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Mods / [Request] Less Mud/Marshes
May 29, 2017, 09:25:27 AM
Every map I generate feels like a swamp with how wet it is.
It kinda sucks not being able to lay out my flooring plans until my constructor has finished literally everything else.
Kind of weird.

Outdated / [A16] Additional Joy Objects v1.6 (1/4/2016)
December 24, 2016, 09:21:00 AM
This is cuproPanda's Additonal Joy Objects, painstakingly separated from CorePanda and then converted to A16. Instances of copper were changed to components and spectago leaves were changed to psychoid leaves, except in the case of paints which were changed to berries.

This mod adds new objects and activities that bring joy to colonists: board games, arcades, paintings, bookcases, medicine, and more!

Items Added:
Pile of Books: Crafting ingredient for the Reading Table and Bookcase. Purchased from Joy Traders, Exotic Traders, and Bulk Goods Traders. Also made by combining 3 Written Books.
Painting Supplies: Crafting ingredient for the Easel. Crafted or purchased from Joy Traders, Exotic Traders, and Bulk Goods Traders
Psychoid Tea: A simple cup of tea that isn't as dangerous as it sounds. Heats up quickly for enjoyment at any time.
Perodyne: Euphoric painkillers. Purchased from Joy Traders and Exotic Traders
Paper: Brewed from either wood of cloth. Used to make books. Crafted at the Brewery.
Blank Book: Used by an artist to write a book. Crafted at the Writing Desk or bought from exotic/joy traders.
Written Book: Can be sold for a high price. 3 can be crafted into a Pile of Books, which can be used for crafting.
AEA tank: Fuel for the thurible. Purchased from exotic or joy traders.
Cartridges: Arcade games that can be loaded into empty arcade cabinets.

Objects Added:
Card Table: A table perfect for a colonists bedroom or for an entertainment room. 1-4 players.
RimColony: A special board game purchased from traders. 1-4 players.

Book Storage: Book Rack, Bookshelf, and Bookcase. Upgradeable book storage for colonists to read books at.
Reading Table: A table for a colonist to read books at. Provides passive joy.
Writing Table: Used to craft and write books, as well as collate books into a Pile of Books
Easel: Can be used to craft paintings, and colonists can also doodle on it (meditative joy).
Painting: Provides beauty and joy for colonists. Be careful! An untalented artist can make an ugly painting!
Dartboard: Colonists will stand at a distance and throw darts at the board. Special thanks to Haplo and their Miscellaneous mod, the source code helped clear things up!
Thurible: Disperses a mood-enhancing mist into the air that slowly affects all colonists in the room within a 10-tile radius

Arcade Construction Table: A station for duplicating arcade cartridges, crafting empty arcades, and adding cartridges to empty arcades.
Arcades: Entertain colonists while giving a small amount of XP to the skill listed below.
Arcade, Halva Life: Shooting
Arcade, Elder Scones: Melee
Arcade, The Zimz: Social
Arcade, Glutendogs: Animals
Arcade, Trauma Vendor: Medicine
Arcade, Cooking Baba: Cooking
Arcade, Rum Swirled: Construction
Arcade, Plants Vs. Salamis: Growing
Arcade, Speltunky: Mining
Arcade, Psycho Knots: Artistic
Arcade, MintCraft: Crafting
Arcade, Baguettris: Research
All arcade cabinets are purchased from pleasure cruisers or exotic goods traders and consume 200W of power.

Let me know if you run into any problems.

If you have Vegetable Garden (or any other mod that adds tea), you probably want the version without psychoid tea.
No Tea:!z5hB0YpB!CqxvHJxyh5hxb4lYFPgdMmG4gk-qlgal4ejU8OYwn7o
With Tea:!7hRV0TRA!NWR66vf4sm8QdIhs6I7dGFBmAwbPnrkSlR9DaNC91FQ

Quote from: Changelog
1.6 (1/4/2016)
Fixed a typo with one of the researches that mentions psychoid instead of berries.
Added a No Tea version for Vegetable Garden users. (Note, if you're using the previous version, this might break your save.)

1.5 (12/31/2016)
Fixed psychoid tea not being sellable.

1.4 (12/29/2016)
Fixed psychoid tea not being haulable.

1.3 (12/27/2016)
Really fixed bookcases, for real this time. (Apparently I need to manually generate a frameDef too.)

1.2 (12/26/2016)
Fixed bookcases, they are now properly upgraded. Big thanks to Dingo for helping me with blueprint generation code.

1.1 (12/25/2016)
Fixed a game-breaking bug with saving/loading with a thurible that's never been fueled. If you had a save broken by this, it might load, but there will be a lot of stuff missing.
When inheriting from, as an example, ThingDef, short hash collisions can occur because the game's hash maker only considers children of Def as worthy of hash separation (but not grandchildren).

This means that mods that inherit from a child of Def can accidentally add items that conflict with other mods (or even core game objects) when the short hash is generated on save load.

This has been reported before with Tynan slating a fix for A16, as seen here:

Quote from: Tynan on October 02, 2016, 08:55:11 PM
In other news, I already totally refactored the hash giving to solve the ambiguities with Def subclassing so this sort of issue should be gone, theoretically, in A16.

Unfortunately, it seems that the issue still persists, and needs to be looked at once more.
Mods / MOD REQUEST: No Dirty Dirt
December 21, 2016, 05:52:16 AM
So, I've always found it silly that dirt can get dirty. I know there are solutions to mitigate pawns trying to clean dirt off dirt, but I think it should be taken a step further and scrap it entirely.

Ideally here's what I'd like the mod to do:

1. Outdoor tiles no longer get dirty at all.
2. On load, all dirty outdoor tiles on the maps are cleaned of said dirt.
3. A harsher environment penalty for outdoor tiles being indoors to offset the tiles always being 'clean'.