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Ideas / Equality of Arms - Tribal persistance
« on: February 20, 2019, 05:12:46 AM »
I just stumbled over Rimworld after a long break and I just stimbled over the same issues I had long ago.
One thing was that my tribal colonies quickly get forced to evolve in technology due to raids using modern weaponry whilst I still be using clubs and bows. A thing I never really liked.
Now I was thinking, what if raid armament will be depending on colony armament? Meaning, if you primary have Neolithic weapons, enemy will have mostly neolistic weaponry aswell.
Depending on RNG they still bring some weapons above your level, meaning a uzi-wielding raid might have one charge rifle or a tribal raid have one revolver to the fight.
To work this out the basic weapon classes (neolithic, modern, advanced, mechanoid) could be used. So, if you don't have any modern weaponry in your colony, the raid generator will try to choose better quality armor and weapons in your Time period instead of switching to futuristic weaponry.
To prevent abuse I'd focus on the highest weapons of own. Meaning if you have 100 bows and 5 assault rifles, raids will use for the first 5-10 raids a assault rifle equal and the others more neolithic. This doesn't mean merceneries use bows aswell, but they get downgraded to what makes sense... revolvers or such.

As a result I imagine it to be possible to make a playthrough which only uses bows and spears, or whatevery era one likes, instead of progressing to the same high-end weapons asap.

Ideas / "Taming" mental break with Social skill
« on: September 10, 2018, 04:22:35 AM »
The idea:
Similar to self treatment for a doctor, a colonist gains a checkbox "appease other".
With this checkbox active, they will try to interact with mental break characters, similar to recruitment or taming.
The outcoming is dependent on mental break-type and social skill:

A. Critical success: mental break is over relation between pawns increase
B. Success: mental break is over, realation between pawns lowers
C. Failure: mental break continues
D. Critical failure: Mental break get replaced by higher level break (minor to major to extreme)

The reason:
I feel like social skill doesn't have a real effect on the game.

Yes, it increases recruiting chances.
=> You need to wait 8 days instead of 10 until your recruitment succeds, but anyway youre not in a hurry, and even if you are you cannot 'rush' recruitment, as it's unpredictable.
Yes, increases trade Prices.
=> I think this is a 5-10% price change, but anyway I don't care as Trade values doesn't matter too much. Trading is binary: You have too much goods or silver or you have nothing.
Yes, there are Peace talk quests.
=> I used to accept them 0-2 times per game.
No, I never searched for a starting colonist with high social because i said "that's important"
=> Because it isn't

I think this would be a good way to make social skill much more important, as it can be a live savior in critical situations .... or worsens thing. In every case it's a more active ability instead of a passive nice-to-have.
Furthermore it feels more realistic for me to talk each other down instead of imprisoning each other, which is more of an emergency measure.

Ideas / Give broken limbs a second chance
« on: August 13, 2018, 09:40:32 AM »
I just came back from another Scyther fight. Got to assemble 3 peg legs and my builder ist (h)armless now.
Some ears and a kidney is missing aswell, but I think they were gone earlier.

Nevertheless, I mostly feel pretty helpless about this. Surely there are much complains who say dismembering is way too common, but I actually think it's not.

Anyway, my problem is, that I have very good doctors at home, but no one ever could do anything when an ear was lost or an arm is maimed, despite they are very able medics. This leads me to my suggestion:

Whenever a limp reaches 0 durability it won't be destroyed, but get the hediff 'maimed', setting effectivity to 0%. The body part can heal up to 50%, but the hediff remains, meaning the pain level will decrease, but stay at 0% effectivity. Furthermore maimed give a chance on infection as long it persists, making it risky to keep a maimed body part.

The Doctor:

Now a really skilled doctor can try to fix this body part with a high chance on failure. I am not deep into medicine numbers, but skill requirements should be 6-10 and with standard medicine a fail chance around 50%.
If the operation succeeds, the body part will be restored with 1 durability, if not it gets permanently destroyed.

This will not work if durability reaches -50%.  If an arm with
3/30 get hit by a bolt rifle for 18 damage will drop to -15/30 durability, it will be destroyed immediately as this is probably just overkill.

Ideas / Fortified spike wall
« on: July 24, 2018, 06:10:32 AM »
As the title almost suggests I think about a wall, armed with spiked on one side. Whenever someone attacks this wall in melee, it gives a chance to damage the attacker. The Damage should be small, to not downing an attacker within seconds. For the AI it should be more or a warning, as they tend to prefer attacking walls without spikes/doors.

For the numbers I think about something like this:

Retaliation: 25% dealing 5 sharp damage to attacker
Min. construction: 8
Hitpoints: 1,5x wall
Construction time: 3x wall
Cost: 5x wall
Materials: Wood/Steel/Plasteel

Ideas / More detailed faction relationship
« on: July 16, 2018, 07:57:36 AM »
The number based relation scale for Factions is quite binary. If they are very positive, they are allied, if they are very negative they are hostile... but inbetween there is a big grey nothing.
In the past I didn't really care much about them as they didn't change much, but now as relations get more important it's bugging me. E.g. I just got visited by a Trader whose faction is -50 standing with me - I expected a raiding party, not a Gheed on tour.

I wish there could be some more meaningful classifications on the current state which give more of an idea what to expect from a faction. Furthermore Every faction should have something like a specialisation and an atitude which descripes their behaviour. Could look like this:

Allied (91 to 100)
1 trader per season
-guaranteed help on attack 4 times per year
-Faction Unique Bonus

Conjoined(61 to 90)
-1 Free Trader per year
-guaranteed help on attack 2 times per year

Friendly (30 to 60)
-Frequent trader
-Might help on attack

Cautious (30 to -30)
-Rare Trader
-Possible 'help request' events

Unfriendly (-31  to -60)
-Only Trader on request
-Scavenger attack

Hostile ( -61 to -90)
-Raider Attacks
-No Trade

War! (-91 to -100)
-Attacks frequently in large force
-No Communication
-Relation improvement only by prisoner release ( The more you have, the higher the change for a peace request: "you give back ur boiz and we stop attack" => +10 Relation, switching to -90 alias hostile)

Faction Bonus:
Royal: No Casualty Loss while helping
Powerful: Stronger help
Generous: Seasonal Air drops
Commecial: Sell/Buy Same price

Nice: 150% on positive standing effects
Aggressive: 150% on negative standing effects
Patronizing: 50% on all standing effects caused by player
Neutral: standing tends towads 0 over time

Ideas / Electricity: A Story of short circuts and overload
« on: July 09, 2018, 11:35:59 AM »
I remember when I started the game I kept my batteries on 100% and stacked them, as I mentioned energy as a ressource, which is worth to be gathered.
After I learned to understand the Zzzt-event I never used power conduits anymore to prevent short circuts
Since all this time I was scared of them, as I really really didn't want them to happen at any time.
Never was I thinking they have to be removed from the game, but they never felt fun.
This hasn't changed up to today.

As mentioned above, short ciruits are a thread, which can be handled with countermeasures. Anyway none of these are any fun fun because you mostly try to avoid them panicly(appearently I do) which means denial of game content.

Rough examples of counter measures:
1. Build without using conduits
-> cheese / not working anymore
2. Cut off batteries off the net
-> micromanatement / not working anymore
3. Muiltiple circuts to minimize damage
-> micromanagement
4.stack batteries to stay below 50%
-> expensive / feels weird

To make sure everybody can use eletricity the way they want to whenever they want to there could be a new building: the transformer!
The transformer is a researchable building which will allow to change the voltage of the circut they belong to, causing different effects.
These could be realized in different running modes:

1. Low Voltage
Immune to short circut
50% performance for electric infrastructure

2. Standard
->same procedere as every year

3. Slow Voltage
-> Immune to solar flare
-> short circut happen at 50% strength

-> 75% performance for electric infrastructure
-> 150% power consumption

4. Overcharge
-> 150% performance for electric infrastructure
-> 200% power consumption
-> 150% short circuit strength

-> 200% performance for electric infrastructure
-> 300% power consumption

-> 200% short circuit strength
-> 300% short circuit chance

With these power modes everybody can play they way that they want to. people who hate on flare can buy protection with higher maintenenance. He who builds with wood, goes slowly to prevent circuts and those who want to take the risk can buff their base, whilst in a very desperate situation you can push your engines to the limit, make your towers waste their barrels in seconds or use overcharged battery-batteries as a larger IED with a nice standing lamp.

In my head I see an Einstein sitting at the science table, smoke everywhere, trying to invent hydroponics while in the back people try to put our fires and repair cables, all because theyre hungry and the windwheel has a good day spinning.

General Discussion / Is there any way to show raid strength ingame?
« on: June 23, 2018, 02:39:50 AM »
As the title predicts I am curious about the result of the raid strengt calculation, to get an understanding of how much points equal what size of a raid. Even greater would be to know the single variables of the formula.

Is there any dev tool oder mod which shows these?
I don’t want to have to calculate it always by hand.

Ideas / A World of Story is NOT released! - Rimworld needs a chronist
« on: November 30, 2017, 04:47:44 AM »
The dark shadow of Tynan's beta announcement and the related post's topic did remind me the fact that rimworld is mostly about telling stories, even having a storyteller.. BUT! When the game ends, all of this, will be forgotten, so this storyteller did a really bad job, huh?
As it's for me, this could be the most important thing Rimworld is missing: The Colonies chronic.


Everything that is happening in your colony, will be logged. Whenever the game ends, successfully or not, a chronicle file will be created, which tells the story of The colony, as a very epic tale.
I imagine this kind of as followed:

"In Septober 5500 the escape pods from [Random Ship name] hit the surface of the planet.
The only survivors were Trauma Johnson, Doctor Pete and Mediveal Madelyn.
In Decembruary they setup barracks and started planting rice.
In 5501 a criminal named Chanel joined the colony and they named the colony "cookware of teaching". After that, afridge was build for storaging food.
The same year a tribal assault was fought of. Johnson was shot in the head. Madelyn treated his wounds but did a bad job.
In 5502 Pete crafted the first compound bow, which was excellent quality an Pete and Madelyn had a fight in the dining room.
In Septober 5503 Madelyn go attacked by a rampage rabbit and took a real nasty bite qhich got infected soon. The same day a hospital was build and Johnson had to cut off her leg, as the infection couldn't be resisted. In 5504 Madelyn died from natural lead poisoning. Nobody liked her anyway."

...and so on. For sure not everything can be put on protocol and there might be some things that are easier or too difficult to detect for a script, so my example will probably not be able to written in the same way, but if only rooms, items, events, injuries and relations will be logged, the result would be a memorable story, that might be fun to read.
If these get stored in a chronical tab, every game one every played will be stored for eternity, which really triggers my nostalgic genetic.

As a very extraordinary element I imagine one colonist be chosen the chronist of the colony. When he gets chosen he will start random chattings with other colonists, and then writes down events that happened for that single pawn.
Afterwards depending on the chronists social skill, his writing will be good or bad. Bad writing could look like this:
Colony founded. Johnson and Pete married. New barracks now. Dining room done. Fire in hospital. Madelyn bad cooking. Tribals attacked. Killed tribals. ....

General Discussion / Animal size and Predation
« on: November 17, 2017, 03:08:18 AM »
Dear Colonists,

I have question. When a predator gets hungry, he or she goes for predatating, if theres no passive food source.
As my experience and wiki told me, predators always go for prey that is smaller than they are.
Exept for me having a slightly idea of animal size ranking, I absolutely don't know for sure, how animal size is calculated.

Question now would be, what defines animal size and/or are there any ingame statistics/indicators which tells me how large they are?

Additionally is there any rule of thumb or a list which predator goes for which animals?

I am glad for hearing your overspreading Knowlege. Thanks in advance.

Ideas / Poison Gas
« on: November 03, 2017, 05:16:18 AM »
Dear healthy rim-society,

I have an idea an I want to share it:

When I desing my colony, I usually build every room connected to each other, with a corridor in between for walking. I have several combinations or strategies for my colonies, but in the end there is only one big chunky complex.
I don't like this, so sometimes I try to build several single buildings for living, working, eating and so on... but this has only negative effects:
-temperature management: heater/cooler for every building
-Insulation: more outside walls
-longer walking paths
-higher material costs, as walls won't used "twice" for adjacent rooms

The idea
The idea is to add a new element "Posion gas". This would work similar to temperature/snow:
Every room has a percentage of poison (similar to snow level). which will be transported through doors, vents, coolers or missing roofs.
Gas always tries to take equal levels of density (similar to temperature) and spreads through every room that is connected with each other.
Outside has 0% by standard, so having an opening to the outside will volatilize gas very quick.
Outside itself can have a global poison level. This can be manipulated by events (maybe volcanic winter or toxic fallout?), but will never be influenced by gas being transfered to the outside.

Usage examples
New mortar ammo: gas bomb -  self explanating
New Event: Gas Bomb attack -  a bomber flies over the colony, droping gas bombs in a straight line over the map
New Mechanoid Weapon: Weed Killer - a short/mid spread weapon, comparable to combat shotung, , applying high poison level
Rotting corpses: Inside they slightly raise poison level

By having a thread by poison gas, which can only spread through areas declared "inside", big complexes get a risk themselves, and separating buildings becomes a little bit more valuable. Maybe.

Ideas / Engraved Stone floor
« on: October 26, 2017, 06:37:26 AM »
As artists doesn't have much usage than doing sculptures, and stone blocks are pretty standard,  one could combine these two things, adding a new job for the art-bench: engraved floors: 5 blocks can be made up for one engraved plate which can be used as material for cooler stone floor tiles (maybe remove the prettier stone floor that currently exist). As a special super bonus there could be a chance to create a special plate, which acts like a sculpture but can be walked over with no penalizing, but no furniture can be placed on top.

Help / What is a verb?
« on: October 25, 2017, 05:11:46 AM »
Dear Colony Community,

the answer might seem obvious, but what does the actual word <verbs> stands for?
I have seen this tag containing mostly projectile/weapon definitions, so I basicly understand what it is doing, but what's this one standing for?

Additionally, is there any documentation where I can recherche things like that? rimwiki has some kind of docs around this but theres a lot missing I think.

Ideas / Scientists on the run! - Research must be more exciting!
« on: October 24, 2017, 04:49:19 AM »
By now doing science is almostly an office job: Throw a pawn into a hole, wait 5 years, and science has been done. I'd wish there be more special elements to this.

Example Idea:
When a colonist is working on a research table there are following chances every x ticks. As long as he is following these events the workbench is still occupied and research is still progressing as if pawn would be sitting there:

Take a walk
scientist takes a walk about 5-20 tiles away from the science table, thinking about his topic he worked on. Whilst doing this he gains small relaxation.

Inspect workshops
Walk to a workshop which is currently in use, or was when event was started. When scientis tis there he walks around the table/watching it working for a while and go back after a while.

Share ideas
Runs to the closest 2-5 colonists after another, having a conversation. Depending on social and research skills, each conversation gives a boost to research progress or a short interruption in progress. Has a low chance on making scientist enrage on critical failure, or granting progress on random research on critical success.

Into the green
Pawn takes a long walk, aiming for trees, chunks and natural elements in general. Gets +1% research speed for every tile distance between the scientist and artifical objects.

Occupy Workshop
Occupies a workshop, using some random material, but no creating something specific, or maybe something like "weird object". Small chance to request a specific workshop and going soft tantrum as long as this workshop doesn't exist.

Archaeological expedition
The Scientist gets Indiana Jones'd and heads for 1-3 different ancient temples or psycho ship locations. It doesn't matter if the temple was opened or the ship is destroyed already. Small chance on getting too excited and try to open a temple by destroying a wall or attacking an existing ship.

Fingering the AI core
Heads for the next AI core and takes it to the research bench. Whilst experimenting following things might happen:
-The AI core explodes/ignites/EMPs/foams a 5-25 area
-Mechanoid Attack
-The AI core heats the room extremly
-Positive mood wave
-The AI cools the the room extremly
-Negative mood wave

Ideas / Colonist: Taste and Dislike
« on: October 16, 2017, 05:46:36 AM »
Dear Rimwold-Society,

Actually most colonist are happy with the same things. Only exceptions are cannibals or drug-addicts. In questsions of food or wood it's the same, as the game doesn't differ which kind of meals or items(the wooden ones) are made off. I don't wanna question the fact that every kind of tree spends the same type of wood... ehm okay, I do: wood needs more pluralism! NOW!

Anyway, my idea was to add one favorite and one hated item for any colonist. Interacting with theese items will give a mood buff. As interaction would count if he can wear these items, can see one, interact with them or crafted one.
These would be added either at the beginning or can be obtained by interaction with such an item. In addition wearing a bad quality item or fail building one could give higher chance on hate, vise versa excellent muffalo pants make a pawn more likely to like them in general.
By this there would be a inuqie individualism added for every pawn, which makes a limited difference between all colonists.

These items can be almost anything:
* material type (e.g. "He likes muffalo wool".. granite, husky meat, etc..)
* pawn type (e.g "He likes grizzliy bears" .. colonists, tribals, racoons, etc..)
* appareal type (e.g. "He likes parkas" .. shivs, shotguns, etc..)
* furniture type (e.g. "He likes Tables" .. smal sculptures, mortars, workshops, doors, etc..)

Ideas / Improve Raider AI: Mortar Support
« on: October 10, 2017, 05:51:56 AM »
Dear colonist society,

Most player know this problem: enemy raiders never stick to the plan! They prefer to randomly attack walls instead of following the well designed annihilation-path, that was prepared just for this kind of visitors.
I imagine this behaviour a very legit way if tribals come at you, charging your base, trying to stomp anything stompable.
If it's for raiders, I think they could come up with a better idea than attackaing a wall.

One solution could look like this:
When the raid starts, and there is no clear path or very much walling between raiders and their target, the raid stops. Depending on manpower 1-5 raiders or something leave the map and 1-3 Mortar shells or something will be shot from out of the map, focusing on a single chokepoint, which seems to be blocking their way.
While the shooting is done, the raiders think again and send another raider to shoot again or charge into their new created breach.

The details of how many raiders can be sent away or the raider/shell ratio might not be written in stone, it's just more about the idea of trading manpower for siegestrength, making raiders not looking too stupid, hitting granite with bare hands(a think that should be also impossible in my opinion)

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