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I quit playing Rimworld as soon as I couldn't use a shotgun and point blank because, lol, stupid.
Is is still that way on the current version?
Ideas / +windows
July 28, 2018, 10:14:04 AM
A block that acts like a wall or door, but during the day let's light in.
It shouldn't have much durability but it should have more than a normal window due to the fact that when destroyed it's going to be an easier entry than a normal window would be.
Unless somehow we could get windows inserted into wall blocks that would be nice too.

I'm not a big fan of mods, and maybe this belongs to that topic, but I would really like to see this become part of the main game.

1. New Electrical device: Cross Jump : What does it do? It is built on the map just like a switch, but instead of switch mechanics, it allows power from north-south to be separate from power provided from east-west, with this simple device, base building mechanics can be a hell of a lot more complex and yet easier to manage, things like what you want on and what you want off.

2. 2nd new electrical device. [the or switch] What does it do: The or switch would look like a normal switch, but in this case, power could be provided from any direction. If the power is provided from the north for example, flipping said switch would send electricity to west OR east and in this case, south should be allowed to leach the electricity as normal.  Otherwise power can be provided/leached from east-west and the north-south becomes the OR.

3. bonus - I would like to see the original switch, the cross-over and the OR-switch have some sort of color tint that would give a hint to their status, for example the original switch have a light green for ON and a light red if it is off, while the crossover would simple have  north/south tinted some color and east-west, the OR switch might be more complicated to color but I can dream!

Thanks for reading.

General Discussion / question about farming
July 09, 2018, 10:21:51 AM
I'm wondering if there is an easy way to deal with a problem I have all the time, that is this.
When fall hits, or for any other particular reason I might decide I want to prematurely empty a field before everything dies. The problem is this, how does one do that without clicking every single plant one by one for harvesting? (Or is there even a method available to do this?)
General Discussion / roof problem in 1.0
July 08, 2018, 09:49:47 AM
I have a room that has 4 unroofed titles that I cannot find by looking at the tiles or visually by seeing where the light is.  I have unroofed it a couple of times and re-roofed but with the same result.  I suspect it has to do with the trees that once existed when I originally commanded the roof to be created it said "cannot put roof over pine trees". But those trees are long gone and the problem remains. The room is a little complicated, as it's on the side of the mountain and also had some water that I pumped out over time. It's also quite large, it's exactly the size of a orbital trade beacon zone with 2 doors.

I've played a billion games of Rimworld but this has me stumped so any thoughts would be appreciated.

General Discussion / 1.0
July 06, 2018, 11:36:11 AM
I think Rimworld is tired of being compared to Prison Architect and Dwarf Fortress, so from now on I think it's better to compare it to Darkest Dungeon.

Aka, everything was nerfed.

General Discussion / Lazy Doctors?
March 14, 2018, 05:48:21 AM
In the latest version, or at least in my current game, both of my doctors would rather catch a nap instead of treating themselves or others. This seems to be happening whether or not they are injured and both are set to self tend but they do not. I'm using manual priorities and doctor and bed rest are both set at 1, but doctor comes first on the list. Anyone have any idea? It also seems when I manually tell a doctor to treat a wounded pawn it decides to treat them all.

Short and to the point, I highly disagree that Lost Tribe [described as difficult] is harder than Rich Explorer [described as EXTRA difficult] in the in-game description.

Starting a game with 5 naked people and a tech penalty that never goes away and will make you suffer and scream when you are trying to research space-ships. You will spend the entire game just needing to produce food and essentials for that 1 guy to research while you try to find off sniper rifles and robots with just short bows.


One guy who starts with a charge rifle and can make a couple of turrets immediately. (That one guy should be rolled so that he/she is not prohibited from any activity at least and have a decent shooting skill) but basically besides that anything will do.

Well it's just my feeling, I'm curious as always if others agree with me.
General Discussion / Map Generation 16 versus 18
January 20, 2018, 06:39:14 AM
As the poll states I'm curious about the general experience with maps in version 18. I especially enjoy building my bases in the gorges between mountains or on the side of the mountains, optimally I'll be looking for a bit of rich soil and a geyser within range. In version 18 however my luck has been so bad I can't even find a decent mountain to build against it's like mountain generation (defense) has been nerfed.

Confirm my suspicions or call me crazy, just want to see the results.  (Also feel free to share some seed(s) for larger maps with good potential mountain bases, I'm tired of rolling new maps)
Socialize is one of the few skills that you can get a colonist to start at 15, use for every social thing and by the end of a year he/she could be down to 13, imho. Every other skill more or less has some methods to train it if you focus on it, except afaik socialize. The happiest thing I ever saw on a exotic trader was a socialize neurotransmitter but you can never hope to actually repeat that luck. (And I never have either)

So am I missing something or is this skill (progression) just bonked?

Stories / I Max, of Max Faction
March 11, 2017, 08:14:09 AM
I am Max.
Day 0. -- opened an ancient danger by mistake while not paying attention, somehow managed to blast the 1 scyther that popped out of it. (totally unscathed)

Later that day--(day zero)

A rabbit went mad 10 meters off-- had no time to react.. closed before I could blast it. .. it chewed the shit out of my torso and most of the rest of my body.

I am alone here so nobody to patch me up.. spent 2 days in bed healing up after that Rabbit.

I swear the above irony is completely true.
General Discussion / Favorite A16 seed(s)
March 09, 2017, 04:42:09 AM
Finding a seed I really like is so dam difficult, the one I am playing now is basically the best one I've ever had and I thought I could share it and perhaps ask others to share if they got any.

This map has a perfect natural defense (valley) with a small amount of rich soil and 2 thermal vents in the center of the map against the mountain on the western side, a short distance away 3 more vents and an enormous field of rich soil. I also do not know why but this map is ridiculously full of wild animals all the time, I have never seen so many herds consistantly, I cannot even kill all the ones that wander right into my colony.

Seed: rock
generate 100% of the planet
Location: 35.87 N  65.38 E Temperate Forest
Map Size: 400x400
Map Type: Mountains (Sandstone, Marble, Granite -- with a ton of Limestone and Slate structures)

Please feel free to share your favorite seeds, I have some smaller map seeds I'll share later if this topic gets any interest, but currently I much prefer the bigger maps.

Ideas / Change "Friendlies" event in "Infestation" event
February 23, 2017, 11:18:10 AM
I understand generally why factions that get harmed needs to reduce faction for the player. It is maybe the easiest way to handle a lot of otherwise exploitable situations.

But, spawning "Friendlies" to run and suicide on Infestations and giving the player the blame and faction loss for it is really an unacceptable event.

I shouldn't have to suicide my guys to handle an infestation before some faction does it.
Ideas / Tiny Change in the Pathing Delivery Mechanic
February 18, 2017, 04:18:06 AM
Currently a pawn will pick up a stack of inventory to be delivered to a stocking zone, it often will cross the entire empty stock zone to put an item down, way in the back of the room.

When a pawn is on an empty space in the same zone that it is delivering an item to it should put that item down without moving any more spaces. I don't really need my cook/butcher/hauler to put meat/meals in the back of a freezer when just inside will do the trick.
Ideas / Tiny change in the haul mechanic
February 18, 2017, 04:14:01 AM
Currently if you have a pawn who is say carrying 20 steel and ask it to pick up another 30 it will usually drop the 20 in the current inventory. Sometimes it will come back and pick up both piles, sometimes it wont.

The requested change is:

if (new item == old item)
old item quantity + new item quantity =< MAX carry
do not drop old item
Ideas / Tiny Change in the Pause Mechanic
February 17, 2017, 01:39:38 PM
Currently when you pause the game and either unforbid an item OR tag a block to be deconstructed/mined the pawns will claim that item before you have a chance to manually set it.

I would like pawns to not to automatically claim jobs during game pause.

Example 1: I have 1 pawn away from all the others mining and it hits a piece of wall. I want to pause the game, set that block to be deconstructed/mined by that nearby pawn and not let some pawn cross the map to do it.

Example 2 : I kill something, the corpse is forbidden. I pause the game, and unforbid the item, it should give me the chance to set who should haul it (again, the nearby pawn who killed it, not some pawn back at base).

EDIT: Example 3:
I pause the game and want to flip a switch on. I have a pawn nearby who I want to command to do the job. But when you pause the game, it sends a random flicker (from somewhere too far away). Again, it would be great if during the pause, I had the first chance to assign tasks.

There are other things just like this so basically I would ask that the task assignment for pawns cannot automatically change while the game is paused.

Thanks for the great game.