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Topics - Freya 'Tail' Fairwing

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Creative Rewards / Name used to be in the game, now it is not.
« on: October 21, 2018, 01:09:14 PM »
I noticed a couple of alphas ago that my name and backstory seemingly disappeared from the game, and its still not back despite RimWorld now being in full release. I don't show up in the 'Add Name' list in the options screen anymore, and my current selection (from back when I was present in the game) now has an '[N]' at the end, and she never shows up.

Is this a known issue? It's kind of upsetting seeing I've somehow been dropped.

Bugs / Only three construction materials listed
« on: October 02, 2014, 11:10:39 PM »
I think I've encountered a bug where only three construction materials are listed in the choices of what to build things from. Since acquiring gold, wood is no longer shown in the menu, and this applies to tables, walls, racks, doors, everything. It's quite a problem.

Ideas / Reload mortars under the repair task
« on: July 10, 2014, 03:28:03 PM »
Something I just thought of while managing a colonist as he reloaded all six of my mortars after a fight, it could be good for the reloading of mortars to be done automatically by colonists set to repair, maybe after everything that is actually damaged is repaired. Manually reloading them with drafted colonists is something I can see going horribly wrong one day, leaving someone staring at a mortar until their stomach eats itself in hunger.

Bugs / Accidental damage destroying faction relations
« on: July 10, 2014, 03:16:47 PM »
Not sure if that's the best title for this potential problem, but here goes.

My colony was attacked by a pirate group at roughly the same time as a normal visit from a neighboring colony. The attack started just as she was leaving, so she took cover behind a sandbag emplacement that had a turret behind it. The turret took damage and ultimately exploded due to enemy fire, dealing a hefty amount of damage to her, but nowhere near as much damage as my faction relations to her group, which now rest at -94. Literally everyone hates me now.

It doesn't seem like this is meant to be intentional. None of my people shot her, she was only hit by pirates and damaged in the explosion by my gun turret that was destroyed purely by enemy fire.

Mendoza is the former friendly and she is where the turret and its emplacement was, so it's clear what I'm trying to describe. It just seems that relation deterioration from something that ultimately wasn't my fault is a little off. I didn't explicitly shoot her or do any harm to her.

Stories / Hello. Have you seen me?
« on: April 21, 2014, 07:49:06 AM »
So I have a colonist in game. You may have seen her in your own colonies. A girl by the name of Freya 'Tail 'Fairwing: Top artist and not completely bad with a rifle. Given that I made her and she is, for all intents and purposes, me, she's always one of my starting three colonists, but I do wonder what she gets up to in other peoples games. I wonder who she's killed. who she visited or joined after being taken in. I wonder how many people have bought or sold her into slavery. I wonder how many colonies she has been instrumental in destroying or saving.

Have you seen me?

Ideas / New Colony+ Option
« on: April 16, 2014, 06:02:45 AM »
Imagine you've ran a colony for a few in-game months. You've held off numerous raids against well armed raiders, you've built a thriving farming/mining community out of a handful of ragtag survivors and whatever help they've bought/found/kidnapped, they've made a name for themselves as a survivalist community; but still they are stranded. They are no closer to getting off the Rimworld.

One of your colonists, after a certain period of time, like 50 days, thinks that someone, somewhere on the world will have a way off the planet. From this, the option to build a caravan becomes available. It's not expensive, costing a little bit of metal and some meals. Once it's built though, you can choose three colonists from your current colony, along with all their skills and equipment they are using, and 500 units of any combination of resources, to go out into the world and seek help.

Inevitably, they fail and are forced to make a new colony themselves. The world is harder, with none of the pre-landed supplies you see at the start of a normal world, raider attacks being tougher. (The first attack isn't just an injured pirate with a pistol anymore.) All you have to start with is what you bought with you and what you can mine and farm. The world is harsher overall, but your colonists are tougher, more skilled and already well armed. The old colony becomes listed in the list of factions (among a roster of totally new ones) and you can help or hinder each other.

You have to start anew; again, but maybe you'll come one step closer to that way off the planet.

Bugs / Inedible, indestructible and immovable meal
« on: March 23, 2014, 07:55:11 PM »
Found a potential bug, Alpha 0.2.363, Windows version.

Essentially, there is a simple meal lying on my floor that is due to spoil -1.5 days ago. It cannot be moved, as my hauler simply picks it up, moves it one tile, drops it then immediately moves it back, rendering a meal stockpile useless as she only tries to move this buggy meal. I tried to set it on fire and it does not take damage from fire (though I have not tested non-buggy meals for this, though the fact that they have their own health suggests they are meant to burn.)

I have no idea how it might have started, and I can't think of anything highly unusual that might have occurred, though I did get attacked roughly 1 - 2 days before, and I habitually draft everyone as soon as raiders are sighted, regardless of what they were doing, so maybe there is some issue when this occurs while they are carrying a meal. My only other thought is that it spoiled while it was being carried.

Upon saving and reloading the game, the meal despawned, but until that time, there it lay. burning in the corner

Although I have a number of mods installed, I only have two running on this save. PopCap+ and Trade Federation.

Creative Rewards / Character Draft- Freya Miller
« on: November 02, 2013, 02:29:40 PM »
Hello. I've written out a draft of my character, a female artist, and want to share this draft here. I'm expecting there to be some mistakes, so any suggestions for improvements would be great. I've basically made a female version of myself.

Freya Miller (Tail)

Childhood Backstory: Downtrodden girl

She was born into a small, poor family. She was bullied relentlessly during her childhood, being beaten and abused, rarely making friends. She took interest to the working of guns and studied them, learning from books and occasionally, with actual guns.

Adult Backstory: Art student

She discovered her talent for art and began to teach herself how to draw and paint. After years of practice, she was able to enrol into a successful art university and take her skills further. She sought art industry work after graduating with good grades.

Skill Offsets:


Untrusting: -2 social

Delicate: Incapable: mining, -2 construction, -1 cooking, -1 growing


+2 shooting


+8 artistic
+2 crafting
+1 medicine

Final skills w/. offsets:

Construction: 1
Growing: 2
Research: 3
Mining: N/A
Shooting: 5
Melee: 3
Social: 1
Cooking: 2
Medicine: 4
Artistic: 11
Crafting: 5

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