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The sprite for Christmas trees is cut off by the back half of a pew, if built to the north. See screenshot.
How can you convert people to your ideoligion in the early game? The social-person role needs at least three people in your ideoligion, and I've only got two right now. From my last game, I believe you can convert prisoners and then convince them to join your colony after that, but right now I'm playing a relatively peaceful colony, and only have guests. I don't necessarily want to have a tonne of people in my ideoligion, but I'm actually just trying to prevent my peoples' beliefs going extinct - last game, some random guests converted my people to theirs, and the ideoligions the non-player factions use are usually pretty trash.
Dryads are not sorted by their type (wood, medicine, etc) in the animals menu, unlike other animals.

To reproduce:
- get some berry-maker, wood-maker, etc dryads from trees
- spawn some monkeys and cows
- tame all of those with the dev tools
- note that the dryads are all an unsorted mess, unlike the other animals
What's everyone's picks for the strongest, most debilitating, and most fun memes or precepts?

I think Tunneler is overall the strongest single meme, since it's got some good upsides, and not much downside. Living in small spaces, with quick tunneling, growing mushrooms on every available square inch for free? Yes please! Nudism's probably the most debilitating for a single meme, since it's just mood debuffs unless you restrict your pawns to temperate climates or take changes with death. The most fun I've had so far, has been with Tree Connection, since the guar trees seem very space-efficient compared to other crops, and grow without problem on sand, giving a nice boose to extreme desert colonies!  : )
Pawns who are of an ideoligion which doesn't unlock slab beds, can't move those beds. The message when you right-click says "only <ideoligions in your game> can build", but your pawn isn't building the bed, just moving it.
In multi-style ideoligions, styled objects are always one style. This prevents the player from choosing to, for example, have one altar-room in spikecore, but the other in morbid style. As far as I can tell, the objects are always one of the styles, seemingly at random, but always consistent throughout the game. For example, in my colony the statues, benches, and altars are always morbid, but the tables, lamps, and clothing are always spikecore.

If they were random each time, like clothing or statue quality, that would at least work since you could pick and choose which ones to use. (Random, within the ideoligion of whoever's building or crafting, in case you have work-guests.) Annoying, but workable.
General Discussion / Auto re-color clothing?
July 31, 2021, 10:52:13 PM
I've been playing with Ideology for a few days, but it's annying when my pawns change clothing because I need to manually send them to the styling station to re-do the colors on their clothing. Is there some function in the game that I'm not seeing, to have pawns automatically re-color their clothing if they switch clothing? (For example, during winter, or if they replace their tattered coat with a new one.)
Pawns won't automatically wear blindfolds, if it matches their outfit. (They will however, remove them if it doesn't match their outfit.) If you force them to wear a blindfold and click 'clear forced', they won't remove it if it matches their outfit.

I tested pawns with a blindness precept and a compatible outfit, with the precept and incompatible outfit, without precept and incompatible outfit. Should be pretty easily replicable with dev tools - spawn some blindfolds, edit the pawns' ideologions and outfits, and force them to wear a blindfold (and remember to click the 'clear forced' button) for those test-cases.
My blindness-worshipping colonists have been blinded for many days now, but their portraits still show bandages over their eye-sockets, even though they're not healing or wounded anymore. Seems like the game should have visuals that look like scars or just eye-sockets at this point. See attached.

Moderator Note:

this has been resolved since posting this and does not appear in 1.3.3102.  If you encounter this bug again, please post a new report with a save for us to examine.  Thanks for the report!
Anyone know how to add a funeral ritual to your ideology, which has cremation rather than a grave? Those things take up valuable space! (Related: do sarcophogi count, or is it strictly "grave" buildings?)
After playing with the Ideology DLC for a day, I've noticed there's some variations of some common items, that I can't figure out how to build. Lamps used to look like a bare bulb, but now the one that players can build has a cylindrical shade on it, and I found some in a raider camp with conical shades. Ancient tables on my map look like the old square ones, but the ones I can build are hexagonal. There's also some raiders I took prisoner, whose parkas have pointy collars.

Anyone know how to build these items yourself? Or can you only find them randomly?
Bugs / [1.3.3052] Fence gate stats seem broken
July 08, 2021, 12:10:28 AM
Compared to a normal door, it seems like the fence gate has the wrong stats loaded:
1. cheaper
2. faster to build
3. same hitpoints
4. faster opening speed
Ideas / Permit: call surgeon
September 06, 2020, 10:17:45 PM
I think it'd be pretty useful, to be able to call a surgeon to your colony, in cases where you don't have anyone with a good medical skill, but you have a royal pawn. For those times when you desperately need to install a new lung!
The new caravan auto-supply calculations lag out the UI, when you're checking or unchecking pawns to send. The slowness scales with number of pawns, and number of kinds of different caravan-supply items. (This will more heavily affect modded games, that add more different caravan-supply items. Medicines, foods, etc.) This one's easy to verify:
1. Start a new game.
2. Verify form-caravan screen isn't laggy.
3. Spawn pawns.
4. Check again.
5. Spawn many different kinds of food, all three types of medicine, and many different quality-levels of sleeping bad.
6. Verify game UI is slow to update, when checking and unchecking pawns to send on caravan.
7. Repeat as necessary with different combinations of the above, to profile the speed decrease.
Support / Slow-running game, was fine yesterday.
August 17, 2020, 10:55:09 AM
Not sure what's happening, but as of this morning my game is running slowly, like it's constantly at speed 1. If I switch between speeds 1, 2, and 3, sometimes it will have a half second of speedup, before slowing down again. In the error logs, I've got about a dozen errors like this, which are all presumably being spammed (but the log system is ignoring the repeats). They're all the same, but with different pawn names. The names all sound like the empire faction?

Exception ticking world pawn Elmatro. Suppressing further errors. System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
  at Verse.Gen.HashOffsetTicks (Verse.Thing t) [0x0000a] in <06f7e967007d4e0fbad0ed24c212fc7f>:0
  at Verse.Gen.IsHashIntervalTick (Verse.Thing t, System.Int32 interval) [0x00000] in <06f7e967007d4e0fbad0ed24c212fc7f>:0
  at RimWorld.RoyalTitle.RoyalTitleTick_NewTemp () [0x00000] in <06f7e967007d4e0fbad0ed24c212fc7f>:0
  at RimWorld.Pawn_RoyaltyTracker.RoyaltyTrackerTick () [0x0003f] in <06f7e967007d4e0fbad0ed24c212fc7f>:0
  at Verse.Pawn.Tick () [0x001f8] in <06f7e967007d4e0fbad0ed24c212fc7f>:0
  at RimWorld.Planet.WorldPawns.WorldPawnsTick () [0x0002d] in <06f7e967007d4e0fbad0ed24c212fc7f>:0
Verse.Log:Error(String, Boolean)
Verse.Log:ErrorOnce(String, Int32, Boolean)

Is there a way to fix this without starting a new game? I haven't changed anything; No new mods, no messages saying that mods updated themselves, nothing. (And none of my mods do anything with factions anyways.)
Even though the drill arm replaces the entire arm like a bionic or archotech arm, you can't install it if the person has had their entire arm removed; It requires a natural arm to replace. Easy to replicate - just debug a bionic arm, remove it with surgery, and try to install a drill arm into the same shoulder.

Just removed the cut-off shoulder hediff with debug mode, and the recipe became do-able.
When you get the quest for upgrading your pawn's psylink, you can just attack all of the emperial troops and the ceremony-officiant with impunity. They don't fight back at all, although the game will give you negative relations with the empire faction, and the people do try to flee. I feel like at least all the troopers should fight back, as they're fully armed and armored.
The surgeries for installing wooden hands, feet and peg legs all hyperlink to the help-entry for wood, instead of the installed prosthetic-def. (This means you can't know the part-efficiency without looking it up on the wiki or by searching the base game's XML.) Dentures also do not link to the installed item.
I switched to the beta for 1.2, and it seems like it's got a weird bug with the UI for forming caravans - there's no buttons to pick how much, or what types of food or medicine you want to take. It breaks several things for caravans:

  • selling chocolate, pemmican, kibble, or packaged survival meals
  • selling medicine
  • purchasing slaves from a nearby town (need more food food after you pick them up)
  • rescuing people from a nearby quest (need more food, and medicine to patch them up)
  • choosing to use one grade of food or medicine for home, and other grades on caravans
Some buildings can be built in a way that they block another building's interaction spot, but if you build them in the right order or orientation, they're not blocked.
1. Harps can be installed with their spot overlapping the spot of other work-benches, so that one chair works for both. If you try to install the work-bench after the harp, it gets blocked. (Works for all other benches.)
2. Benches block the spots of the same type of bench, but not different types of benches. For example, if you try to build a fab-bench with its spot overlapping another fab-bench, the placement will get blocked. (Same if you try to place it with the bench overlapping the first one's spot.) If you build another type of bench (art, tailor, hi-tech research, ...) the placement won't get blocked. This appears to happen for every combination of two different type of benches. (Not sure if this one's intentional, since it's so consistent with all benches, but it looks ridiculous with pawns standing on top of other benches. Plus, chairs still block placement, so it seems like a bug.)