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Topics - Mihsan

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So it bothered me for a long time (since caravans became a thing perhaps) and it is still actual... Sorry if it is a bit rant'ey.

1. What the circumstances were:
Anything of the following: visiting any settlement, requesting any bulk goods caravan, checking bulk goods trading ship with the aim of buying some food.

2. What happened:
Every stock I check is always the same: most food that they sell is meat. Finding vegetables is extremely rare.

3. What you expected to happen:
Traders should have more vegetables and much less meat. Why? I suspect that it is just bad kind of random, which looks at list of all foods, sees that there are so much types of meats (about 60) against any other types of foods (6 types of vegetables) - so we get exactly this in trading tables (meats show up ~10 times more often than vegetables), so nobody just looked in to it.

And if you think about it: meat is terrible as trading goods. It is hard to store (requires freezing) and hard to transport (short time window to deliver and sell), so why all traders want to sell it? Also consider the player's experience: I suspect that regular player's colony will produce much more vegetables than meat and value meat much more, so vegetables will be sold a lot while meats will be saved... so why AI traders act so different from the player? Also, it affects gameplay in a bad way and leads to worse stories: like my colony is starving, but closest settlement is 3+ days away over the mountains and sells only meat... next one too... wait, where are all vegetables? Also consider how it affects carnivore/vegetarian meals and ideologies...

4. Check generation of trading goods on settlements, trading caravans, ships.

1) I got a message about mechanoid siege (check screenshot).
2) Then nothing happened (no mechanoids, no drop-pods, no option to "jump to event"... nothing). Then activated dev mode and tested by spawning mechanoid siege on my own and result is the same (now with message because of dev mode - check screenshot 2).
3) Expected to see mechanoid siege.
4) Repro: spawn mechanoid siege.

P.S.: Seems to be linked to recent "- Adjusted mech cluster drop rules to avoid dropping too close to colony or colonists", did not happened before this.

1) I got transhumanist colonist, who has "transhumanist frustrated" moodled. Then I have found venom talon and installed it specificaly to fix the mood problem.
2) Transhumanist still has "transhumanist frustrated" thing even when he has venom talon installed.
3) I expected "transhumanist frustrated" thing to go away when venom talon is installed.
4) Repro: take transhumanist, install venom talon in him, check mood.

Bugs / [1.1+royalty] Player's pawn is killed by very minor damage.
« on: February 24, 2020, 12:36:25 PM »
1) Got pawn (Freckles) from a quest (Freckles and a show hare).
2) Got her killed two times: #1 - from a couple of scratches from a rat, #2 - from a single barehand hit by berserking prisoner.
3) Expected my pawn not to die from such minor wounds. It looks like some weird logic is happening in here (perhaps this pawn is threated like a non-PC character and dies instead of beign downed? or is it something having to do with pain together with carcinoma and scar on torso?).
4) Savefile with Freckles alive:

Upd: Freckles did not die, but got downed in another case, where only her legs were damaged. So maybe damage to torso is what kills her?

Bugs / [1.0.2059] Bug: administered beer does not provide nutrition.
« on: November 07, 2018, 01:18:00 PM »
1) Circumstances: my colony had no food and everybody was starving. I order my colonists to drink some beer and it worked fine - everybody got some nutrition from it. Then I ordered to administer beer on starving prisoner through operations tab - it did not gave nutrition.
2) What happened: starving prisoner did not get any nutrition from beer via "administer beer" operation.
3) Expected: beer to give nutrition even when administered.
4) Reproduction: administer beer and watch "food" stat.

1) Transport pod event.

2) Crashed survivor (space refugee) is not downed on event and instantly starts bandaging one wound and then walks away. I think it's because of "tough" trait, which he had.

3) I expected crash survivor to be downed. It does not looked like "working as intended" thing when he walked away.

4) Reproduction: crash survivor with tough trait.

Upd.: He was downed some time later because of cold and/or blood loss, so I managed to rescue him.

[attachment deleted due to age]

1) Colonist had "run wild" mental state.
2) I lost my sight of him. Then found him dead on activated trap.
3) Was expecting "wild" colonists not to activate traps because latest changelog stated "never spring on you or allies" (which in my eyes includes "wild" colonists).
4) Repro: bring wild colonist on trap.

[attachment deleted due to age]

1) Was on prisoner rescue mission.
2) My colonist goes in prison room with grenades. Sees prisoner and throws grenades at him.
3) Was expecting prisoner to not be considered as enemy.
4) Repro: prisoner rescue mission, get prisoner in firing range.

[attachment deleted due to age]

Rewriten with newest info:
1) Pawn had badly wounded torso and infection on it.
2) Pawn dies right after infection switches from major to extreme (78%) because efficiecy on body part "torso" drops to 0%.
3) I expected pawn not to die from infection below 100%. Torso efficiecy should not drop to zero in such case or it should not cause death - it makes so that almost any infection on torso will kill pawn.
4) Save file with conditions (pawn's name - Marina):

[attachment deleted due to age]

Bugs / [1.0] Tamed turkey broke animals tab.
« on: June 17, 2018, 01:33:10 PM »
1) I was in animals tab.
2) "Something" happened and animals tab started to act weird (did not wanted to close w/o ESC key; camera was moving not how it should). Then I saw tamed turkey in my storage area eating some stuff... but I had no turkey in my opened animals tab! I saved my game and reloaded it. During loading there were some animals-related errors in dev-log and animals tab was broken (pressing it opened only small blank window in left bottom corner). Then I destroyed that turkey with dev mode and the whole problem was solved.
3) Expected animals tab to not be broken.
4) Not sure how to repeat this bug. Save file for investigation:

[attachment deleted due to age]

Bugs / [1.0] Typo: wrong gender and capsed letters on animal tamed.
« on: June 17, 2018, 10:35:41 AM »
1) Saw message about tamed alpaca.
2) It had "HIM" in it (which is wrong because of all capsed letters and also that alpaca was female).
3) Was expecting correct gender and non-capsed letters (him/her instead of HIM/HER).
4) Repro: tame some animal.

[attachment deleted due to age]

Bugs / [1.0] Large ocean names bugged.
« on: June 17, 2018, 09:26:30 AM »
1) Generated world with larger water %. Found biggest ocean.
2) Ocean name had weird circle holes in each letter.
3) Letters to show up w/o holes.
3) Generate world, look for large ocean.

[attachment deleted due to age]

1) Had to arrest colonist because of his addiction.
2) Some time later he got "prison breaker" mental break and released all prisoners in his room.
3) Imprisoned colonists should not have "prison breaker" mental break.
4) Arrest colonist, give him bad mood, wait. There must be other prisoners also.

Bugs / [0.18.1704] Shattered spine + watch TV = fall out of the bed.
« on: November 01, 2017, 08:56:17 PM »
1) Had colonist with shattered spine. At some point he started to fall out of his medical bed very often. After investigation I figured out that it was caused by pawn watching TV.

2) What happened: pawn with shattered spine always falls out of the bed after watching TV.

3) I was expecting for disabled pawns not to fall out of the bed (ever).

4) Reproduce: take disabled pawn, place him in medical bed, place working TV in front of him. Look at pawn falling out of the bed after he watches TV.

P.S.: Save with reproduced situation attached.

[attachment deleted by admin: too old]

1) Pawn had bad'is and started wandering.
2) Pawn snaps out of wandering. He is hungry and wants to sleep. He stars to eat meal, but falls asleep. I force him to wake up after 1 second with draft/undraft. He goes into berzerking state almost instantly.
3) Pawns not to berzerk right after wandering. Even if he slept for 1 second..
4) Low mood => daze => 1 second sleep => berzerk.

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