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Releases / [1.0] EarthyTurtle's Mods
November 03, 2018, 07:35:50 AM
Let's Trade
For Rimworld Version [1.0] | Mod Version [1.7.1]
An entire rimworld and only 4 types of traders? Not anymore :).
'Let's Trade!' adds more trader variety to Rimworld. New traders will create more flavour within the trade system and provide more unique opportunities. Let's Trade's secondary purpose is to try to make modded content appear more frequently in trade lists without the need to directly patch them into the trade files.
"Variety is the variety of life!" - true story.
Github Download:
Steam Download:

The Rock Trade
For Rimworld Version [1.0] | Mod Version [1.5.0]
This mod makes storing, transporting, trading and using stone chunks easier with a crating system. A total of 3 new rock traders are added, that specifically buy and sell chunks.
Github Download:
Steam Download:

Soil Enhancement
For Rimworld Version [1.0] | Mod Version [1.6.3]
A small, simple mod that allows you to both defile the dead, and feed your plants.
This mod gives you the ability to break rocks down into various soil types. Starting with gravel, and working through to rich soil. Unlike other soil mods this mod does not add new soil types, but rather gives you access to build existing soil types.
Github Download:
Steam Download:

Stackable Chunks

For Rimworld Version [1.0] | Mod Version [1.1.0]
A small, simple mod that makes Stone and Slag chunks stackable. Includes the ability to set a custom stack values through mod options between 1-400.
*Requires Hugslib to be placed before StackableChunks.*
Offline Download:
Steam Download:

I struggle to remember to check the forums haha, so if you need to contact me you can find me on:
RimWorld Discord | Personal Discord | Steam Profile
Outdated / [B18] Soil Enhancement
March 31, 2018, 04:35:47 PM

This mod gives you the ability to break rocks down into various soil types. Starting with gravel, and working through to rich soil. Unlike other mods this mod does not add new soil types, but rather gives you access to existing soil types. So growing becomes more viable on harder maps (like extreme deserts and ice sheets) without access to growable soil.

Start with:

  • Researching Stonecutting. This unlocks the creation of gravel and sand at the stonecutting table.
  • Research Soil Enhancement to unlock soil and rich soil which is craftable at the stonecutting table and blood n bone which is craftable at the butchers table.
  • Soil takes gravel and hay to make, requires a growing skill of 8.
  • Rich Soil takes Soil and Blood 'n' Bone to make, requires a growing skill of 12. (blood n bone is crushed at a butchers table using 1 corpse).

Hard at work
Totally no colonists in that pile...

Download here:
B18 - Soil Enhancement v1.1 (Current)


  • Placeable anywhere in your modlist.
  • Is perfectly safe to install into existing save files, plug'n'play.
  • Can be removed from save files, as long as ALL items of Soil Enhancement are removed from the save first.
  • Haven't encountered any incompatibilities with other mods as of yet.
  • Lemme know if any problems pop up. :)

Author: EarthyTurtle
Steam Link:
License: 'I Like Rock' is under the creative commons license. Cite, learn and use aspects from this mod, credit optional but appreciated ;) . Please do not outright copy this mod and/or re-upload without my consent.
Outdated / [B18] Let's Trade!
March 31, 2018, 04:26:12 PM

An entire rimworld and only 4 types of traders?! What heresy is this?
Let's Trade! adds more trader variety to Rimworld. 30 new traders will be added to your play with the capacity to buy and sell every known item in the game (within reason, the rarer the item the harder it is to come across in trade). Let's Trade's main purpose is to try to include content from other mods as trade-able items without patching them in.

So who's trading?

  • Agricultural Traders - We had them way back when, now we get to have them again. Straight from the farmlands they trade in most known edible plants.
  • Butchers - The agricultural trader's twisted sister. If there's a special type of meat you've always wanted to try, chances are they have it on the menu.
  • Medical Traders - 000 what's your emergency? You need meds and stat! The docs and nurses will sort you out with all your hospital needs.
  • "Pharmaceutical" Traders - Lemme hear you say Yayo! Heyo!
  • Archeologists - To continue our pursuit to uncover the secrets of our past and the knowledge of our future.
  • Scrap Traders - Your run of the mill scrap dealer. One man's junk is another man's treasure.
.. and many, many more!
Full list can be found here (spoilers)

Scrap Trader
Textiles Trader

Download here:
B18 - Let's Trade! v1.5.1 (Current)


  • Placeable anywhere in your modlist.
  • Is perfectly safe to install into existing save files, plug'n'play.
  • Is safe to remove from save files, as long as there isn't a modded trader active in any of your saves.
  • Should be compatible with all known mods, and includes modded content as long as it is using vanilla categories, tags or defs.
  • Lemme know if any problems pop up. :)

Translations available for 25 languages in Rimworld.
- Spanish translation thanks to mora145!

*Currently Spanish Latin and Brazilian Portuguese remain untranslated and welcome input from anyone willing to reliably translate this mod into them.*

I cannot guarantee the accuracy of languages translated by myself. I am not fluent enough in other languages to accurately use words or correctly structure grammar. If you find errors or poor construction that you believe you can fix please contact me on the RimWorld Discord, Ludeon Forums or in the translations section of this mod.

"Variety is the variety of life!" - true story.

Author: EarthyTurtle
Steam Link:
License: 'I Like Rock' is under the creative commons license. Cite, learn and use aspects from this mod, credit optional but appreciated ;) . Please do not outright copy this mod and/or re-upload without my consent.
Outdated / [B18] I Like Rock
March 10, 2018, 06:10:13 AM

A mod about rocks, for the rock enthusiast. Expands on the uses for stone chunks beyond just stone brick.


  • 3 new trader types - Rock is now tradable!
  • Simple craftable weapons, armour and items made from rocks.
  • Ongoing additions to come.

Tradeable rocks
New rock items
Rock Crafting
Throw-able rocks

Download here:
B18 - I Like Rock  v1.2 (Current)


  • Placeable anywhere in your modlist (must be placed above other dependant mods).
  • 'I Like Rock' plays nice with existing save files, should be no drama installing.
  • Remove all traces of 'I Like Rocks' from your save before uninstalling.
  • Should be compatible with most known mods, may have difficulty with any mod also editing or replacing the various_stones.xml file.
  • Lemme know if any problems pop up. :)

Some positive callouts:
"This mod rocks." - Vlad (definitely not a swan)
"Solid mod, a true gem." - Grease is the word
"This mod is a favourite of mine - now I can get stoned whenever I want" - a.mead93
"I didn't know whether to download this ore not. Glad I did. This is the bedrock of all my mods"
"The update is very much appreciated! I will never take you for Granite" - Dr. Ben Carson
"This mod is the schist" - Jmattspartacus
"It's great this doesn't fracture my saves!" - Killer Rabbit

Author: EarthyTurtle
Steam Link:
License: 'I Like Rock' is under the creative commons license. Cite, learn and use aspects from this mod, credit optional but appreciated ;) . Please do not outright copy this mod and/or re-upload without my consent.
Ideas / Fences & Gates (movement organisation)
October 28, 2014, 10:32:34 AM
It's been suggested before but I'm gonna revive a bit of an old thread here: and I'd like to add my own elaboration onto the fence idea.

Fences & Gates
Fences would act like walls, except colonists/visitors/raiders can climb over them.
This can only happen when there is no other alternative to go around them (or a gate for them to pass through, explained later). If there is a gate or a gap in the fence colonists will choose to path through the gate/gap instead of climbing over the gate. The idea behind this is the fences can help guide or keep colonists on paths or prevent them from passing too close to an area you don't want them too. This can be useful if you have a dead bodies stockpile and you don't want your colonists passing too close to it OR guiding your colonists along designated footpaths instead of crossing over sandy areas and spreading dirt across your colony.

Raiders however are an exception, they will opt to pass over fences/take cover behind fences rather than go around or find a gate.

Fences also have an additional bonus of keeping out some wildlife. Large animals like Rhino, Muffalo, Iguanas, Deer, etc cannot pass over a fence (but can attack and bust through a fence if on a psychotic rampage). Some fences can't keep snakes, scarabs, squirrels Boomrats, etc out since their too small and can pass through gaps. Monkeys can climb over all fences much in the same way as colonists can. It depends on the wall type.

Fences would be much weaker than walls, depending on what their made out of.

Wood2 woodHp 25100%4--A passable wall your colonists prefer to go around rather than over.
Metal2 metalHp 5520%0-Can stop small animals getting through.A passable wall your colonists prefer to go around rather than over. Small animals cannot pass through it.
Stone2 bricksHp 1100%4--A passable wall your colonists prefer to go around rather than over.
Plasteel2 plasteel
1 metal
Hp 17510%0-Can stop small animals getting through.
-Can conduct electricity.
A passable wall your colonists prefer to go around rather than over. Small animals cannot pass through it.
Silver75 SilverHp 4020%65-Can stop small animals getting through.A passable wall your colonists prefer to go around rather than over. Small animals cannot pass through it.
Gold75 GoldHp 4015%85-Can stop small animals getting through.A passable wall your colonists prefer to go around rather than over. Small animals cannot pass through it.
Uranium60 UraniumHp 1155%0-Can stop small animals getting through.A passable wall your colonists prefer to go around rather than over. Small animals cannot pass through it.

Fences also give a cover value for taking cover behind them. They provide more cover than stones/debris but less than sandbags and cannot take as much punishment from gunfire. They cannot conduct electricity, except plasteel.
Fence styles:

Gates are unpowered doors for fences. Given the choice colonists will use gates over climbing a fence. However they will still prefer to go around fenced off areas rather than pass through them to get to their location if they can. Same goes for visitors.
Fences open and close at speeds relative to the material their made out of and share similar statistics to fences.

Speed of which fences open can be rated in terms of 1 being the fastest.
wood = 1
metal = 2
stone = 4
plasteel = 3
gold = 2
silver = 2
uranium = 3

Gates like fences can be climbed by most all animals and only certain types can keep out small animals, this is respective of their fence counterpart.

What does this do for gameplay?
Adds a way for players to manage the walking path and direction of colonists on their maps and beautifies the area. Keeping colonists off dirty paths also cuts down workload in terms of cleaning meaning colonists can spend more time on other tasks.

It could also open up animal husbandry as a possibility, building a 'trough' in a fenced off area would be similar to the way a bed is placed in a room. That trough could then be categories for specific types of animals which could then be herded into the fenced off area (if there is a gate for the animals to be corralled into). Eating would be more nutritious for animals meaning they consume less. Animals will prefer to eat from troughs over their natural surroundings. Just a thought though, I standby fences as a means of prioritising/organising walk patterns around a colony and beautifying a colony.
General Discussion / Creative Colonial Building Thread
October 23, 2014, 07:35:08 AM

Creative Colonial Building Thread
A Building Challenge.

I thought I might start a bit of a building challenge in response to the thread "How to bring the colonies out into the open again?". Which if you haven't already seen it this post talks about possible ways to entice us to build out in the open. One possible way, which I suggested on page 15, is to have a creative building thread so players can put effort into making beautiful colonies and share them with each other.

So here it is; Please do plan, build, create, share with us your extraordinary creations. The challenge is to build a colony (preferably outside in the open) to look visually appealing. We don't wanna see fortresses designed to withstand endless attacks, this thread is here to encourage everyone to build in the open and utilise the space they are given

You can:
-Play at any difficulty (Pheobe - Basebuilder is recommended)
-You can build into mountians, though It's preferred you build out in the open or at least have some stuff that is out in the open.
-Have as many people as you like/build as large as you like.
-Use mods, any aethetics is good aethetics.

You cannot:
-Build kill boxes.
-Wall yourself in, or build roofs everywhere to stop drop pods.

Take pride in your work. When you submit tell us what you named your colony, give us screenshots, give us descriptions. Whatever information you feel like sharing do so. Look forward to seeing/submitting some work :).

(You can request your colonies removal from here)

By Timber

By ZephyrSly
  • Verdai
    "Verdai prospers once again as we find new technologies and recruit new citizens, pushing the boundries of our rimworld colony.
    Verdai will rise from the ashes as a pheonix arises anew! Glory to Verdai!"

By Shinzy

By christhekiller
  • The New Rim Empire
    "The central square is a highlight of beauty and helps split the colony into four easily traversed sections."

By TinnedEpic
  • Atrium Gates
    "One of 2 steadfast gates between the eastern peninsula and the continent. It stands to this day as the only pass between, the only way into Drifter Sanctuary."

By Stan-K
  • Hurray
    "Hurray we survived the crash"

By minami26
  • Trost

By seonder
Ideas / Raid size/difficulty Algorithm
October 09, 2014, 01:10:42 PM
Raid sizes & difficulty
It's a long standing debate which has been brought up many times before. But last night in a dream I came up with a remarkable idea!
(Well not really an idea as I had a kind of fuzzy dream about rimworld and how the mechanics work, which lead to me waking up in the morning thinking about what it was I had dreamt and eventually trailing off into a thought which lead to me having this idea)

Currently raids are on a progressive incline in difficulty that involves the raiders getting more numbers and better weapons over time. However there is no cap on this. This eventually leads to towns receiving enormous raid sizes of up to 30-50+ (even 100+) raiders and getting overwhelmed. So essentially players either need to bunker down and come up with elaborate defences or build a starship asap. Which if your anything like me, you want your little township to last for a much longer time and you don't really wanna build the starship at all. Additionally if you take a huge blow to your colony (like for example raiders getting an astounding 3 kills in a row with M-24s), the game doesn't account for this and just continues to get stronger and stronger.
By no means is this a rip on Tynan, he's done remarkable work with Rimworld which has grown an astounding amount in the past year.

Raider sizes:
Instead of having raid numbers slowly increasing in size over time, have raid numbers determined by an equation involving the current state of your town. So raider sizes will always be the same depending on how well off your town is currently. This is how: (Warning, Untested algebraic equations ahead!)

Number of Colonists in your colony = C (accounts for all colonists; bedridden or otherwise.)
Number of Defensive buildings in your colony = D (accounts for all mortar turrets and improvised turrets.)
Total worth of resources in stockpiles = R (As seen in the colonies history and statistics)
Total worth of constructed buildings = B (As seen in the colonies history and statistics)
Difficulty Setting (in %) = S (base-builder|5%, casual|25%, rough|60%, challenge|100%, s.challenge|120%, e.challenge|160%)

Raid size = ((C+D/2)+(B+R/10)/1000)xS
Raid size = ((C+D/2)+(R/B)/10)xS
Raid size = ((C+D/2)+((R/10)/B)/100)xS

I'm still deciding on what would be the best way to approach determining additional raider numbers by resources and buildings. Don't want it too be too large of course. But the basic Idea is that the number of colonists plus half the number of defensive turrets you have will give you the main bulk of your raider sizes. If you have 10 colonists and 6 defences (say 4 mortars and 2 improvised turrets) turrets you can expect 13 raiders to show up at least.
Of course the more resources and buildings you have the larger the force will be as well. However I'm yet to locate a good mixture between. I'm thinking the best option might be to divide resources by building count as usually I have more building score than resource score early game (for me at least). There is always the risk people will abuse that and keep their resources lower than their building score however. Any suggestions by anyone?

Raider Difficulty
Additionally, game difficulty instead of being determined by numbers would now be determined by the equipment the raiders are packing. Raider difficulty is determined by how many weeks your colony has been alive. So this does progressively get harder and harder as you go on playing. However raider difficulty is completely determined by their equipment. This is a simple one:

Weeks = W (how many weeks your colony has been around for)
Difficulty Setting (in %) = S (base-builder|5%, casual|25%, rough|60%, challenge|100%, s.challenge|120%, e.challenge|160%)

Raid Difficulty = WxS
Raid Difficulty = W

This 'raid difficulty' value determines what items the raiders will be packing. Each items has a strength value. It's basically telling the raiders, you have x amount of points to spend on items.

Weapons (in order)
Pistol - 0
Pump Shotgun - 2
Lee-Enfield - 3
Uzi - 5
T-9 Incendiary Launcher - 5
Molotov Cocktails - 5
M-16 - 10
Frag Grenades - 10
L-15 LMG - 10
M-24 - 15
EMP Grenades - 15
R-4 Charge Rifle - 15
Minigun - 30
... (not experienced enough with melee to speculate on values)

Apparels (in order)
Pants - 0
T-Shirt - 0
Button-down shirt - 0

None (50% chance regardless)
Armour Vest - 5
Power Armour - 10

None (50% chance regardless)
Duster - 2
Jacket - 2

None (50% chance regardless)
Cowboy Hat - 2
Military Helmet - 5
Kevlar Helmet - 8
Power Armour Helmet - 10

Body parts (for much later in the game) (in order)
None (50% chance regardless)
Bionic Arm - 25
Bionic Leg - 25
Bionic Eye - 35
Power Claw - 35
Scyther knife Protrusion - 50

For each spawned raider a random weapon, armour and body part is chosen.
Raider #
Weapon: <random weapon> (-point cost of weapon from raider difficulty)
Apparel: <random apparel>+pants
Armour: <random armour> (-point cost of armour from raider difficulty)
Overcoat: <random overcoat> (if power armour is not present) (-point cost of overcoat from raider difficulty)
Headgear: <random headgear> (-point cost of headgear from raider difficulty)
Body part: <random body part> (-point cost of body part from raider difficulty)

Say we have 10 weeks (10 spending points) and we have raider 1 and 2.
Raider 1
Weapon: Lee-Enfield (-3)
Apparel: T-Shirt, pants (-0)
Armour: none
Overcoat: Duster (-2)
Headgear: Cowboy hat (-2)
Body part: None

A total of 7 points was used by the computer in randomly selecting items, Raider 2 cannot spent anymore than 3 points on items for them self.
Raider 2
Weapon: Pistol (-0)
Apparel: Shirt, pants (-0)
Armour:  none
Overcoat: Jacket (-2)
Headgear: none
Body part: none

The computer used a total of 9 points creating items for 2 raiders at week 10. In the early game you can expect to only be seeing pistols, uzi's, lee-enfields and shotguns. 1 year on there is a chance you'll start seeing some high end weapons come to bear. 2 years on you will be seeing these high end weapons come to bear much more often and plenty of the raiders will be heavily armed. 5 years on pretty much your fighting cyborg armies with power armour and miniguns (Not really but there is still a chance you'll see a few).

The idea behind raids increasing in strength through items is that you can get exactly the same items and more or less match the A.I for strength as the game progresses, even if all but 1 of your colonists dies you still have a chance of recovering because this algorithm takes into account that your colony isn't nearly as strong as it was before and gives leeway for recovery.

I recognise that the equations need some serious revision, but I think it's got massive potential to help solve the problems of players getting completely overrun by 100+ raiders. Less but stronger raiders. So what does everyone think? could this be a viable option for controlling raid sizes and strengths?
General Discussion / Oh <Insert Phrase>
August 23, 2014, 10:44:34 AM
"Oh ... !"

Rimworld presents an array of moments, which really make you crap your pants or cry in frustration.
So I thought I'd start a community montage, for us to start sharing the moments when we just felt like screaming profanity.


So this is how it will work:
Post an image of the moment in progress or just prior too.
Tell us which storyteller was diabolical enough to do this too you.
Tell us what challenge setting you have it set too.
Tell us how many colonists you have.
Finally tell us, what was/were the thoughts that ran through your mind when it happened. In the form of "Oh <something>"
A few that come to mind are "Oh crap", "Oh wtf!", "Oh why did you do this too me Pheobe?!" as examples.

Storyteller: Pheobe Basebuilder
Challenge: Challenging
Colonists: 10
"Oh Shiiiiit!"

For clarification I had 5 Scythers and 11 Centipedes attack me... Needless to say, with the majority of the centipedes packing inferno cannons, it was a short fight...

[b]Storyteller:[/b] <Storyteller>
[b]Challenge:[/b] <lvl>
[b]Colonists:[/b] <#>
[size=18pt]"Oh <Insert famous last words>"[/size]
[img]<insert image url here>[/img]
Ground-to-Air Missile Launchers
I saw some ideas the suggested uses for Missiles and I couldn't find one in reference to a ground-to-air missile launcher. Well, not in the same regards as to what I am suggesting anyway, I thought I'd throw the idea out there. Correct me if someone has already posted an idea like this.

What if you were able to build ground-to-air missile launchers, that helped mitigate the threat of raiders dropping into your base?

The idea is simple enough;
-A turret that requires maybe 300 metal to build and can only have 1 missile loaded into it at a time (hauler skill is used to load the turret).
-This missile would then sit in it's launcher until the event triggers to drop raiders into your base.
-The missile would launch (maybe some nice smoky effect), and destroy 1 drop pod before it touches the ground.
-The destroyed drop pod instead of dropping a raider now just drops slag a bit of slag.
-The could even be a 20% chance of a miss. Meaning the launcher will fire and use a missile but the pod is able to dodge it.
*they do not need to be manned as an automated defence*

The launcher can only destroy 1 drop pod before it hits the ground, if you want to destroy multiple pods you'll need multiple launchers. Each launcher requires a single missile to fire and clear skies. It isn't too overpowered either in regards that these launchers are expensive. 4 launchers = 1200 metal and in some cases that's not even a 3rd of a raiders forces. It would require an enormous investment in terms of metal to build an array of launchers large enough to mitigate the threat of an air drop entirely.

Changes to the raider drop event:
None probably,
however you could have a message saying 'Something has been spotted in the skies, it could be drop pods'. This could lead to multiple oucomes:
it could indeed mean raiders are dropping into your base.
It could mean resources are dropping from your ship.
It could be a survivor's lifepod.
or simply it could be a flock of birds passing overhead.
This could also mean that if your given prior warning of potential drop pods that Missile Launchers need to be manned in-order to fire.


Mortar Adjustments.
On the flip side I also began thinking that Mortar cannons are in the game, but shells are still unused. So instead of an extensive reload period limit it to 30 seconds fire-prep (I think that's half of what it is now right?) and require that the mortar be reloaded using shells each time it fires.
-Same the the Launcher, a mortar can hold a single shell and once it fires it needs to be reloaded.
-Those who man the mortars could automatically retrieve a shell from wherever they are being stored, or a player might be required to order them to do it.
-The amount of time needed to reload will depend entirely on how close the shells are to the mortars + the 30 seconds it requires to prep the mortar to fire.

Mortars (to make them a bit more viable) should be a tad more accurate, perhaps by a couple or a few blocks. This would make them worth stocking in case of an attack.

Changes to the Besieging event:
-Besiegers would now need to get a drop pod of shells as well as metal and food.
-Now shells are a finite resource, eventually besiegers will be unable to continue firing. So maybe once raiders unleash their payload of shells they can then begin attacking your base themselves. So getting into a defensive fight would be a much harder ordeal for the player. Or maybe after a period of time they will stop firing and attack.
-Now mortars are more accurate they may do far more damage to your settlement if not delt with. Plus a raider attack it's important to deal with sieges quickly.


What do you all think of that? I personally like the idea of everything having to be done by colonists, the reloading/manning etc. Just feels more hands on, like everything else in the game really :P.
Ideas / Raids, Sabotages, Kamakazi and Assaults
November 29, 2013, 12:57:56 AM
So currently pirates raid and they have 1 single purpose. Cause as much damage as possible. It can end 1 of 3 ways:
-you fend them off successfully and they run away licking their wounds.
-you hold them off long enough that they just give up and leave.
-you get defeated.

but this gets pretty mundane quickly, eventually your just preparing for the same kind of attack over and over. But what if each time raiders attacked they changed their tactics? My idea is to add an additional 3 new modes of attack to the game, to keep you on your toes and add a bit of depth to raider attacks.

Raids- Raids are not like the ones that are currently in the game. This time pirates (raiders) aren't aiming to destroy you or cause as much damage as possible, but instead their trying to steal your resources. 3-18 Raiders spawn at the edge of the map (they don't drop in) will immediately head for the nearest stockpile area and attack anyone or anything that gets in their way. Their aim is to get in and get out as quickly as possible.

Once they get to the drop zone they will then pick up either food or metal from it, the first 2 raiders that arrive wont pick up any resources but stand guard while the others haul away your precious earnings. Each hauling raider can carry 50-75 food or metal so it's important that you don't let them get away with this. Once all the hauling raiders have picked up your resources they will head for the edge of the map again and the 2 standing guard will follow shortly afterwards (since everyone's got resources their gonna bring up the rear and .

You can still shoot them down and get your resources back but once they get to the edge of the map their gone and you will have lost your resources. They will stop their raid early once 50% of their troops have fallen and will give up once 5 minutes has passed. Raids are the most common attacks, usually the least deadly as well, their quiet easy to fend off if you have the right kind of defense.

Assaults - These are pretty much standard in game raids, Pirates drop in from capsules and prepare their attack, once ready they assault. These should be very infrequent, major assaults that can cause some very serious damage. Pirate Assaults can consist of anywhere from 10-50 raiders and are designed specifically to set the player back and cause damage to defenses. They will attack anything that they come across (besides animals, etc) and set fires where possible.

Their goal is to completely obliterate your colony and will only retreat if their numbers drop bellow 20%. They will not give up.

Kamakazi - Some what of an indirect means of of causing damage, sometimes raiders will disguise themselves as wandering travelers and get themselves arrested. What sets them apart from normal travelers is that they are strapped with explosives. They will look and act just like travelers until they get into their cell. Once their inside a cell they will detonate themselves (most likely while the warden is visiting them) and cause structural damage and fires. blowing holes in walls, causing the roof to collapse and possibly killing your warden in the process (if he is weak already). There is also a 25% chance that a pirate assault and a 25% chance the a raid will begin after this happens. 50% of the time nothing will happen.

It can be however prevented, searching prisoners causes a major negative happiness/fear modifier (negative fear debuff because it says to the prisoner your scared of them) to a prisoner however has a high chance (depending on how high your warden's social skill is) of discovering a bomb. If discovered the warden will incapacitate/kill the prisoner. The more colonists you have the higher the chance of the prisoner begin killed. This wont have a colony wide debuff like would normally happen if you executed a prisoner, instead it actually has a happiness modifier that makes your colonists feel safer that your able to identify these threats.

This event is uncommon, and the ratio between kamikaze wanderers and normal wanderers is dependent on how many colonists you have (it wont happen until you have at least 4 colonists). Additionally there is no announcement for this event, it's purely chance.

Saboteurs -  These are silent killers, there is no announcement for their arrival though it will mostly happen during the eclipse or at night and they will always arrive via the edge of the map to not draw attention to themselves. Their job is to come in and sabotage your powergrid and perhaps assassinate your colonists if they encounter one (you still get the message that a colonist has died or needs rescue). 60% of the time a saboteur will be an Assassin. Their easy to spot if you see them on the map (their name is still red and everything), but if you just so happen to be looking away at that particular time at the herd of muffalo on the far side of the map, they can sneak in unnoticed and cause all sorts of problems.

Their main goal is to cause overloads in your grid causing faulty conductors to go off around your colony or shut down Geothermal power generators. A saboteur once he has caused one of these 2 events will hightail it out of there as fast as he can possibly go while your colonists deal with the fires and damage caused. Once he has completed his task there is a 90% chance a pirate assault will happen and a 10% chance a raid will happen.

There will only ever be 1 saboteur, their spawning is rare.

So what do you guys think? Do you like the idea of more types of pirate attacks happening rather than the same type of attack happening over and over again?

Outdated / [MOD] (Alpha 2) Custom weapons
November 13, 2013, 11:37:00 AM

Replaces original weapons textures with new one.

Mod Team:



How to install:
- Unzip the contents and place them in your RimWorld/Mods folder.
- Activate the mod in the mod menu in the game.

I'm a huge fan of the game thus far :), spent most every day playing since the release. But like most games if you play it over and over you eventually need a break. So to give myself a break from the game I decided to do some fan graphics. It's fun, I enjoy doing it. You never know, later down the track if the game's graphics do become externalized/editable I might be able to put them to use. :D

General Discussion / Utilizing Fear Tech
November 12, 2013, 11:12:51 AM
I'm drunk with the power Fear Tech has given me...

Before now I've overlooked Fear Tech, mainly because I saw it as inhumane. I hadn't seen anyone else using it in their bases either, not for the major part of it anyways. Perhaps you would see some cages to insight fear in raiders or generally used in some sort of combat function.

However I was curious, in theory one could control a colony purely by scaring your colonists into submission. So I started a new colony and put Fear Tech to the test. The results, were excellent! I don't even get this kind of loyalty from extremely happy colonists.  :D

For the most part the colony is just unlit corridors and cages. The front of the base is the killing chamber, I make sure ALL my colonists attend every raid that comes their way. Nothing like a healthy dose of witnessing death and getting wounded to keep those colonists in line.

Raids now aren't really a problem anymore. In fact I welcome them openly, raiders increase fear making my rule over the colony stronger. I don't have spoiled colonists anymore complaining about how hungry they are because they have to wait for the raiders to attack. They know to keep quiet, or else...

Darkness increases fear, so I save dramatically on power levels. In fact I don't really need those solar panels out the front their mainly for show. You know what else I'm doing for show? Putting turrets in every room. There should be a fear inducing debuff for that too, perhaps something like "Unnecessary show of force"? Every dead body can be used, why waste time digging graves or burning bodies when keeping them on display causes fear :D. Let the colonists know what will happen if they turn on me. Oh and yes I do make special cages in high traffic walkways for deceased colonists. I think seeing your dead friend is not only traumatizing but sends a nice message 'this could have been you, don't you dare fail me'.

In fact I only really have happiness increasing stuff where necessary. The hydroponics bay is probably the happiest place in the whole colony. I make sure to keep my comms room well armed though, to ensure that everyone says what I want them to say >:3. No crys for help to passing traders, etc.

Slave traders are my buddies, I got ride of 2 assassins and for myself a farmer and a marine out of it with even better states and could actually labor :D (Assassins surprisingly fetch a high price as slaves). It also cuts out that long tedious process of 'making them loyal', slaves know to do what their told straight off the bat. I like to keep 1 person prisoner though, just so I can beat them a bit longer since it has a colony wide fear effect. Assassins are good for that, since they can't labor for your colony they might as well be an example of what happens when you refuse to work. It takes a bit longer to convince prisoners to join your colony however I think it's far better at sustaining loyalty than happiness is. To give an example of how effective it is, I've never had a mental break and maybe only drifted close in the early days when I didn't have as many bodies to work with... I confess I am now an Evil Evil EVIL man...

Overall, fear tech actually yielded better results than a happy colony. Anyone else utilized fear tech in this fashion?
Support / Trouble feeding my colonists
November 06, 2013, 07:04:34 AM
I'm having a bit of trouble with my colony in terms of feeding them. It's not that they wont feed, they will feed on raw food. The problem is they wont use the nutrient paste dispenser.

Now I have double checked the dispenser is not in a prisoner cell or inaccessible. The occational colonist does take food from it and wardens will use the dispenser to take food to prisoners. But when it comes my colonists eating food they will eat raw food straight from the farms and leave whatever is left over in the garden and eat it later.

I've searched for a similar thread for help and googled it as well however was unable to find anything on the subject. Forgive me if I missed one. Is there any reason why my colonists would be purposely choosing to eat raw food over nutrient paste?
Creative Rewards / Character Draft - Kees Van Vugt
November 02, 2013, 01:00:23 PM
So I drafted a character and tried to stick as true to the Guidelines as I could. It's about 3:30am in the morning so if I have majorly misinterpreted something please point it out xD.

My name is Kees Van Vugt (I hope 2 word last names are allowed) and I am a designer. I've tried to be as true to reality as possible, while integrating into the background of the Rimworld. My aim is kind of a friendly artist/designer who's primary role is morality of the colony through aesthetic design and friendly chatter :). Weak in the physical labor department and unable to grow plants. Let me know what you think. I think I could personally loose some science too but I'm unsure what sort of trait could do that... perhaps right side left side thinking?

Anyways I'd love some thoughts and feedback on my first draft.

Edit: Modified to fit template


Kees "Van Vugt" (short: Kees)
Mercenary Tier

Childhood: Optimistic child
Social offset +4
Backstory: "Kees was blessed with loving parents and a pleasant midworld life. This lead to him being a rather optimistic and sociable kid. He loved befriending those around him, learning from them and listening to their stories. His imagination would run wild with ideas, stories and questions."

Adulthood: Designer
Artistic offset +7
Crafting offset +1

Backstory: "As a young adult, Kees' interest in artistic expression grew and eventually led him to become a designer. His eye for detail made him a reasonably well-known artist on his planet. Though his meticulous habits often led him to spend too much time perfecting a single project."