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Outdated / [A18] Shuttlecraft (v1.01)
November 03, 2017, 05:20:38 PM

This mod adds a variety of shuttlecraft, which can act as reusable transport pods and caravan members.

Requires HugsLib version 4.0.1.


Shuttlecraft behave as either buildings or pawns, depending on whether "Hover Mode" is toggled. Without it, they can be launched like vanilla transport pods, although you'll fuel them directly without needing a pod launcher. With Hover Mode enabled, they act like pack animals. Hovering shuttles can be drafted if you'd like to manually reposition them.

Caravans containing a shuttle can launch themselves directly from the world map, as long as the shuttle(s) can carry the weight of all its pawns/items.

All shuttlecraft are completely reusable, but cost quite a bit to construct. They come in three tiers, each of which requires its own research project:

Personal Shuttle: Runs on chemfuel and can carry the same 150kg as a transport pod - albeit at slightly lower fuel efficiency.
Cargo Shuttle: Runs on special uranium fuel pods, manufactured at a machining table. Can carry 500kg. Fairly fuel-efficient.
Heavy Cargo Shuttle: Runs on special uranium fuel pods. Can carry a whopping 2,000kg, but is not particularly fuel-efficient.

====Future Plans====

Shuttlecraft was developed as part of a major expansion to Save Our Ship. When it is released, shuttles will allow you to transport colonists and goods between an orbiting ship and the planet/moon below.

Graphics are placeholders for the moment - interested artists are encouraged to contact me.

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Outdated / [A17] Save Our Ship (v1.01)
September 20, 2017, 07:15:01 PM
Update v1.01: Fixed an issue preventing some players from constructing buildings inside a ship's hull.

With this mod, any ship you launch is saved to a file. You can then start a new game using this ship to continue your colonists' stories on another world! Research, player faction data, and pawn relationships are all carried over.

SOS also includes new ship parts which allow constructing a proper interior. Any building or item placed atop a hull tile is saved with the ship - letting the colonists bring their favorite art, their workshop, and all the supplies the next colony might need. Cryptosleep caskets can be built inside a fully sealed hull at reduced cost.

Requires HugsLib.

====Technical Details and Known Issues====

"Loose" pawns aboard a ship won't be saved with it (they'd die during the interstellar journey). Put your colonists/animals in cryptosleep caskets.

Hull tiles can only be placed in a room fully bordered by ship parts. Placing a wall, nutrient paste dispenser, or any other building which counts as a solid wall will prevent placement of hull tiles in that area. Hull tiles automatically create roofs for themselves, which may cause compatibility issues with roofing mods.

Starting a game with a landed ship prevents new pawns from being created at game start. Colonists can still join later, of course. Ship starts are also incompatible with "start with," "start with animal," and "start near" scenario components.

There are many ways in which a third-party mod could store world data. If it's not saved inside a vanilla data structure (specifically the pawns themselves, a building on the ship, a faction def, researchManager, taleManager, or playLog), it won't come with the ship, which could cause issues with those mods.

Many NPC pawns from the old world will be missing when the ship lands, which will produce warnings if developer mode is enabled. The game cleans these up automatically.

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