make one, then it'd be great if you could make it. i don't really care how long it takes.
to be noted, my output_log is broken as all hell (never has updated since A15) and i'm now getting horrible errors from something.
my mod list isn't that long, but i've recently added orassans, apini & xen's animal collab project, but now i'm getting random errors from having a bulk goods trader active in my communications (probably) log, no trace of any problem but just a bunch of bullfur.
tank tread huskies.
hand cuffs.
roller thrumbos (yes, that dream would come true)
the ultimate "a dog said" modding tool.

that's literally all that comes up. nothing, no title screen, no error log, just that shit.
the only thing i can think can screw up that badly is my mod called "bulk the meals". i'll quickly upload it to see if anything went wrong.
another thing i remember is saving the files while they were running, then saving the game and immediately exiting.
i don't see how that could destroy my game and even bypass the steam file check filters.
Unfinished / [Modlist project] Rim-tycoon 2 [V1.0]
April 10, 2017, 04:59:14 PM
Hey there, I'm finally deciding to post a buncha mods. It will *eventually* include my personal mod, Animals+ (And yes i created it first.... But they probably started working on it first)
I don't have much for it yet, but what I do have is the mods pre-downloaded onto dropbox.
I will add to the dropbox a modlist-fix so you can play in the order you like.
Check this in (hopefully) half an hour where I have sorted the modlist and added the link to a mirror to the modpack & modlist.
But if you want to know what'll be in it, there will be:
-Ease of life mods
-Automation mods through non-controllable pawns of your colony
-Race mods (because why not)
-Eventually, Glittertech, Medieval Times, and maybe Dub's Bad Hygiene
-Plenty of add-ons for pretty furniture to decorate your colony
-2 (skill) training mods
-And probably more.
Thanks for reading, i'll be on my way.
P.S. this is a casual modpack, but i might start a round-robin game with it.
You know, i saw another post on a vanilla save-trading game for rimworld. can't we do the same, but modded? y'know, nothing like cthulu or anything, maybe glittertech? medieval times? bad hygiene? and yes, we're playing on 1 season per person.
but anyways, i don't think ANYONE would agree on the same mod list, so i put together a little form so you can decide what (major) mods stay and what don't.
also, to the entire modlist, i put something on steam.
i hope we can all eventually agree to what mods we'll play with, and what the colony name shall be. maybe i'll add what should we start with.
Let's hope for the best...

How it'll be installed:
all you really need at first is Hugslib and Mod list backup - and after installing those, the modpack.
-Put hugslib first, then mod list backup.
-restart, and go back into the mod list.
-select import (bottom right, feature of modlist backup) and select our colony name.
-with a simple restart, you should have every mod needed.
Ideas / Base builder difficulty is broken.
February 03, 2017, 06:01:22 PM
so, i just reopened the game when i saw "____ is being hunted by a timber wolf!"
who was it?
someone with a bow, and my ONLY good enough doctor.
i had no other doctors, there were some wimpy caribou around and OF COURSE that wolf killed my doctor! my only useable one.
i reloaded the save file, and guess what? i injured the wrong wolf leading to me having to cheat!
i'm a newb at rimworld and it's unnaceptable for an easy difficulty to instantly kill off your only doctor.
make it so wolves hunt something else on base builder or lower.
a little bit of code could actually make this game more fair.
because seriously, even though it breaks real life mechanics, this is a story game, not unfair mario 2.0!
sorry for my rant.
until this happens, expect me to never allow ANY animals to hurt my colonists without dying/downing.
General Discussion / Where do i buy Smokeleaf joints?
February 03, 2017, 02:58:45 PM
 i only have 2 and i have someone addicted to it.
and i also have a chemical facination who OF COURSE tried to binge on the last 2.
do i get them in bulk goods trader? that's all i've never seen.
or are they unbuyable?
Help / Mod request: refining wood into planks (and bark?)
February 03, 2017, 01:52:04 PM
so, wood, on some maps there's WAAY too much. like mine. so i thought of a mod.
why not be able to refine 10 wood into 10 planks & 10 bark?
planks are like the material between wood & steel, but bark isn't good for tools but is great for fuel! bark could be a more efficient fuel, giving 2 fuel instead of the usual 1 like wood.
something funny could be that 1 steel and 1 plank could be a "plank with nails", a melee weapon that does more damage than a wood log or a wood shiv would do. if the wood shiv is about the damage of a wood log.
why do i want this? i want to be able to make more wood tools, as wood itself is useless, even refined into a longsword.
and, if you think that you can't adjust how much fuel it gives (bark) you could get 10 planks per 10 wood BUT it takes about half the time than to refine 70 wood into chemfuel BUT is as strong as STEEL due to refining.
no need for a totally new workbench, the stonecutting table would just do fine for refining wood.
i hope someone might think this is a good idea, i'm tired of 4-damage longswords.
You know how sad colonists get when half their family dies, right? well, what if we could have a small chance to remove that thought...
with therapy animals?
some animals have a specific tag saying they are capable of being therapy animals. some animals, like deer, cannot be trained for that. the animals, like huskies and labs, are always capable. the animals go through training, and once done, if a colonist is sad about something, or stuck in a bed, the colonist can have a therapy animal come over and comfort the person.
bonded animals can only be therapy for their owners, but need no training. because, seriously, some animals can be attached to their owners, like you know nowadays, if a artic fox for example is bonded to someone named joe and joe dies, the animal goes manhunter. shows the artic fox is attached to joe and the same back.
seriously, i have a siamese cat who simply is a therapy cat and allows me to do things cats normally don't allow. he normally wouldn't have the capability to be a therapy cat but he allows him to be my therapy cat.
another thing i thought of was, why not allow bonded animals to be pets to their human? they won't be able to command them, but they'd probably think "___'s owner" with less of a boost but still not a debuff.
yeah, i was thinking hard.
i hope this is enough. thanks for reading.
yeah, i am still working on my mod and now i need to figure out how to expand the litters of huskies, labs, etc.
i also want to include rabbits with expanded litters, but there's a mod for that and i'm probably just going to use that.
i don't understand how i can have huskies have plenty of puppies.
I already started one part of my megamod, the animal part, but now i want to know where i can find the defs for the caravan speed.
OK, here's my story:
my first colony, my researcher lost a hand. tried to installed a prosthetic hand through cheating (yes i'm a dirty cheater) and his whole arm came off. i tried to install a bionic arm, arm lost. tries to install real arm, person dies from being torn apart. the doctor was 13 in medicine with regular medicine.
next game, someone lost an arm, i tried to install another arm through cheating (yes all the above were cheating) and the arm just came off.
finally, my regular doctor lost a foot, i tried to put on a prosthetic foot I BUILT MYSELF, and his whole leg came off again from a 6 in medicine FOR A FOOT.
it's not normal for minor surgeries of reattaching hands or feet for someone to be retarded enough to get an axe and cut off the whole leg/arm or cut them in the head. No, it was only catastrophic, not rediculous failues, and a few minors for installing whole things.
this is bullshit.