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I'm planning to make a food overhaul addon for VGP, which would require disabling the vanilla and VGP recipes(specifically the fine and lavish meal recipes need to go, the other recipes can just be overwritten) to make it possible to re-balance the food.
Now I know it's possible to overwrite the recipe with one that I will use(though I'd like to avoid that for sanity's sake, having to refer to stewed meat with veggies as mealfine is going to cause coding mistakes), or I could edit the workbenches that pull the recipes(which just seems like a bad idea and an unnecessary source of compatibility issues).

So with me having been out of rimworld modding for a long while I wondered if there was a way to disable recipes in other mods without having to overwrite them or having to muck around modifying other files that would definitely lead to compatibility issues?
So I'm working on a mod and I wanted to make something that'll work like a better version of the toolbox, but I know that something like that will cause mod incompatibilities with any mod that makes changes/adds recipes to the vanilla workbenches.(since both are trying to change the same item)

So I was wondering if I could apply a crafting speed buff of sorts to colonists within a certain radius of an object.
Edge Technologies

Powered by

Currently the mod contains a sustainable method of gathering metals and medicine, a new power gen option, the ability to make new farmland and a couple extra metals(platinum, cobalt, titanium and titanalloy).

This mod requires CCL to function.

Warning: to those who are updating from 0.20.1, remove all alloy forges you have in your saves before updating!

1.0 - From the ashes update. Adds a way to make medicine, some balances and fixes, and CCL integration.

Mining robots, robotics, robotics bench and bioreactor textures: Mrofa.
Robot mining complex: JoeysLucky22.
Authors: Chaotix14, RalphFox

Future plans
- Balancing.
- Bash head against texture work. Which is currently the limiting factor in getting stuff done.
- High tech power solutions.
- More techy end game stuff.

How to install
- Unzip the contents and place them in your RimWorld/Mods folder.
- Activate the mod in the mod menu in the game.
- Always load this mod after Community Core Library.

This mod is free therefore I require that any derivatives of this mod are free as well.
This mod may be added to any modpack as desired. Derivatives of this mod must contain significant changes and a different name.
If you publish a derivative of this mod or add this to a publicly available modpack attribute the original authors. And I request that you let me know about it.
Unfinished / [A12]The small things in life(art request)
September 12, 2015, 10:40:14 AM
I've been working a touch on my first mod. Nothing special, nothing grand. Just a small mod that adds a couple extra options beyond the sometimes hard to acquire chocolate(I've had quite a few unlucky rolls in terms of what traders come around) and the bane of teetotalers and production managers called beer.

Anyways, the mods should be mechanically working and can be used just fine, however it still requires art. Which is something that's kind of beyond me.

Update: Added something I've had to fiddle with for a bit. I've added a drink that boosts the immune system, however working with heavy machinery or driving is not advised while under the effects of this drink. It's my counterpart to the medical drinks mod(which as far as I'm aware hasn't been updated yet), it might give a heavier debuff than that mod used to but I'm not sure and besides if the situation is horrible enough you want to use these drinks you probably should put them in bed anyways. ;)
Also I've added a version indication to the file, which I should have done from the get go.
Now I'm off to wondering if it's at all possible to make disease specific cures.(which was my actual goal and not the generic increase blood filtration)

[attachment deleted due to age]
General Discussion / Trading?
February 28, 2014, 04:41:54 PM
So, here I am with a great load of stone just waiting to be traded for whatever only to find that the trade screen hasn't been updated to include(as far as I've tested, haven't mucked around with meat) berries, agave and stone. None of these are tradeable, which I really would like to do. Similarly trading cooked meals might be interesting option too.
Ideas / Food to Power
November 08, 2013, 02:53:52 PM
In the current build it is very common to run into power problems. In future builds I am sure we will get more methods(the traders hint towards nuclear fission), but as is I'd like to trow up an idea.

In my playthroughs I've found that it can be quite easy to mass up on food, now while it is a good resource to have loads stockpiled in case of a blight or for trading purposes, it could also be used to power the base.
I am not talking about a simple furnace where you shovel the food in, but a more refined machine, a bio-ethanol aggregate. Using bio-ethanol these power generators create power in a quite simple way, maybe even allowing them to continue working during a solar flare(it's a dynamo attached to a car engine, which in real life is basically immune to the effects of a solar flare) and powering the less sensitive equipment(like lighting, a solar flare doesn't really do much to a tungsten wire, nor to power cables). As a power source they would most likely be more effective(even including the power costs of the proccessing of the foodstuffs) than the solar and geothermal generators, with the drawbacks being the ammounts of food required and the proccess of making the bio-ethanol.(which costs time, space and manpower)

The process from raw foodstuffs to power is quite simple, but not one you could set up from the get go. he raw foodstuffs are taken out of the stockpile and brought to fermenting vats. After some time in the fermenting vats you get fermented foodstuffs, this can then be filtered into slurry(the solids, usable as fertilizer or animal fodder) and alcoholic brew(could also be used to serve a bars, maybe). The alcoholic brew then goes to a distillery which turns the alcoholic brew into bio-ethanol for the aggregates.

The fermenting vats would require power to create a nice temperature for the micro-organisms to ferment the foodstuffs. Their cycle time could reduced through research upgrades. The filetering process could be manual, requiring a colonist to perform the action at a filter of some discription.(maybe something for the crafting skill) and the distillery would take a lot of power to heat up the brew and turn it into bio-ethanol. Of which again the cycle time could be reduced.

TLDR: A straightforward production chain to turn foodstuffs into power.
Ideas / Nothing to write home about. Well maybe..
November 06, 2013, 04:16:47 AM
So you are stranded on some moon orbiting around a gas giant somewhere in the infinite expanse of the universe. Surely after you managed to get communications with close by ships you'd want to send your family and friends the messege that you are alive and well. And of course after that initial messege you'd also want to occaisionally get letters from them and write some of your own, to keep in touch.
So why not call in the help of said passing ships, and put the hearts of your survivors at ease. I am sure they will relay your messege, for a small fee.