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Unfinished / Economics
August 10, 2018, 02:44:35 AM
Someone mentioned in another mod I'm working on, strategy mode, that they'd like to see supply and demand economics.

Looks like I might actually be able do this.  So here's my brain dump if anyone wants to join in:

Current goals:

-Eliminate all item sell factors/taintedness

-Have a "supply level" for things, where both it's label and general category has a supply level and modify it's market value.  With neutral being a 5% multiplier in player's favor, with high supply/low supply being, say, 40%/-40% at a very flooded/bought out level.

-Supply is dealt with in raw silver value.  So if you sell 500 flake @14, it will add "500x14" to the "supply"

-End of season the supply levels "normalize a bit": supply goes towards 0 from either positive or negative, with further away from 0 going faster to 0.  Bad IRL logic, good game logic I'm thinking.  I'm thinking either game ticks or colony wealth will also alter the rate of neutralizing, with high wealth colonies able to supply/buy lots of a given item.  Wealth would be bad for vanilla, good for strategy mode.

Example:  Selling craptons of flake will flood both the drug category supply and the item "flake" supply.  Selling all raider drops will rapidly flood weapons, though maybe you could make some money crafting in the beginning.  that said, the flooding of weapons will make weapons cheaper for you to buy.  I like this :)

The way this is currently working in code is that it won't alter your wealth, just your trade prices, so it might lead to some odd behavior with players doing wealth shenanigans.  Since this is mostly for strategy mode, that won't matter, although this is definitely going to be a separate mod.

Other possible addons:

-Supply by faction?  Worth the additional work?  Sounds like it would be confusing and not good.
Ideas / Chemical interest/ fascination rework
August 08, 2018, 07:57:54 PM
These two traits have been changed a few times slightly and remain in the bottom 2 or 3 traits, usually resulting in people just banishing/killing/etc these guys.

I think a neat way to balance this would be to turn it around into an awkward buff similar to transhumanism.


Chemical interest
-Caps all drug tolerance at 30
-Mood debuff if not addicted to a drug
-Mood buff if addicted to at least 2 substances

Chemical fascination
-Removes all drug tolerance and long term side effects
-Mood debuff whenever not high.
-Very large debuff (-40) if not addicted to at least 2 substances (flake/yayo can offset this until they get the addictions)

Edit: blugh.  That would make raiders go insane.  Maybe just start with them addicted to 2 drugs as well in pawn creation.
Releases / [1.0/0.19] No Prison Breaks
August 07, 2018, 08:06:19 AM
No Prison Breaks

Someone asked for this on steam, and when I looked around, surprisingly this was never made ever despite being a one liner harmony dll.

Available on steam, also as an attachment here for those DRM luddites.  Enjoy!  Last mod before I consolidate all this little ones into a bigger thread.

Feel free to steal if I forget to update to 1.0, here's the source for those who can use harmony.  And uh rename the class to something not a copy/paste mistake if you do:

    class Main
        static Main()
            var harmony = HarmonyInstance.Create("com.stuff.things.rimworld.mod9000.harmonica");

    [HarmonyPatch(new Type[] { typeof(Pawn) })]
    class RaidPoints
        static bool Prefix(Pawn initiator)
            Log.Message("Prison break suppressed by mod");
            return false;

[attachment deleted due to age]
Strategy Mode

Hey you!  Are you doing any of the following?:

-Limiting your wealth to reduce raids
-Calling caravans on speed dial
-Randomly letting pawns die to reset adaptation
-Worrying about silly things like whether bionics count towards raids or not (they don't ;))
-Executing pawns with bad traits
-Foregoing combat animals, again for raid reasons
-Completely foregoing caravans without drop pods for many reasons.

If so, this may be the mod for you!  Ideally, this will just be the mod for experienced players who mostly want a "vanilla balance" but without all the weird metagaming that it entails if you want to play "strategically".

Currently this only changes the raid system to get rid of the huge amount of bizarre metagaming that many players find themselves doing to stop raids from spiraling out of control.  If all you want to do is limit raids in your own specific way using the built in system, you can download this mod instead:

The system in strategy mode wipes out the hundreds of relevant lines of code and replaces it with this simple formula:

Divide by 8 if a caravan.
Divide by 3.5 if a site.
Multiply this by your difficulty factor.

That's it.  No adaptation/wealth/pawn influence etc.  You are free to utilize your environment to the max to do your best to win.

Currently this is unfair on extreme biomes (this will be changed). Additionally, because most players downloading this will be very experienced, "rough" is the new "extreme".  If you've ever played XCOM-Long war, think of that when choosing an appropriate difficulty setting.

The raid system is a very small part of what this mod will become, but this is a good first step.  Much of the future focus will be on caravans, security buildings, etc.

Suggestions for changes you want here are absolutely welcome.  Still pretty WIP, so only available as a zip attachment on the forums, below.

[attachment deleted due to age]
General Discussion / Adaptation
August 02, 2018, 07:45:44 PM
tl;dr adaptation is artificial and terrible, if the game should be more difficult over time it should go into the raid curve and difficulty settings.

These two screenshots exemplify everything that I dislike about adaptation/rampups (besides being a racing car game mechanic pushed into a colony simulator).

The first is an event that took place where sappers blasted through, shot a bunch of guys but didn't down them, and stole a whole bunch of stuff.  Mortars were fired next to my base in desperation and I blew up my chemfuel generators and hydroponics on accident.  Fun stuff  ::)  This happened about a week or two ago.

The second is what the adaptation graph is looking like now (notice nothing occurred on the graph).

For one thing, adaptation is completely blind to your playstyle, and punishes people with different playstyles completely unequally in it's current state.  Someone playing without heavy security and extremely protective of their colony's wealth will have a completely different experience as someone else.  If the enemy comes in and trashes 20 cannons, or blows up half your base and nukes your walls, it don't care.  But oh wait one person died!  Better make the rest of the entire year a cakewalk.  In the first case, though, you are completely ruined if your strategy involved lots of cannons.

It's also hard to really understand how this is affecting the game just looking at a graph, which is why I do hope some internal testing gets done before a full release.  When you look at this graph you just see "oh well this got a bit harder due to adaptation".  But the context is, at the low point I got hit with a sappers in all directions totalling 10 sappers, and at the high point i got hit with sappers totalling 40.  And that is the difference between basically afking and suffering terrible odds every raid.

Some more math on why this happens this way:  The relative difference between survival and merciless is +33% (2/1.5).  However, the difference between mid adaptation and low adaptation can be about +~60% (1.3/0.80).  In other words, adaptation matters much more than difficulty.

I mean, I could just play recklessly and then be rewarded with an easier game, but this just feels bad.  It's not only open to metagaming, it also is punishing to people just trying to play the game normally in different ways which is more important.

Maybe some tweaking could be done to improve it, like increasing the rate of increase again at lower ends and decreasing it even more at the higher end, or considering building and security damage, but it feels like patching a piece of garbage.

[attachment deleted due to age]
One of your colonists, Diaz, got fibrous mechanites!

Too bad he isn't here.  I got this letter, and was confused when "jump to location" gave nothing.  Not a prisoner, not an animal, and I'm pretty sure I had a former colonists kidnapped by raiders named diaz.  if this is the case, I'm pretty sure players don't care  ::)
Releases / [1.0]Mine Tortoise-HELLO!
July 24, 2018, 07:11:59 PM

I have no idea why you'd want to download this mod.

Makes turtles explode when adjacent to humanlikes.  Enjoy!

[attachment deleted due to age]
Raid Size Limiter

(image shamelessly ripped from syrchallis without permission)

Have mods that wildly inflate your wealth?
Don't like Tynan's vision of infinitely ramping up raids?
Just a wimp?

Then download raid size limiter now! (v3 is the newest version)

v2, the first attachment, simply caps your raid points at 1600, and you can change that value, and only that value, in the xml def.

In v3, all of the xml values work  It is a teensy bit less stable if 1.0 updates as it completely replaces the raid function.  Here's what they do (To change them, open the folder, then defs, and edit settings:

-CapByDifficultySettings: Leave this on "YES" if you want my raid system to pick a value based off your storyteller's difficulty

-CapByDifficultySettingsMultiplier: Change this number to the base value multiplied by your difficulty.  At 4000, the starting multiplier, this means on rough you will end up with 4000 raid point cap, on medium a cap of 2500 or so.

-RaidCap: If you just want to set it manually, change -1 to a number.  1600 is what v2 uses.

-RaidPointsMultiplier:  This is not a cap, but just a straight multiplier on top of your difficulty.  Maybe you want Rough, but slightly less rough?  In that case you can choose rough with your storyteller and choose 0.9 here for example.  Or maybe you want extreme's other effects but not it's raid sizes?  Choose extreme and 0.5 here.

-RaidCapPointsPerColonist: Does what it says.  Change from -1 to a number you want if you want to use this and your raid cap will be based off your number of colonists.  If you have 25 colonists and you set this to 10, your raids will be capped at 2500.

-Colonist Multiplier:  The base game adds points for every colonist you recruit.  Maybe you don't want that!  Change from 1 to 0 and colonists have no impact on raid points.  Or choose some positive multiplier for it to work the way you want.

-Combat animal Multiplier: Same

-Wealth multiplier: Same.  but be careful of tweaking this too much as most of your points come from wealth.

SoftCaps and adaptation probably shouldn't be touched unless you like math ;)

Soft caps basically have a soft cap at a certain raid value rather than completely cutting it off
-SoftCapBeginTapering:  Change this from -1 to a raid point amount to start considerably slowing raid points rather than capping them at this value
-SofSoftCapExponent: this is the exponent that will be used if you use this. 
Example: with 2000 and 0.9, if you had 3000 raid points, it would instead give 2000 + 1000^.9 points

Adaptation tags change the in game ramping up.  The game basically punishes you for flawless victories, these can soften (or worsen, but whyyyy?) that effect.  The cap you're changing is the multiplier on raid points from adaptation.
-AdaptationCap: I default this to being on.  This caps the adaptation so you're never getting raids 50% higher than you otherwise would have.  Change it to -1 to let the game do what it does normally, change it to 1 to completely get rid of adaptation altogether.
AdaptationSoftcap/exponent.  These work just like the raidsoftcaps only for adaptation.  These really aren't useful.  I don't know why I added them lol, since the game already massively slows down adaptation after a point.  If you want to use it knock yourself out.

Debug set to anything but YES will shut up the log warnings but you probably want them.

The Logger should give warning logs for every active setting except some of the per item multipliers using a "before" and "after" so you can see how your tags effect the overall raid points.

Just unzip into mods folder.  This should work on existing saves just fine, but I haven't modded in a while so who knows.  As this is only semi-release and kind of a WIP, no steam version will be uploaded for a while.

[attachment deleted due to age]
Ideas / Use exponential dropoff for raid points.
July 10, 2018, 07:14:15 PM
Many players like playing infinitely long bases, usually on a relaxing difficulty level.  The game uses a simple division system when raid points get too high.  However, this is still a straight up linear relationship.  Furthermore, while lower difficulties have a much lower multplier, this is also a straight up linear relationship.

This can lead to, even in an unmodded game, people on medium difficulty experiencing dozens of centipedes and hundred man raids.  And it can get very silly with mods.

Solution:  use exponents for very large raids:

Current raid points (last I checked):  For points above 1000, divide by two, points above 2000, divide by 4.

New raid points:  In addition, for points that would have been divided by 4, also use an exponent defined by difficulty.

Extreme: .99
Rough: .95
Medium: .85
Base Builder: .7

Example:  20000 raw raid points (post difficulty) above 2000. 

Old system:
Approximately 7000 raid points.

New system:
Extreme:  2000 + (20000/4)^.99 = ~6500 raid points
Rough: 2000 + 5000^.95 = ~5200
Medium: 2000 + 5000^.85 = ~3300
BB: 2000 + 5000^.7 = ~2400

Note: While this system preserves early game balance, one could just completely replace the old division based system and artificially weakened early game raids just with an exponent.

Edit: while the division part doesn't quite match 1.0, the reasoning still stands especially for difficulties.
Started a new boreal map, initial temperature outside was considerably higher at 30C, and after a few days it's 25C.  No heat wave.

This is the advertised temp:

[attachment deleted due to age]
Currently, deep drilling is just stupendously better than mineral scanning.  Even if mineral scanning continues to receive buffs, it would only see use in the most unusual of circumstances, circumstances which would rarely pay for it's initial research and build cost.  This is disappointing since I'm guessing the LRMS was intended to be researched before drilling rather than after.

However, if said mining spots had additional lighter loot as well, it would serve a variety of purposes and justify building it earlier when you don't have the ability to field larger caravans.
One of the main issues with caravanning for quests is that unless you're going with a killbox or just general heavy fortification, trying to do anything requiring more than one colonist on the map is just suicide: splitting your colony even remotely means your colony will get squashed during a raid.  A solution would be to have a way to predict at the very least a small point into the future to know when you're probably safe from raiding.

This would require a tweeking to raid triggers, as you would need to queue a raid  of X points into the future for about a week rather than instantly trigger it, but I think it's worth it as currently many players are simply not caravanning at all.

This kind of intel would be extremely vague, and slightly inaccurate:

Chance of raid activity would be in three or four bins: High, medium, low, extremely low.  Without the detection factor below, these bins 100% accurately point out the time until the next raid:

"high" - closest raid within 2 days
"medium" - within 4
"low" - within a week
"extremely low" - none detected

However, each raid will have a detection factor that is randomized (possibly influenced by raid type.  Maybe tribals are slightly better at hiding themselves e.g.).  This simply offsets how many days the intel thinks the raid will be, and 90% raids will have factors between 0 and 2, although some will be 3+, maybe even up to 5.  For instance, the following raids with detection factors would show the following radar results.

2 days away, factor 4: low
1 day away, factor 0: high
8 days away, factor 0: extremely low
3 days away, factor 5: extremely low

This adds some risk to caravanning, and said risk is proportional to the radar's forecast.  Additionally, occasionally a dummy raid would be queued, or otherwise the forecast would be too deterministic:  when you see a "high" forecast you would know with 100% certainty you are getting raided in a day.  The dummy would fizzle on triggering it's queue expiration, simply resetting the prediction from high to whatever the next raid is.

Possible means of acquiring said intel: 

-Midtech building (multianalyzer but no advanced components) cheapish building, which simply always scans and acts as a forecast.  The very accessible version, maintenance is merely power.
-Setting a colonist to actively scout, which would be a 0 visibility caravan action.  The medium cost version, as you now have a pawn doing nothing but eating your food.
-Midtech building with material upkeep (the high cost version)  I'm not sure how this would work as with a high cost people might turn it on and off to save resources, so it would probably need to consume it regardless of state.

Note: while this is the ideal system, if a queued raid would take too much work, this could be approximated by simply doubling the raid frequency and squashing the raids based on the radar setting.

High: Always trigger the raid
Medium: fizzle it 50% of the time
low: fizzle it 85% of the time
extremely low: fizzle it 95% of the time

And you would tweak how often the radar shows what setting depending on how often you want raids to occur.  This version, however, would impact the game's tuning unpredictably no matter how you much it's tested.

Finally, while I like the radar/scout system because it sounds cool, really any way of allowing the player to feel safish sending out a raiding party or escort works to fill this role.  For example, maybe there could exist purchasable exotic items that hide your colony for a few days but are very expensive and can't be used back to back.  That feels more magicky than I like though.
Whenever I try to make plate in the last build, the metal is simply stacked onto the smithy, and instead of forming into an unfinished plate mail, it simply stays as steel and the crafter says "making platemail".  No progress is made/crafting skill does not increase.

Reloading still causes the issue, as did making an electric smithy and trying with that. 

Edit: confirmed by another player in a thread.

[attachment deleted due to age]
Outdated / Greep's Misc. Mods (Newest: InfiniDrill!)
April 20, 2017, 05:11:41 AM
I'm starting to accumulate a bunch of tiny mods, so I figure I should do the nice thing and make a thread for them all.  Discuss miscellaneous mods of mine in this thread, and major mods of mine in their respectve threads.  Going to bed soon, so this first post is very minimal, but the new infinidrill will be explained in the second post and it's zip attached below here.  Older misc  mod threads will be closed and their downloads moved here, eventually to a mod download center like nexus.

[attachment deleted by admin due to age]
Outdated / [A16] Magma
April 18, 2017, 11:52:18 PM

After completing this part of armok, I figured this'd make a neat standalone, mod attached below.  It's not in its intended final state, but it is in a playable optimized one.

Adds obsidian, magma, and volcanoes.  Enjoy!  Let me know if you find anything weird.  Additionally, if you're playing on a heavily vegetated map, the resulting fires can cause a bit of lag until the magma settles down.

Notes: This also mildly changes poison/psychich ships.  They're now .1% flammability and passable only, which was a hack I needed to make them Fire-Safe but not Magma-Safe.  I don't think this actually changes the game in any way other than it's interaction with magma.


Please don't upload to steam workshop, I'll do that when I'm satisfied with it's stability.

As for including in modpacks, I would at least like Armok v1 released before magma makes it anywhere else, please.  That should not be for a week or two.

[attachment deleted by admin due to age]
Unfinished / Armok
April 10, 2017, 06:38:08 PM
This is just for placing my thoughts, atm, nothing to download yet :)

What this is

Rimworld is based off dwarf fortress. This is making rimworld exactly dwarf fortress with better graphics, plus whatever I want because I feel like it.

Worded that incorrectly.  "Exactly" is not quite true.  The main purpose of this is to make Rimworld have the same kind of gameplay and flavor as DF.  Specific features of DF itself are going to be done on a case by case basis of what I want or not.  Additionally, rimworld features that I like will stay.
Obviously this isn't a total conversion mod.  I'm not toady, I'm not working on this for a decade, and I'm not paid.


I actually like rimworld more than DF, but I feel the same sense of lost epicness like with the new 2012 xcom series compared to the original.  With too little colonists, combat cannot be built around expendabiilty.  Basically every case that is lethal has a basically required exploit with some exploits being worse than others (kill box exploit bad, sniper exploit okay?), since you can't afford to lose colonists in a raid for a long term fort.

I feel like this seriously dampens the feel of the game.  Adding immigration waves, melee focus, and regular death was the initial reason for starting out on this.  But then I thought, F*** it, DF mod, let's do this.


Most likely, I will not get too far.  My first goal is not on adding DF features, but rather incorporating the feel of DF into rimworld.  The first stage will be just doing the MVP of this, and I'll consider it a success and release a v1 if I manage this.

MVP features:

*Remove all storytellers except Randy, renamed Armok <DONE>
*Remove all difficulties except intense, renamed "dwarfy" <DONE>
*Alcohol addiction on all dwarfs, with luciferium style drawbacks if not sated.  No cirrhosis or cancer <DONE>
*All dwarves are brawlers.  You can give a dwarf a bow or gun, but it's ill advised except to hunt things, and they'll hate it.  Brawlers with ranged weapons get "feels like a damned elf" debuff.  Spray and pray guns removed <KINDA DONE>
*Orbital trade ship removed <DONE>
*Request caravan removed <decided to keep, microelectronics @x20 research takes forever anyways>
*Force colony to start at least 6 hexes from a town. <DONE, and learned a lot of C# for this :D>
*Immigration waves <DONE, just simultaneous wanderer joins.  Bizarre lag spike>
*Pop^2 based incident threat points.  If you have a low population, you are basically just safe.  Population will be aimed at roughly 2.5 times less than vanilla DF.  So sieges start at 80/2.5 = 32 population and critical will be at about 200/2.5 = 80 colonists.
<DONE:  Altered.  Decided on a very "dwarfy" solution here, where wealth is the main factor, but ambushes are size limited whereas sieges are much less so, though sieges start at 30 pop.  Sizes are somewhat small, too, to start.>

*remove animal hauling to encourage more dwarves <DONE: Set all animals at advanced to intermediate>
*increase work times due to higher pop. <DONE: hacked solution>
*Rework incidents so they occur much less frequently, allowing that DF "Builder" feel.  Like phoebe, but with with the possibility of rare back to back like randy. <DONE>
*Integration of research x20 longer mod <DONE:  Did it myself, settled on x2, which is an effective x8 (x2 work time from above, x2 from neolithic start)>
*start in neolithic, but with smithing and brewing <DONE>
*integration of melee rebalance mod <SHELVE, looks like it's in rapid development>
*Adapting A.I. to new system <SKIP, worry about it after v1, just setting all factions to neolithic>
*integration of edb prepare carefully <SKIP, looks like everyone already has this downloaded lmao>
*mechanoids removed, or pushed back to year 6.
*integration of mineral expansion <SKIP, unfinished>


*Start with muffalo (represents wagon) <BUGGED, RARRRR>
*Remove infestations <DONE>
*Reverse cabin fever <DONE>
*Move armor to smithing <SKIP, doing medieval gear first>
*Revamp starting gear <DONE>
*Integrate smooth walls mod
*Integrate medieval times mod that I want<700 XML errors later... DONE>
*Mineral refactor:  I can't add z-levels, but I can seriously increase both mining times and mineral abundance to simulate that feeling.
*Price rebalancing:  Keeping other factions non-neolithic just with much higher prices.  Best way to I can think of to retain rimworld aspects to some degree.
*Remove hi tech research bench from the game.  It forces a bee-line to microelectronics in the tribal era that I don't want.  Research speed increased to offset. <DONE>


These would be nice, but I may not get around to all of them, no specific order

*Scavenge the more successful features I implemented in Rimbalance, such as infinte room impressiveness and component refactor
*Various "dwarfy" atmosphere such as higher beauty for stone and less for wood.
*Customized edb prepare carefully for this mod
*All backgrounds add only one skill, at about +2-3 levels, with all other skills at most at 1 with no passion
*Childhood backgrounds removed.
*Various skill changes
*Remove all scenarios except crashlanded, renamed fortress mode, and rich explorer, renamed adventure mode.  Disable construction and recruiting on adventure mode.

Added Non-MVP:

*Remove large revealed areas in mountains.
*Remove dead-man's thoughts, sell factor:  Inferior races will have inferior gear anyways.  Goblinite will not be worth much.


All of these are high work and what I'd consider "extra credit".  I expect to accomplish none of these, but these will be done in order (order weighted by mix of difficulty  and desire).

*Magma (WIP - Lag issues)
*Biome Wildness (haunted e.g.)
*Graphics (actual dwarves, etc)
*Stats (strength, etc)
*Z-Levels (haha, yeah right)
Bugs / Deadlocked animal A.I
April 06, 2017, 03:01:15 AM
Here's a weird one.  I've been trapped by wargs in my fort, and have ordered all pawns and huskies inside the two rooms on the left (originall was just the top room before I drilled a hole in the wall, so I think the husky is trying to go there).

However, the manhunter wargs and the husky in the room to the right are deadlocked in pathfinding, presumably because manhunters will only attacks pawns.  The 3 wargs and husky have been sitting there for hours both trying to move past each other.

[attachment deleted by admin due to age]
Thought 10 firefighting colonists could delay the fire enough until rain showed up.  I don't think it's coming o.o

[attachment deleted by admin due to age]
Download attached, you'll have to register to forums to view.  Unzip to Rimworld/Mods.  Also on steam.

New versions continuously added rather than replacing older ones.


Rimbalance is an attempt to balance all aspects of the vanilla game that are really out of whack, and to add a small amount of gameplay features to the endgame.  Input and suggestions appreciated.  And now, the features, as illustrated by the venture bros:

Room Impressiveness:

*Infinite Room impressiveness:  Wonder of the world impressiveness slightly lowered, and added several additional levels after that.  Make your fortress a palace and your pawns will love it.  Warning!  Absurd levels of wealth can kind of freak them out.

*Bedroom changes:  The soft cap by space for bedrooms is doubled.  What this basically means is that a 4x4 bedroom can become very impressive whereas before it was basically capped at slightly impressive.  A 6x6 is capped at about wonder of the world.

*The soft cap is a little harder, though, so if it's actually reached impressiveness will not get much larger.  You shouldn't notice this unless you're making very small rooms.

For non-bedrooms, a space rating of about 100 offers virtually no limit, while a space rating of about 65 should cover wonder of the world.

*High level flooring no longer sucks. 

-Silver floor: beauty 3->7, cleanliness 0->0.5
-Gold floor: beauty 4->60, cleanliness 0->0.5
-Sterile floor: same.  (Beauty 0, cleanliness 0.6)

*Shared Bedroom reduced from -5 to -1.  However, disturbed sleep unchanged.


*Raids are now scaled by time and not wealth.  This is a bit experimental, so for v1, balance may be a bit off. Tested on extreme and found it to be about right, but I'll need some more input here.  Caravan incidents heavily reduced in scale but also time based.

*Shooting/careful shooting aiming altered. No need to get into the specifics, but aiming at the high ends and low ends are better.  As a result, high level shooting can effectively snipe.  Careful shooting is nerfed a bit.

*Turrets and traps are heavily nerfed.  But, you will not need them as much since...

*Early game machining (weapons, military helmet) requires less work, components, and metal.

*Catastrophes:  Very rarely in late game, a raid can reach catastrophic proportions.  You'll know if it strikes.  Probability increases with age of fort, but never exceeds 10%

*Personal shield recharge rate extremely reduced.  Very risky as a decoy now.



*Trade ships are more frequent, and more importantly, they actually sell shit.  Expect hyperweave and food from bulk traders, bionics from exotics, and guns from combat traders, in large quantities.  This will never in v2 be changed from space ships to caravan focused, however I'm not doing that without extensive changes to the caravan system and A17 will probably change things a lot as well.

* Several changes were made to offset this advantage including a bigger cut to the trader for selling/buying as well as a total removal of one off nukes.  Psychic lances still are available, but rockets will have to be scavenged.


I didn't do much here for v1, expect more never in v2

*Penoxcycline nerfed:  Costs 3x more to make and priced accordingly.  Malaria, however, is weakened somewhat.

*cryptosleep sickness no longer reduces consciousness, but still results in vomiting.  As a result, your initial colonists won't mysteriously have 50% consciousness on their stats despite being "healthy"


*Components cost less steel, less work, and the component assembly costs less materials.  Components themselves are more than doubled in price.

*Pyromaniacs now freak out 5 times less often.

*Early game population smoothing:  Population caps are now somewhat time sensitive.  the mincap (usually 4) expands to 6 if you're taking a while to get early recruits, and the maxcap increases a little as well.  Never more than +2 the original settings.

Compatability (couldn't think of an image, so, uh, here's orpheus :D):

The mod uses the latest version of harmony, so might be incompatable with old mods that did not update

As a balance mod, nothing is interdependent.  Therefore, if you have a conflict, feel free to delete individual xml files in the defs folder, though you will of course lose that balance aspect.  The Assemblies folder contains the raid threat points/bedroom changes, and can be deleted entirely with no other effects.

License:  Please credit me and link to the original mod.  Include in modpacks if you want, but it's probably better to balance tailored to mods ala hardcore sk.

Changing things you don't like:

If you don't agree with anything and want to delete it, here's the changes by xml file:

ApparelHats.xml - military helmet buff
Buildings_Production.xml - component assembly buff
Buildings_Security.xml - turret, traps nerf
Difficulties.xml - harder trade buy/sell
Hediffs_Global_Misc.xml - cryptosleep
Hediffs_Local_infections.xml - malaria weakened
Incidents_Various_Good.xml - more trade ships
Penoxcycline.xml - duh
Recipes_production.xml - more component stuff
RoomStats.xml, Thoughts_memory, thoughts_situationroomstat - room impressiveness (delete/change all)
Stats_apparel.xml - shield nerf
Stats_Pawns_Combat.xml - better shooting
Terrain_floors.xml - gold/silver tile buffs
Thoughts_situation_special.xml - shared room weakening
Tradekinds_orbital... - better trade ships
Traits_singular... - less pyro
Traits_specturm.. - careful shooting nerf
Weapons_guns.. - made early guns easier to craft

Notes:  Probably going to update soonish.  Looks like I made the first week or two raids a bit too high.  Didn't notice in my first test since I never actually had a week one raid.  It's not terribly off so I might just wait till the next large update.

4/10/2017: updated to v2 fixing some raid issues and separating the dll into logical groups, keeping old file if you want it, but I wouldn't download it.

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