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Bugs / Bills don't count items being carried
« on: September 02, 2018, 04:54:54 AM »
This is just a minor inconsistency. The new "Count Equipped" option for "Do Until" bills will not count items being hauled by colonists or trained animals. It's no big deal, but it can cause work to be started on an unnecessary item if a job search happens while the item is being hauled.

I am cutting down my better workbench mod where this functionality existed to remove features from it that were added to vanilla. I'll leave behind the bit where it counts items hauled by colonists "Count Equipped" is enabled. If this is fixed in vanilla, it would be good if that's mentioned in the patch notes so I can remove it from the mod then.

Draws the names of rooms, stockpiles and growing zones as labels on the floor, like Prison Architect does.

  • Names are drawn on the floor, so they will not obscure items and furniture on top of them.
  • Rooms can be renamed using a button on the 'Architect -> Orders' menu. Use a blank string to reset.
  • Colour, opacity and size limits of labels can be configured in Mod Settings.
  • The names of rooms come from their role. Rooms without a role don't get a label, for now.
  • Stockpiles will draw their name.
  • Growing zones draw their plant name, unless the player renames the zone, in which case that is shown.
  • Labels will be shown along the bottom edge or left edge of a room or zone, whichever has the most visible tiles.
  • Mod can be added or removed from any save and should not conflict with any other mods.

  • For now this only works in English (or any language using Latin letters without accents).
  • The placement of labels is not always the smartest; the logic will improve in future updates.
  • Rooms containing zones will show the zone names, but not the room label, as the mod is not yet smart enough to avoid the labels clashing. I will fix that in a future update.

  • Disable the display of room labels or zone labels, if you only want one type displayed.
  • Customise maximum size of text.
  • Configure minimum size below which a label will not be drawn.
  • Configure furthest zoom level at which labels will be drawn.

Subscribe: Steam Workshop
Direct Download: Github Release

Source Code: Github
Licence: GPLv3 (free to do what you like, just give me credit).

This is a small UI issue I found while working on a mod.

The beauty meter / environment display tool does not show any stats as being relevant for kitchens. However, like hospitals, the Cleanliness stat is relevant as it affects food poisoning chance.

This mod helps you get a quick overview of the state of your important rooms, with a toggleable overlay providing graphical representations of the stats relevant to each room's role (e.g. wealth, beauty, cleanliness, etc) as "meters" for each stat.

Essentially it gives you a faster overview of what the environment inspection tool does. You can mouse over individual panels for more detail, similar to the environment tool's room info panel. This will help you work out what each meter represents.

Only stats relevant to a room's role are displayed (e.g. Bedrooms care about all stats, but Hospitals only care about space, beauty and cleanliness). General storerooms and workshops show no stats because their condition does not affect colonists' thoughts.

By default a coloured heat map is also displayed over relevant rooms when the overlay is enabled, keyed to the "primary" stat for each room (which is "Impressiveness" if it's relevant to the room, or else an average of the relevant stats). You can enable and disable both the meter panels and the heat map independently, as well as adjust their opacity, from the Mod Settings page.

The individual meters are segmented based on how many buckets the game divides each stat into (which correspond to different labels in the environment display, such as "dull", "mediocre", "interesting", etc). A meter's colour will be red, yellow or green depending on how bad or good that stat is in that room.

The overlay is toggled on and off with a button added to the bottom right tool dock, alongside the environment inspection tool, roof overlay toggle, etc. It can also be toggled via a configurable keyboard shortcut (the default is the equals key "=").

You can click through the overlays to buildings and items below them.

It is safe to add to or remove from an existing save.

Subscribe: Steam Workshop
Direct Download: Github Release

Source Code: Github
Licence: GPLv3 (free to do what you like, just give me credit).

Mouseover the panels for detailed info

This mod should hopefully alleviate some of the micromanagement needed to stop ranged colonists shooting friendlies, without changing the way friendly fire works in the game or reducing its potency.

Colonists who have the Avoid Friendly Fire option enabled will not take a shot if the projectile's path could hit a friendly or neutral pawn (taking into account miss radius). Drafted colonists will look for a target with a clean shot (or wait if there isn't one), while hunters will reposition themselves.

Any colonist with an appropriate weapon will show an “Avoid Friendly Fire” toggle button when they are selected (which is On by default; you can toggle it off for individual colonists). With this On their AI will automatically do the right thing.

If you manually try to force a drafted colonist who is set to avoid friendly fire to shoot an enemy with a friendly in the way, you will see a "Cannot hit target" message as you would if LoS was blocked.

Shooters who are being blocked by friendlies (but would otherwise have a target) will have their name on the map and in the Colonist Bar be written in cyan. Likewise, the first friendly blocking any shooter will show up in green.

There is a setting in the Mod Options screen to always enable 'Avoid FF' status on a pawn when it's undrafted. If you tend to disable the 'Avoid FF' setting on pawns during combat, using this option will ensure it is always turned back on again before the next combat. This option is off by default.

Shield Belts
Shooters will not worry about pawns wearing a shield belt with at least 10% power standing in the line of fire, so you can still use shielded infantry to attack while ranged troops continue to fire over them from behind. If the shield drops below 10% power while the pawn is still subject to friendly fire, then the shooters will stop. They will resume shooting after the shield gets above 10%.

Targeting Overlay
If you use the game’s manual targeting button (the one with the B hotkey that then shows the weapons range), you will see a red overlay that appears from the shooter to where you point the mouse (see image). This overlay shows the potential “fire cone” from a standard ranged weapon in the game, from the shooter to a target under the mouse (miss radius depends on weapon and shooter skill). Any pawn within the red overlay could potentially be hit. This is purely a visual aid for planning and can be disabled from the Mod Settings menu if you don’t like it. Note that pawns within 4 tiles of the shooter do not receive friendly fire, so the overlay does not mark them red and the mod takes this into account when deciding if a shooter should stop. In the example image the shooter on the top right will not shoot the pirate on the bottom left because the colonist "Flip" could potentially get hit.

By default the mod will also take into account animals with an assigned master and protect them from friendly fire, so you should be able to use and release trained animals without them getting shot. In the Mod Settings you can disable this, or expand it to include all tamed colony animals, such as livestock, but this is off by default as it could be annoying and cause performance issues on slower machines.

Steam Workshop
Direct Download


This can be added to an existing save.

This mod is compatible with the Combat Extended mod, however the more complex fire trajectory in CE may mean this mod may not be 100% effective at very long ranges.

Current Limitations
  • Does not protect against friendly fire from explosive weapons such as grenades or rockets. They will be used as normal and you will need to micromanage them as before.
  • Will protect neutral pawns on your map, but not animals owned by them. E.g., if there are traders around during a raid, your colonists will avoid hitting them but not watch out for their animals. Should be fixed in the future.
  • Only affects the AI of your colonists. Does not prevent the computer controlled factions shooting their own troops; that’s a hard problem.
  • Only affects the AI of shooters, who will stop shooting when someone gets in the way. Nothing is done to stop undrafted pawns from wandering into the middle of battle; again a harder problem to solve.

* Japanese by @Proxyer
* Traditional Chinese by @FantasyMusic

Heat Map
Adds a toggle button to show a live temperature based colour gradient over indoor areas in your base. The gradient uses the familiar colour scheme of green being the midpoint for human comfort (in the game that's 22C / 71.6F), becoming deeper blue or red for colder and hotter rooms respectively.

By default, each room's temperature is also shown in small text over the room when overlay is active (this can be turned off in mod settings).

Download from Steam Workshop
Direct Download: Github
Source: Github

By default, the green range is compressed more than usual, to make it easier to see when rooms are on the edge of comfort. The deepest blue and red are not mapped to the coldest and hottest possible map temperatures, as that would be useless inside a base where temperatures aren't that extreme. Instead they are bound from -12C to 56C (10.4F to 132.8F), so that you can tell from the colours what the temperature is.

You can set a different custom range in the mod settings for extreme maps. When using a custom range, there is no green compression.

The overlay is toggled with a button in the lower right. It can also be toggled with a keyboard shortcut; the default keybinding is \ (backslash) and can be changed in the 'Keyboard configuration' menu in Options, under a new Heat Map section.

When the overlay is turned on, it will update as the game runs. The overlay opacity and update speed can be configured in Mod Settings dialog.

The mod also adds a thermometer widget to the top right hand corner of the UI, displaying the current outdoor temperature (shaded with the same colour scheme as the overlay). This can be disabled in Mod Settings. Clicking this widget also toggles the heat map overlay.

Translation credits (GitHub usernames):
* Japanese by @Proxyer
* Spanish by @53N4

GPLv3 (free to do what you like, just give me credit).

Releases / [1.1] Better Workbench Management (QoL mod)
« on: May 30, 2017, 06:16:40 AM »
Most of what this mod did is now in vanilla. The current version just adds in the features that have not been included in vanilla, which are described below.

This mod adds some some QoL features to the workbench and bills overview screens:
  • When the "Count Equipped" option is selected in bill details, adds an option to also count equipped items even when colonists are away from their home map (e.g. caravaning or raiding).
  • Fixes inconsistency in vanilla where items without quality or hitpoints, like meals and medicine, are not counted if they are not in a stockpile.
  • A "Copy All" button has been added to the bills overview to copy all the bills in a workbench. The paste button will then paste all copied bills.
  • When pasting bills you can "Paste Link", which links the bills back to their originals. Any changes made to a linked bill will be mirrored to all bills in the chain. Links can be made across workbenches and can be broken manually later.
  • When a workbench is selected, its Bills tab will automatically open. This can be disabled in the Mod Settings menu.
  • Bills using "Do until X" now have a button to add arbitrary extra products to be counted. For example, you can create a bill to produce X Simple Meals and set that bill to also count Fine and Lavish Meals in the final count.
  • Bills set to resume production when stock falls to a certain level now show that level in brackets on the workbench overview. The "Do until you have X" button label has been shortened to "Do until X" to make this fit.
  • Button added next to each bill allowing the toggling of bill store mode between "Drop on Floor" and "Take to Best Stockpile" from the bills overview page.
  • You can drag to reorder bills in a workbench's overview instead of having to use the up/down buttons. Dragging works from anywhere in a bill's background or use the drag box that has replaced the buttons.
  • Navigation arrows added to bill details window to navigate between bills in that workbench.
  • Ability to rename bills.
  • When a single bill is copied, a "Paste Into" button appears on every other bill, in the bill details and workbench overview screen. This button will paste all compatible settings from the source bill into the target bill, except for the output product itself. For e.g., you can create a number of tailoring jobs for different items of clothing, adjust the production counts and material filters for one and paste these into all the others. Any job's settings can be pasted into another, but not all settings are compatible between all recipes; incompatible settings will not be copied.
  • The Mod Options section for this mod lets you change the default store mode of new bill's to "Drop on floor" instead of "Take to best stockpile".

  • When a bill is copied only a reference to the copied bill is made at the time. No data copy is done until you paste, so if you change the original bill before pasting, the pasted bill will have the modified data. If you delete a copied bill, it will be removed from the "clipboard" too.
  • Can be added to existing save.

Download from Steam Workshop
Direct Download: Github Release

Source Code: Github

Planned Updates
You can view planned features and known bugs here.

  • Can be added to existing save.
  • This mod needs HugsLib and must be loaded after it.
  • When a bill is copied only a reference to the copied bill is made at the time. No data copy is done until you paste, so if you change the original bill before pasting, the pasted bill will have the modified data. If you delete a copied bill, it will be removed from the "clipboard" too.

Released with GPLv3 license. You can use it in your own GPL mods, just give me credit.

Translation credits (GitHub usernames):
  Russian by @skyarkhangel, @lex1975
  Simplified Chinese by @mm615657
  Japanese by @Proxyer
  Spanish by @53N4
  Korean by @LazyRichard

Feature contributions:

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