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Hello everyone,

I dislike giant bases with giant stockpiles so I use a stock mod. I have been using IncreasedStack in the past just because it was the most subscribed and simple. Now I realize it does not increase modded items stack sizes and I also would like some more control so I guess I should switch to one of the other two..

Is any of the other two mods able to affect new items from mods? Also what would you say are the main differences between OgreStack and StackXXL and which one are you using and why?

Can I remove IncreasedStack and add one of the other two and load my existing savegame? What happens to stacks? I don't care too much if I loose items I guess I won't do it during toxic rain.

Thanks for all feedback!
Hello everyone,

I want to start a new low tech game for 1.0. I will have lots of Castle building with Medieval Times. Want to do a nice looking castle without killboxes. What I can't find is a mod enabling Water for 1.0. I found the bridges mod that even has a drawbridge but that is only Beta 18.

Also does anyone know of a 1.0 mod that disables all guns from the game? Found one but that is only beta 18 too.


Chris aka CyberianK
General Discussion / Tips for wealth management?
December 13, 2017, 04:44:13 AM
Hello everyone,

I am into my second game ever with RimWorld.
I am using Medieval Times and Hospitality mods plus a few lesser impact QoL ones and I play on Randy Rough only because I am quite new to the game. One rule I made is no killboxes and my peoples are armed with Longbows and plate armor (MT items). I think I have 10 or 12 pawns now and the fort has been going well but that seems to have lead to much bigger raid sizes. Lately I get 25-30 peoples for the medieval factions the pirates with guns are thankfully lower size. I guess I am pumping out too many good high wealth items. I have lately started breeding Muffalos to help with my defense so I don't get completely overwhelmed and I started disassembling all the armor and weapons that I don't need on my pawns into steel again. I also found a Plasteel reserve that I don't mine out because I can't use it for anything good anyway.

So that what are the worst offenders for wealth in your experience?
Do walls and floors actually increase wealth? I have an all Slate castle with mostly marble floors and a few silver and sterile floors.
I have many stone deadfall traps scattered at all attack directions do they increase wealth much?
Would it help to go with lower quality furniture and maybe give some happiness with drugs to compensate?
Related to that does anyone know if tolerance reduction applies for each drug seperately?
Because then I would go with Psychoid Peko every second day, one beer every four days and one wakeup every four days that should work for one dose of happy every day. So does it clean the tolerance from pekoe on the same day as it reduces the beer or does only one drug get out of the system each day?
Does my Muffalo Herd actually also hurt my wealth substantially?

Also would be glad for all other tips you have for wealth management or dealing with attackers using no killboxes and only legendary longbows at best.