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Ideas / Glass roofs / Greenhouses
December 24, 2014, 05:43:15 AM
This thread inspired me:

Glass roofs would keep temperature in, keep the elements out, and let sunlight in obviously. It'd be a nice incentive to grow stuff outside and a cool alternative to having to have sunlamps inside indoor growing areas that are built on soil.

This would probably require removing auto-roofing and letting us build our own roofs.
Right now if you click on a Colonist that's doing some task, they draw a line to their job destination

What I'd like to see is if I click on an item that's reserved, it'd be nice to have a line draw from the reserved item back to the Colonist (maybe it should be a different color)

Thought it'd be nice and simple thing to add.
At the moment there's no convenient way to deal with unfinished items that will never be finished. If you have a colonist start an unfinished item and they die, that unfinished item will stick around forever (forever unfinished). This happened to be with my poor colonist Erickson, who died in combat and forever left his art project unfinished in my colony's stock pile.

It'd be nice to have an option to burn/salvage unfinished items (art/weapons/apparel/etc).
Hi all,

Right now weapon accuracy is defined as Touch/Short/Medium/Long. I had an idea of making a software-assisted rifle that helped shooters aim better at longer ranges, but found that that weapon accuracy is capped at 100%.

If you were to have a weapon accuracy of something like 150% at [whatever] range, it could compensate for someone's poor shooting skill, or just help a good shooter aim even better. It's better if there's no hard cap on accuracy for the sake of modding. Right now, the game caps weapon accuracy to 100% - even if your weapon is set in the stats to have more than 100% accuracy at some range.
If you make a new piece of apparel that covers the hands or fingers, it will go into extreme detail about exactly what bits it covers instead of just using the body group names like they're defined in the .xml (Torso, Arms, Hands, Legs, Upperhead, etc).

Steps to Reproduce
Add the following to any piece of armor:


Lists the body group names (eg. This item covers the Torso, Arms, Hands, Legs)

Actual Results
Lists every single body part (eg. This item covers the left thumb, left index finger, left middle finger, left ring finger... etc)

Hands/Fingers and Feet/Toes should be a separate body group in the future - (eg. fingerless gloves)

Hi again, dropping another simple-ish idea here.

I think it's a little silly that raiders tend to go for all-or-nothing bumrushes all the time. Though it's really early alpha, I think making raiders come at you in waves would be a really good solution to the giant raider waves people get after the 1 year mark. Some helpful stats for the raiding leader to take note of would be how many casualties they've taken versus how many you've taken, or how much damage they've done to you, how much they've lost (in equipment), and stuff like that.

This would also make the rare, but devastating mechanoid raids a lot more manageable too. Recently I had a raid of 30 centipedes and god-knows-how-many Scythers. While I survived the Scythers (they arrived first), there was just no weapon big enough in my arsenal to take out 30 centipedes all at once. Several waves with Scythers and Centipedes moving together in little squads would've been a much more fair and challenging fight in my opinion.

I know this is probably an idea for the not-so-near future, but I'd still love to see some cool raider AI in the future - waves and squads instead of giant rush tactics.

I think everyone gets a little frustrated with roofs, especially when trees make their own roofs because they're really close, or when stuff gets crushed under an auto-constructed roof because you forgot to set a no-roof zone in an area under heavy construction. It's also not fun to mouse over tiles to see if they're roofed or not.

So I propose a simple solution (conceptually at least): Just let us build our own roofs.

A click-and-drag control like floor tiles is all thats really needed. "Construct roof" and "deconstruct roof" would replace the "no-roof" zone and "remove no-roof zone". That means I can put roofs where I want, and they'll stay there.

It'd also be greatly appreciated to have an opacity slider for roofs - people can have it set to completely transparent, or completely opaque or anything they want in between. This means that you or I could just look at a tile to see if it has a roof over it or not.
I was modding and testing some things out, when I noticed that a raider was firing at a improved turret, despite the weapon specifically having the property "<canTargetBuildings>false</canTargetBuildings>" marked down in the XML

None of the vanilla guns use this tag so I guess it's a low priority, but for long-range weapon balance in some mods this is a pretty unfair bug.

Steps to Reproduce:
Step 1) Make a new weapon or change an existing weapon to have the <canTargetBuildings>true</canTargetBuilds> tag set to false.
Step 2) Spawn a pirate/merc/etc and an improvised turret gun (within firing range of each other) with the weapon you made in step 1

Expected Results:
The weapon cannot target buildings, so the pawn shouldn't be able to shoot the turret (because it's a building).

Actual Results:
The raider will now target and fire at the turret gun. The game won't let your colonist target the building with a gun using the canTargetBuildings tag, even though the AI clearly can.

What is this?
Gunplay in Rimworld is a lot of fun, but it's sort of silly how bullet-spongy everyone is. Colonists and raiders alike just love to soak up bullets for breakfast, and walk it off like nothing really happened.

This mod aims to rebalance weapon damage to more believeable levels to add a little realism and to make firefights more fun/intense.

So what's changed?
- Weapon damage is higher than in the vanilla, to make bullets feel really deadly. It's about x1.2 vanilla.
- It's not being turned up crazy high - I'm trying to make damage reasonable too. No more unlucky Neolithic raiders smashing eyes out with their stones.

- Armour is becoming more valuable. Given the increased damage, it'll reduce the damage by more. You still can't soak up bullets, but taking an extra shot or two is the difference between life and death.

- The shotguns now have actual pellet spread instead of one giant shot sprite. It changes how the shotgun is used pretty dramatically - a solid hit can knock someone unconscious immediately, or you could hit several targets with it.

- There's a new damage type: Pulse.
Energy weapons inflict pulse damage that causes pulse burns. These wounds are instantly cauterized upon impact (meaning they don't bleed), but have a high chance of scarring and don't heal naturally without medical intervention.

- There's going to be plenty of new, unique weapons. From muskets to flare guns to gauss weaponry, I want to add a lot of variety to weapons in Rimworld, rather than throwing in loads of modern-day weapons.

Is there new stuff?
Yes! I wanted to add more, unique weapons (and some joke/odd ones). This should hopefully smooth out the difficult curve of the mod.

Here's a sample of what I've added so far:

Replaces the vanilla pump shotgun.

Because you don't care that much about collateral damage.

Four quick volleys of semi-automatic pain.

High-powered punch in a small package, with a lot of recoil.

An old, smooth bore rifle. Inaccurate, but cheap.

A police pulse rifle from a dystopian world, with built-in software in the scope to aim itself.
Specifically designed to take down armoured targets non-lethally, the pulse rounds cauterize any wounds they cause, leaving it with a high chance of scarring (but no chance of bleeding).

In desperate times, you usually point one of these in the sky to signal for help instead of pointing it at an invader. Better than nothing, though.

Some sort of prototype electromagnetic coil-based railgun that fires heavy metal slugs. Uses an immense amount of power, and has hefty cool downs between shots.

A compact and classic SMG, great for close quarters.

Is there a download yet?
Yes! You can download it here
(current public: v0.05 current in development: v0.06)

NOTE! This probably isn't very balanced (at all). This is more of a patch to fix the mod for Alpha 6

It's still not done. Here's a todo list of things I want to finish before an actual 'release'. If you have issues, find bugs, or other comments/concerns, feel absolutely free to leave feedback in the thread. Keep in mind that weapons have been rebalanced to be particularly deadly, and the mod is meant to make the game more difficult in some senses.

Red stuff isn't done/started, yellow stuff is in progress, green stuff is finished.

Stuff I need done before release:
- Finish rebalancing damage, warm-ups, cool downs, and weapon prices.
- Sounds for new weapons
- Tweak shotgun accuracy to reduce that chance they get god-shots at long ranges.
- Tweak flamethrower so it cannot have guaranteed hits for balance reasons. This means that you can maneuver around flamethrowers and dodge every flame that flies your way.

Other stuff todo, not 100% needed for release:
This is not an all-inclusive list. Not every weapon/feature/rebalance I want to do is listed here, just the ones I'm the most interested in doing.

- New bullet sprites for some weapons
- Weapon: 12 Gauge Shotgun
- Weapon: Sjogren Shotgun
- Weapon: .357
- Weapon: MP7
- Weapon: Flare Gun
- Weapon: Musket
- Weapon: Smart Rifle
- Weapon: MPR Beatrice
- Weapon: Treeby Chain Musket
- Weapon: Auto Revolver
- Weapon: Lever Action Rifle
- Weapon: Ross Rifle
- Weapon: De Lisle Carbine
- Weapon: 40mm Grenade Launcher
- Weapon: Sledge-axe
- Weapon: Dualies (guns akimbo)
- Weapon: BAR
- Weapon: Gauss Gun Railgun Rifle
- Weapon: Flamethrower
- Make the T-9 useful It's awesome now, I personally love it.
- Draft up some new defensive tools, like trenches.
- Fix and rebalance armor for Alpha 6

Last updated Aug 30th/2014

// v0.06 //
- Spent some time on improving the spread sheet, so it calculates DPS for us.
-> Simplified a lot of explanations on the sheet

-> Hopefull this will help us with balancing, as we had to calculate it manually before.

!! Reverted Human health scaling from 2.5x to 1.0x. Gun damage is approx 1.2x higher than vanilla still. !!
- Scrapped all the old values, here's a new list of damage buffs:

- Added DartToxic damage type
-> Inflicts the toxic injury
-> Very high chance of scarring

- Implemented the Flaregun, a cheap but no-so-great firearm. Sets stuff on fire
-> Also made some sounds for the flaregun, still needs a bullet sprite

- Pistol damage remains at 10 from vanilla
- Lee-Enfield damage up to 22 (from 18)
- M-16 damage up to 12 (from 7)
- M-24 damage up to 48 (from 40)
-> This means that unarmored targets are dead meat. Wear armor against snipers, it WILL save your life.

- Uzi damage up to 8 (from 5)
- L-15 LMG damage up to 10 (from 7)
- R4 Charge Rifle damage up to 16 (from 14)
-> R4 Charge Rifle now does pulse damage, causing pulse burns.
-> Pulse burns don't heal naturally, require full doctoring care. They don't bleed though due to cauterization,
so you're not in any damager of bleeding out on the battlefield.

- Improvised Turret Gun damage up to 10 (from 7)
- Minigun damage remains at 8 from vanilla
- Heavy Charge Blaster down to 16 (from 18)
-> HCB now does pulse damage, causing pulse burns like the R4 charge rifle

- Inferno Cannon damage remains at 50 from vanilla
- Charge Lance damage up to 30 (from 27)
- T-9 Incendiary Launcher damage up to 8 (from 4)
-> T-9 Launcher bolts are now explosive in a 1.2 blast radius. Great for flushing people out of cover!

- Frag Grenade damage up to 50 (from 40)
- Molotov Cocktail damage up to 15 (from 10, though they're still really inaccurate)
- EMP grenade damage remaines at 80 from vanilla

- Short Bow damage down to 7 from 10
- Great Bow damage down to 10 from 15
- Pila damage down to 20 from 30
- Handful of Stones damage down to 3 from 6

- 357 revolver damage is now 15
- 12 Gauge pellet damage is now 6 (fires 9 at once)
- Sjogren pellet damage is now 6 (fires 9 at once)
- Musket round shot damage is now 35
- Smart Rifle pulse round damage is now 28
-> Armored targets should never suffer permanent organ damage
-> Still does pulse damage/inflicts pulse burns

- Flamethrower damange remains at 1, but has regained the ability to fire five "flames" per shot
- Railgun Rifle damage is now 25
- USP Match damage is now 10
- MP7 damage is now 8

- Tweaked all of the guns base prices. Most of the vanilla guns only went slightly up in cost
(~10 silver or so except for the M24, which has jumped up), while new modded weapons went slightly down in cost
- Railgun rifle price down from 700 to 210, should be balanced enough for regular play
- Railgun rifle now has a forced miss radius, should be interesting to see how it works now

- Added 5% pulse burn resistance to the M1 helmet and Kevlar helmet. They don't do much to stop energy/pulse rounds, really
- Added 10% pulse burn resistance to the vest plate/body armor (it's better than nothing)
- Bumped gunshot resistance to 60% on the powered armor set (it was 35% before, the same as a midworld vest plate)
- Added 50% pulse burn resistance to the powered armor set, as they're built for advanced warfare
- Fixed T-Shirt not covering the arms
- Fixed Buttoned Shirt not covering the arms
- Fixed Duster not covering the arms/legs. It's a long coat, after all
-> Tweaked the stats slightly down to compensate for this, so it's not just a straight upgrade

- Fixed Jacket not covering the arms
- Powered armor now covers the entire lower body
-> Temporary until pants and stuff are introduced

// v0.05 //
!! Changed human health scaling from 1.0x to 2.5x. Gun damage is still 3.0x what it is in the vanilla, so this should hopefully make injuries more appropriate. I did plenty of testing on this, and it seemed to be in a good spot. This may conflict with other mods, and if it's too big of a burden then I'll just bump weapon damage down instead and leave health scaling as it is.

- Nerfed M24 from 120 damage to 100 damage. You're still dead without armor on a bad shot, but will survive major organ damage if you're wearing armor.
- Nerfed Smart Rifle from 99 damage to 70 damage. It's a police rifle, it doesn't blast arms and legs off.
- Changed Sjogren to use buckshot instead of birdshot.
- Nerfed 357 to 95% / 92% / 86% / 75% (from 100% / 96% / 86% / 78%)
- Raised Shotgun accuracy and range slightly.
- Raised the M24's touch accuracy from 50% to 60% to make the accuracy curve smoother

- Added stats for the Gauss Gun (high damange, high cooldown, medium range)
- Added stats for the Spas 12 (Faster than the 12 Gauge, shorter range, slightly less damage)
- Added stats for the USP Match (Lower damage than the base pistol, more accurate and faster overall)
- Added stats for the MP7 (Great close-quarters, awful at longer ranges)

- Added the Heavy Railgun Rifle. It's heavy, and it's a railgun. Should be pretty rare to find.
- Added the MP7, a close-quarters SMG
- Finished art for the Flare Gun, though I'm not completely happy with it. Probably will redo.
- Added the Smart Rifle, it uses pulse rounds. Can't target buildings.

- Added a new kind of damage and respective injury: Pulse and Pulse burn
-> Pulse burns have a high chance of scaring
-> Pulse rounds don't make targets bleed due to cauterizing wounds on contact

// v0.04 //
- Removed guaranteed hits entirely from flamethrower, flames may only happen to intercept the target.
- Gave the flamethrower some actual, playable stats. It still feels a little strong, but I'll see how it plays out in actual games.
- Nerfed shirt damage reduction to 2% from 3%.
- Nerfed jacket/duster damage reduction to 3% from 8%, but removed the move speed penalty.
- Nerfed body armor from 40% to 35%. Wearing a shirt+duster+body armor gave you 51% damage reduction originally,
which was a little a little funny seeing how big a difference wearing a jacket was. It made power armor too useless though.

- Changed power armor damage reduction to 68%, from 70%. You're probably always going to wear at least a shirt, right?
- Scrapped birdshot on the Sjogren for now. It now uses the 12 Gauge's buckshot instead.
- Rebalanced Lee Enfield price to 203 silver.
- Rebalanced M16 price to 308 silver.
- Rebalanced M24 price to 267 silver.
- Rebalanced Uzi price to 224 silver.
- Rebalanced L-15 LMG price to 356 silver.
- Rebalanced R-4 Charge Rifle damage to 356 silver.
- Rebalanced Minigun price to 564 silver.
- The T-9 Launcher has been reworked into a gun that fires explosive fire payloads. Excellent for flushing people out of cover, but not very damaging. Rebalanced the price to 244 silver.
- Rebalanced 357 price to 296 silver from 60 silver.
- Rebalanced 12 Gauge price to 282 silver from 400 silver.
- Rebalanced Sjogren price to 300 silver from 400 silver.
- Added Musket price. It's not very high.
- Added Smart Rifle price, 604 silver.
- Rebalanced Makeshift Flamethrower price to 460 silver
- Attempted to clean up some code, made some nice descriptions for the guns.
- Added a Credits.txt for sound, code, balancing, etc.

// v0.03 //
- Updated fire code to make shotguns feel less luck-reliant.
-> They can no longer hit every single pellet in one godly shot (but have a guaranteed amount of pellet hits on a true "hit").

- Added Musket (credits to Bog for the texture)
- Added Smart Rifle

// v0.02 //
- Added Makeshift Flamethrower sounds
- Added 357 Revolver fire sound
- Completely replaced vanilla "Pump Shotgun" with the 12 Gauge Shotgun.

// v0.01 //
- Initial version!
- Added 12 Gauge Shotgun, it's got spread like an actual shotgun!
- Added Sjogren Shotgun, an old semi-auto shotty.
- Added 357 Revolver, a high-power, high recoil handgun.
- Added Makeshift Flamethrower, a brutal and destructive that burns all in its way.
- Added Makeshift Flamethrower, a brutal and destructive that burns all in its way.
Help / Modded Graphics have white lines around them
August 03, 2014, 11:26:28 PM
Here's the gun I drew and modded in:

It has awful white lines around the stock, trigger guard, and sight. I can't get rid of them. It's 64x64, and its a transparent .PNG

Here's the default shotgun for reference:

When I used the exact same graphic and replaced my modded shotgun with that one, it also had white lines:

Some notes:
- There are no white pixels in my photoshop file.
- Drawing anything has these white lines appear. Giant black sphere? White lines. Massive expletive text? White lines again.
- I'm using Photoshop CS5 currently.
- All three graphics are 64 by 64 pixels
- The two I tried to mod are .PNGs

What am I doing wrong?
Help / Firing multiple projectiles from weapons?
August 01, 2014, 05:16:08 AM
Hi, just started to get into a little modding. I thought a fun and easy first project would be a modding the shotgun to actually fire several projectiles, instead of one giant one. I tried for a while, but I couldn't find any modding material on getting a weapon to fire 2+ projectiles in the same tick.

Here's what I tried (damage/warmup/etc values are no where near balanced, was just messing around):

<ThingDef ParentName="BaseGun">
<label>12G Shotgun</label>
<description>A 12 gauge shotgun, perfect for putting several nasty holes through its target.

I thought using burstshots tag with 0 ticks would give me a cheaty way to fire many projectiles at once, but it seems to clamp it to one tick/not work the way I want. Burst shots also makes the shotgun sound play several times in a row, which makes the gun sound really odd when it fires.

Is there a way to get weapons that fire multiple projectiles?