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General Discussion / Making vents
June 22, 2018, 03:56:44 PM
Vents are still under "temperature", correct?  Are these no longer available to tribes for some reason?  If that's the case, what tech enables them?
Title.  It draws identical power when on vs off.

This is an inconsistent implementation to other devices, and a false choice if the power draw is 100% identical.
Bugs / (A17) Frozen food spoils on caravans
October 16, 2017, 11:37:22 AM
This one is easily reproduced:

1.  Pick a tundra start in winter.
2.  Shoot and butcher some caribou or whatever else is on the map.
3.  Save the game.
4.  Compare leaving the food on the ground (even in the open) vs how long it lasts when moving in a caravan.

Pawns can and will die to hypothermia in caravans without proper clothing, so meat spoilage in -20C weather is an inconsistent implementation.

Normally moving in winter isn't ideal anyway, so I only noticed recently when screwing around, but this still seems like a bug.
Ideas / Caravans and deadfalls
June 15, 2017, 05:00:50 PM
It's not super common that they spring traps, but visiting caravans still path clean into trap mazes and wander back and forth in them.  Inevitably, they spring the trap.  Losing faction for this is "WAD".

Okay, but why is this a thing?  The AI knows the traps are there.  Why is it willingly going into a trap maze, that is not safe, not the shortest path to anything relevant, and not useful to them in any capacity?

This is a bad look:

It "feels" like they do this junk on purpose too.  Prior to building the trap maze, caravans congregated where "Orange" is located.  A single door of any material I can possibly use is still much faster into my base than that maze.

Proposed solutions:

1.  Implement the caravan spot mod to vanilla.  That way if this happens, people deserve the faction hit.
2.  Block friendlies/allies from springing traps.  It's an easy abstraction to make an excuse to implement.  The gameplay implication from traps springing on friendlies is worthless.  There's no strategy or upside there, just a micro sink or reloads to avoid it depending on which you prefer.

I prefer both, that way allies have one fewer way to suicide on your turf and if you gun them down with a bajillion turrets because you told them to go there, then you deserve the hostility.

#1 is the more preferable if just doing one or the other, to make caravans stop barging into tiny bedrooms in the middle of the night.
Ideas / Animal is hunting colonist!
June 12, 2017, 12:40:36 PM
This notification needs to exist before you get hit.  When an animals is "hunting x" where x = colonist, give a notification for it similar to "x revenge", but instead "x hunting colonist".

The justification is the same as the reason you get notifications for raids, diseases, fires, mental break risks, and yes even an animal turning hostile because you freaking shot it, something that you SHOULD be more aware is happening.

The present implementation is inconsistent to the game's standards, hiding an event that is frankly more dangerous to a colonist's life than most of the above in many cases.  I have yet to see a justification for this implementation that would not similarly argue the game should turn off raid notifications etc.

Is it possible to fix this in A18?  Constantly, manually scanning the map for predators is not a gameplay-friendly solution.
Ideas / Predators are hostile
January 31, 2017, 12:23:18 PM
Players should receive an event notification when targeted by predators, or event notifications themselves should receive a re-work.

Any logic against this would apply equally to raids, mech ships, sieges, manhunter packs, infestations, and maddened animals.

What is the reason the above is given event notification?  What are the anticipated consequences of removing the event notification for all of these?

The answer is that the player would then be expected to *constantly scan the map* in case these events are happening, constantly looking away from base. 

If constantly scanning the map this way is part of the intended gameplay experience, the event notifications make no sense.  If a need to constantly scan the map is not part of the intended gameplay experience, predators hunting colonists giving no notification until hit makes no sense.

The implementation is not consistent.  I will change my mind if I can be shown that predators targeting colonists + pets w/o notification has a demonstrably and gameplay-significant difference in anticipated player counter-action to other threatening events happening w/o notification.

On that note, I request that of those that disagree: what would I need to present to you to convince you that this mechanic isn't working well and is inconsistent with other mechanics to the point where change would improve the game?  Bear in mind that for a counter position to be rational, you NEED to be capable of answering this question, even if the conditions are difficult to imagine happening.