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Stories / RimWorld Succession Game B18 - World #2 Story Thread
« on: November 23, 2017, 11:51:22 AM »
This is the thread for which multiple players will share a save and their stories with said save, just like your typical succession game goes. This is the thread for the second of two different player pools.

If you want to join in on the fun:

General Discussion / Rimworld Succession Game
« on: November 19, 2017, 11:56:48 AM »
Rimworld Succession Game(RSG) formerly Rimworld Round Robin(RRR) is now looking for players for B18. If you wish to join we do all communication through this discord:

If you don't know what a succession game is, it's where one person starts a save then plays for a set amount of time. After that it's passed onto the next person and the cycle repeats. In our case the save is passed onto the manager and they pass it onto the player. This makes sure that we can keep backups of the save and check it after each turn to make sure the rules were followed.

Who's running this?
RSG is run by two people. I handle community stuff such as this post and general moderation of the server. XeoNovaDan manages the event. He set's up the save, passes it on, and generally runs things.

Rules and Info
  • Difficulty, scenario, world-gen, and landing site will be decided via survey.
  • Each player will have 4 real life days to complete their turn. Extensions are available if a valid reason is provided.
  • Each turn will be 15 in-game days. If you end up going over/under by a day or two that's fine so long as you have a reason.
  • If you can't make a turn contact either me or Xeo and we can bump you back a few slots.
  • If you miss your turn without contacting us at all we will assume you lost interest and remove you from the list.
  • You may be put back onto the list if you contact me or Xeo and provide an explanation as to why you missed your turn.
  • You will be required to write up a history posts and submit them to this thread. That way it keeps all the story in one place. You can find the format here:
  • No kill boxes please. No one will mind if you create some efficient defenses but the game is no fun for anyone if all the raids are decimated.
  • Nobody can stop you from doing what you want with the save but please refrain from doing anything that would ruin the fun for people. Launching the colony into space would be one of those
  • We will NOT be using mods this run. We will use them in future runs.

How to join
  • Click the discord link
  • Leave a message in #participation_requests


Q: Can we add a mod?
A: Probably not in this run, but maybe later.

Q: Can we use a mod that isn't part of the pack?
A: Absolutely not. That has the potential to break everything.

Q: How can I get notified when it's my turn?
A: Through discord you can download the desktop or mobile app and turn on the appropriate notification settings.

Q: If the line gets too long will you create another group?
A: That is the plan yes. Though when that'll be is not known.

General Discussion / Rimword Round Robin is now modded and A17
« on: June 18, 2017, 02:57:30 PM »
Rimworld round robin is now at A17. If you wish to join we manage it from the this discord

If you don't know what a round robin game is. It's where one person starts a save, plays for a certain amount of time, then passes it on to the next player or a manager (who will pass it on. This is what we will be doing)


Rules and Info
Some people may not have seen the first post so here are some rules and info, which have been expanded upon in the discord.
  • We are currently playing on Cassandra rough in Arid Shrublands.
  • The current growing season is 20 days.
  • Turns should be 15 in game days but we will understand if you overshoot a day or two.
  • You have 3 real life days to complete your turn. Extensions can be made if necessary.
  • If you can't make your turn please let me or a moderator, on the discord, know and we can bump you back a few turns.
  • If you completely miss your turn without saying anything it will be assumed that you are no longer interested and you will be removed from the list.
  • If you have been removed from the list you may redeem yourself by just asking to be put back on.
  • Each person may name 1 colonist.
  • Please don't name a colonist that someone else has named.
  • Please take notes of your time with the colony and post it in the RRR history post on the forum and put a link in the history channel in the discord.
  • While the game is not on permadeath savescumming is heavily discouraged.
  • No kill boxes please. No one will mind if you create some efficient defenses but the game is no fun for anyone if all the raids are decimated.
  • Nobody can stop you from doing what you want from the save but please refrain from doing anything that would ruin the fun for people. Launching the colony into space would be one of those.
  • Neither me nor the other moderators can keep track of everything you do. Because of this we use the honor system.

How to join
  • Click the discord link. You may need to make an account
  • After entering the discord navigate to the participation requests channel
  • Leave a single quick message there.

Q: Can we add a mod?
A: Probably not in this run, but maybe later.

Q: Can we use a mod that isn't part of the pack?
A: Absolutely not. This has the potential to break everything

Q: How can I get notified when it's my turn?
A: Through discord you can download the desktop or mobile app and turn on the appropriate notification settings.

Q: If the line get's too long will you create another group?
A: That is the plan yes. Though when that'll be is not known.

Q: Is it just me or are some of the people in the discord a little weird?
A: Nope, this discord is full of weirdos, especially that minimurgle guy.

Outdated / [A17] Dangerous Rim V1.3
« on: May 24, 2017, 10:02:30 PM »

The Dangerous Rim mod attempts to make the game more difficult while maintaining balance.

Current features
  • More variety with diseases, raids, and mental breaks.
  • Harder and smarter raids
  • Less time between events
  • Lower health for all pawns friend or foe
  • More late game enemies
  • More diversity in events
  • More to come

I recommend loading it last

If you find any bugs or something that something that doesn't seem right please let me know. I'm always looking for feedback, good or bad.


ChangeLog V1.3
-Severly dropped difficulty raid scale so it's not rediculas
-Swapped raid point scale of immediate and staged attack
-Tweaked custom storyteller to be more random
-Added custom scenario.
-Added new raiders

Help / A quick tutorial of xpathing and patching
« on: May 24, 2017, 08:27:11 PM »
With the A17 update we have a wonderful new patching feature to help with mod compatability. It looks to be a brilliant idea, but it requires xpathing. This may be a new idea to some people. I know it was to me. Zhentar's guide on patching is helpful, but it doesn't tell us how xpathing works and only gives us a few examples. So I'll give a few more examples here, and explain xpathing.

If you are like me you had no idea what xpathing was. Well I have good news, it's actually pretty simple! You can think of it like selecting a path for a texture, or any other folder path. Here's an example:

If you wanted to use a custom texture for your custom gun you would do:
Code: [Select]
<texPath>Weapons/Ranged/CustomGun</texPath>Well that's how you'd do it for selecting a texture, but what about xpaths?

Let's say you wanted to change the warm up of the pistol from 0.3 to 5.2. We shouldn't be editing the defs if we can patch it in, so how would we do it? Well if we want to change the warm up of the pistol we can use the class "PatchOperationReplace". Which as the name suggests we can use to replace something, it looks like this
Code: [Select]
<Operation Class="PatchOperationReplace">
    <xpath>/ThingDefs/ThingDef[defName = "Gun_Pistol"]/verbs/li/warmupTime</xpath>
This code goes down the designated xpath until it finds the pistols warm up time. It then replaces it with the set value.

Now let me explain exactly how the xpath works. First of all, everything in the xml could be described as a node.
<ThingDef> is a node and so is <defName>, <warmupTime>, <verbs>, and <description>. Every different tag you see is a node. All xpathing is, is just inputting the correct sequence of nodes.

We start with /ThingDefs, you may be wondering what the slash at the beginning means. This selects all root nodes with that name. It is the beginning of the thingdefs for the gun so it is the beginning of our xpath

Next is /Thingdef. This specifies what we want to grab from the thingdefs. But /ThingDef is grabbing every <ThingDef> it can find. This is why we narrow it down with the next part.

Alternitively we could have done //ThingDef, but this is less optimized and slows down the patching process because it selects the root node and all it's children.

After /ThingDef we attach the defname, so it looks like this /ThingDef[defName = "Gun_Pistol". Now instead of trying to search everything with the <ThingDef> tag, it will only look for the one with the <defName> tag of Gun_Pistol.

We have now told the code to look for the correct ThingDef, but it doesn't know where warmupTime is. So we add more nodes to the xpath, now it's /ThingDef[defName = "Gun_Pistol"]/verbs.

The single slash here looks for all the children of our ThingDef for the pistol named "verbs".

If you look at the code for the pistol you'll see that <warmupTime> is indeed under the verbs, but it's nestled in the <li> tag. Our xpath doesn't know this, so we'll just get errors or replace the verbs tag with <warmupTime>, which will cause errors.

So now we add "li" to our path so it looks like this //ThingDef[defName = "Gun_Pistol"]/verbs/li. You might think this is the end, but we still haven't directed it to the correct place. Now it's gonna replace "li" which will cause errors.

So we want to go one step further and make it /ThingDef[defName = "Gun_Pistol"]/verbs/li/warmupTime. Now our code is looking for the ThingDef named Gun_Pistol, then it looks for any children of that def called verbs. After that any children of verbs called "li", and then any children of li called "warmupTime".

That will finally replace the pistols warm up time.

But what if there were more than one child named "li", like in the hediff for blood loss. Then we could do this
Code: [Select]
<Operation Class="PatchOperationReplace">
   <xpath>/Defs/HediffDef[defName = "BloodLoss"]/stages/li[2]/capMods/li/offset</xpath>

This code will look for the HediffDef named "BloodLoss", it'll then look for a child named stages. Stages has multiple <li> children so I've specified that I want it to look for the second <li> tag. Then once its found the second <li> tag it'll follow the path just like it did with the pistol.

Of course you can have multiple operations in the same patch too. There's also more PatchOperations than just replace. You should check out Zhentar's Guide for those.

If you want more information about the xpath syntax I'd recommend going here:
Here's a tool to help you figure out the xpath:

I hope this helps anyone who had trouble with it.

Thanks to Shinzy and kaptain_kavern for pointing out some optimizations, and thanks to NoImageAvalible for showing the right way to use the optmizations.

Unfinished / TableTopRPG Overhaul ShadowRun Edition
« on: April 18, 2017, 08:35:43 PM »
This is an overhaul designed to add the elements of the ShadowRun to RimWorld. ShadowRun is a tabletop RPG combining both magic and technology in realistic and well balanced ways. With this mod I hope to capture the feel of ShadowRun while maintaining the colony management of RimWorld.

  • Redo the story tellers
    • Remove the aspects that don't fit the SR universe
    • Add a specific storyteller to best showcase the SR universe
  • Remove vanilla scenarios
    • At the moment the scenarios don't fit really fit in with what SR should be. I'd like to find a good combonation of RW and SR
  • Alter difficulties
    • The current difficulties may be unbalanced due to the removal and addition of content
  • Redo the skills Done but may be subject to changes
    • Skills as they are don't fit with SR. I won't be making any huge changes here though
  • Add Attributes
    • The usual things like strength and intelligence. This is not a priority because I feel it wouldn't fit in with RW very well. I do plan on looking into it though
  • Add SR enemies
    • Junkies
    • Mercenaries(in vanilla but need tweaking)
    • Gangs
    • Remove mechanoids or change them to better fit the SR universe
  • Add the SR races
    • Elves
    • Dwarves
    • Orks
    • Trolls
    • Ghouls
  • Add hairs
    • Not a priority but some of the shadow run games had some pretty nice hairs
  • Add Cyberwear
    • Grades(determine quality)
      • Basic
      • Alpha
      • Beta
      • Delta
    • Headwear(augmentations on the head area)
      • Vision
      • Speach
      • Hearing
    • Bodywear(augmentations to the torso)
      • Blood plumping
      • Manipulation
      • Carry weight
    • Cyberlimbs(augmentations to limbs)
      • Speed
      • Manipulation
      • Carry weight
    • Dangers
      • Malfunctions
      • To many augmentations
      • Hackable
      • Reduces magic capabilities
  • Add magic
    • Sorcery
      • Healing
      • Combat
      • Illusion
      • Manipulation
    • Conjuration
      • Conjuring and controlling spirits
    • Enchanting
      • Creation of atrifacts
  • Redo factions
    • Vanilla factions need to be redone and some SR factions need to be added
  • Integrate EDB
    • I would love to talk to the EDB devs and get permission to inter grate this. Either that or put out a compatibility patch
  • Change resources
    • May need to fiddle around with resources to have them make sense with SR
  • Add Urban ruins
    • SR typically takes place in an urban settings so I would like to have some ruined cities added in
  • Add quests
    • I'll be holding off on this till A17 then I'll work to have them make sense
  • Add combat logs
    • This one's pretty simple. The game has needed this for a while and any TTRPG should have one
  • Slowdown combat
    • I'm on the fence about this one. I'd like to slow down combat to emulate a bit of that turn-based feel but I can't think of a decent way to do this
  • Rework money
    • This one is also a low priority. Renaming silver to credits is easy but I'd like money to feel more valuable without just reducing the amount you get.
  • Change/add backstories
    • Some of the current backstories won't make sense here. I'd also like some new ones
  • Change weapons
    • Remove vanilla weaponsDONE
    • Add SR weapons
      • Pistols Done but there's the possibility I'll add more.
      • SMGs Done but there's the possibility I'll add more.
      • Shotguns Done but there's the possibility I'll add more.
      • Assault rifles Done but there's the possibility I'll add more.
      • Melee Done but there's the possibility I'll add more.
      • Grenades (Mostly done. I'm just procrastinating with the smoke grenades and voltaic grenades atm)
    • Add weapon slots. Some of the things I'd want to do would be broken otherwise. Besides every shadowrunner needs their trusty sidearm.
  • Change drugs
  • Change needs
  • Change traits
  • Add lore
    • I'd like to find a middle ground between RW and SR here. As SR takes place on earth I'd like to find a reason for it to not be on earth
  • Change events
  • Change structure and other buildables
  • Change items

Outdated / [A16] minimurgles Magnificent Modifications (V1.0)
« on: April 07, 2017, 01:36:15 PM »
This mod doesn't change any of the core files of Rimworld so it shouldn't conflict with any mods. If it does please let me know so I can fix it.

Most of the items in this mod are not well balanced. Though I'm constantly making changes to fix this, so any feedback would be very helpful.

Along with changes I'm making I'm also adding more content. Anything said above goes for new stuff too.

Steam WorkShop:
Currently in the mod

  • 1 storyteller
  • 1 difficulty
  • 2 melee weapons
  • 5 ranged weapons
  • 2 build-able items

Currently these mods aren't available separately, but I can always change that if it's wanted enough.

BBSG (Boom Boom Shooty Gun)

BBSG stat's
The BBSG is a slower firing explosive projectile shotgun

The custom minimurgle storyteller and difficulty
This storyteller should be faster and harder than Cassandra
It could also be described as Cassandra on luci withdrawal.
I mainly made it because I felt the game was too easy as is.

NNPS (Nukey Nukey Pellet Shooty)

NNPS stat's
The NNPS is slower and more innacurate than a normal shotgun but features 12 pellets that give the target toxic buildup

Boxing gloves

Boxing Gloves stat's
The Boxing gloves offer the same damage base as the fist but do damage to consciousness

FFFS (Fwoosh Fwoosh Flamey Spouty)

FFFS stat's
The FFFS is essentially a flamethrower. What it lacks in speed and accuracy it makes up for in blanket coverage

I don't mind if anyone uses anything from this for their own mods or packs, just please give credit where it's due.

I need to give credit to few people
  • Granitecosmos
  • Xeonovadan
  • Greep
These people were all extremely helpful with figuring out the code.

Cicero did some of the artwork here. It'd be a pain to list which ones he did so I'll just say he did all the good ones.

Help / Get rid of hair
« on: April 04, 2017, 08:33:45 PM »
So One of the things I'm currently trying would require me to get rid of a pawns hair. If I don't include the hairtag the game gets mad. It also gets mad if I make the hair transparent. So is there actually any way to achieve bald pawns or is Tynan anti-bald people?

Help / dll documentation
« on: April 04, 2017, 05:44:39 PM »
I've been looking around and haven't been able to find any documentation on rimworlds dll? Anything would do really something just explaining what things mean or a way I could learn it all myself.

Outdated / [A16] Boom Boom Shooty Gun
« on: April 02, 2017, 09:37:23 PM »
It's a shotgun that shoots explosions.

This will no longer be updated
You can now find it here:

You can use it in modpacks if you want and you can base mods off of it or use it's code yourself


Steam Workshop:

I can't take credit for this beautiful sprite. The credit there goes to Cicero

Some stats

The weapon in use.

General Discussion / Round robin game (succession game)
« on: March 31, 2017, 08:39:49 PM »
Hello my name is minimurgle and I am currently organizing a round robin game of RimWorld. If the term round robin is unfamiliar to you allow me to explain it. This is where a group of people all pass take turns playing on the same save. You could also call it a succession game. A popular example of this is boatmurdered. The way we'll be doing it is simple.
  • Everyone who wishes to participate is put into a list, then that list is randomized to decide the turn order.
  • If someone asks to join after the game starts they are added to the end of the list.
  • Each player gets to play 1 season of the game
  • The player has 3 days to complete their turn and upload the save file. If for some reason they can't complete their turn they will be skipped
  • After someone completes their turn they will upload the save file for the next person along with a log of what happened. This log should include all the events that happened and the current players reasoning for decisions and changes.
That's about the gist of how it works. The numbers aren't absolute and are susceptible to change, and of course there are a few other rules. But those are less specific rule and more common decency.
If you're interested feel free to join us on the discord. Which you can find right here
I'll be doing my best to answer questions both here and on the discord so feel free to contact me. I hope to see yo there. The more the merrier!
If you're interested please hop into the discord and leave a quick post in the participation request channel. This is set up to make sure I don't forget anyone and to easily accommodate newcomers.

The turn order has been decided. From here on out people will be added to the back of the list.

Questions that have been asked so far.
Q: Will there be mods
A: Not for this run through no. Though if we restart for whatever reason it's a possibility.

Q: When is this starting
A: There is no determined start date. We'll be starting once I feel that most the people who are interested have joined. Probably a day or two after this was postedSee below

Q: Can I launch some colonists into space
A: I will not stop you from doing that but you really should talk to your fellow players first. You must also be prepared to face the potential blowback from other players for doing it.

Q: Do you know when this is starting yet?
A: Yes I've determined that the turn order will be determined April 2nd at 11:30EDT(US eastern(Detroit time)) After that people are still welcome to join but they will be put at the back of the list.

Q: I have a question that I don't see here.
A: Check the discord there are more answers there. If you can;t find what you need private message me through the discord.

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