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Help / XML Patch Help, Please
« on: March 04, 2020, 04:20:57 PM »
Posted a while back on an apparently dead thread, so wondering if anyone here can help me with an XML Patch noob question:

Is there a better way to combine two different changes to the same Def without two separate PatchReplace operations?  Here is what works, but is there a better way to do this?  (I tried just not pointing to /color or /colorTwo in the xpath, but it never worked.)

   <Operation Class="PatchOperationReplace">
   <Operation Class="PatchOperationReplace">

Thank you!

Support / Game too dark, any way to adjust brightness, gamma, etc?
« on: September 14, 2019, 10:35:22 PM »

I have my monitor adjusted to full brightness and contrast, but when night falls or it rains, I can barely see anything on the game screen.  I get that its supposed to be dark, but when I'm literally squinting trying to play, I think physical need outweighs immersion experience.  Is there any way to lighten the game?  Thank you!

Ideas / Slave-to-Colonist Option
« on: June 16, 2019, 04:59:11 PM »
I would like the ability to "free" purchased slaves, and have the description change from "Female/Male SLAVE of {insert colony name}" to "Female/Male COLONIST of {insert colony name}"

In addition, it would be fantastic if "freeing" slaves gives a positive boost to colonists, in the same vein as "banishing" a colonist provides a negative.


Ideas / Suggestion: Add variety to "Ancient Dangers"
« on: May 30, 2019, 08:28:49 PM »
Even though I enjoy them, the mystique is pretty much gone at this point.  I know they will either contain bugs, bots, and/or people, who may or may not be hostile.

Instead of just the same scenarios, I'd love to see more variety.  For example: 

1.  Maybe you find a hidden weapons/supplies cache.
2.  Maybe you find parts to a starship, like from an old wreckage!
3.  Maybe you find an old computer, miraculously still running since the "Ancient days" or something that will boost one skill, randomly or not, before finally just giving out.
4.  Maybe you find a sealed medical lab, that automatically inflicts an illness or parasite or whatever, upon being unsealed. 
5.   Maybe you discover an entire "colony" that has remained hidden all this time!  (IE:  Like, if you find this digging in a mountain, under the ice, anywhere large enough to hide such a thing.)  This could even prompt immediate, all out war!

The point being, there are a LOT of ways to add variety to these, and I would really enjoy seeing more options added.

"Ancient dangers are like a box of chocolates"....or should be.   :D

Bugs / "Preferred player-created characters" are not spawning
« on: January 30, 2019, 09:49:11 PM »
EDIT 2:  As of 3/27/19:  I finally see my characters!  Thank you to both Michael and Tynan for contacting me.  I'm honestly blown away.

So, there was nothing for my grand fix, that I hadn't tried before.  With and without mods.

However, I decided to completely uninstall RimWorld, even to deleting the folders, and reinstalled fresh.  (Since my install was an update from Steam, on an older version.)

I then tried starting another new game with no mods, and this time, I was able to see my first character within moments of randomizing!  I didn't get the other character like that, but I went ahead and started a game, and, using the developer tools, was able to spawn a world pawn, and she was there.  I am so happy, I cannot stop smiling. 

So, if anyone runs into this issue, maybe a file just didn't get updated somewhere.  That is all I can think that it was. 

So, please consider this bug closed.

EDIT:  I found another poster where they are getting multiple characters of the same person:
That character has a [ B ] in the name. 
Not sure its related, but it seems like it is.


I've been playing for weeks, ever since the 1.0 release and have had multiple colonies.  I've tried with and without mods.  I cannot get either of my characters to spawn, even though I have the "Preferred player-created characters" selected in options.  I have "Randomized" and added by the "Prepare Carefully" mod, literally over two-thousand characters.  They never show up, even though I get duplicates.

My characters are marked with [N].  I did see a post where this was a bug, for those with [ B ] in the name.  Maybe this was impacted by that change?  Or, its just a new bug.

Further information: I get multiple repeats in the same game of certain characters.  For example:  Derrial Shepard Book.  This has a [PK] in the name.

I'm logging this as a bug, in hopes that I can get some assistance.  Even if someone can simply point me to the file where these characters are stored, so that I can verify they are at least included, would be appreciated.

Finally, is there any way to increase the spawning probability?

Thank you!

Ideas / Need 12-hour format for in-game real time please
« on: January 22, 2019, 04:51:20 PM »
I've google'd and looked in the Workshop.  It seems there have been many requests over various forums for literally years for this, but the general answer is along the lines of "Use the 24-hour format, you noob!" 

Well, I'm an unapologetic noob, and would like the option to see 12-hour format option, please.  It's a bit beyond my modding capabilities, but I can't imagine someone out there would have too difficult a time coming up with something.  If so, on behalf of myself and my fellow 12-hour noobs, I humbly request someone make a mod or add this as a game design.

Many thanks in advance!

EDIT 2:  I have logged this as a bug.  I will be replying to any help there.  Thanks!

EDIT:  I have yet to see either character.  I am using the Prepare Carefully mod to spam new characters.  I get repeats of the some characters (Derrial Shepard Book, for example), and yet I have had see either of my characters show up since the release, in any game.  What file are these names generated from?  I'd like to confirm they are actually in there.  If so, then I really think the RNG is broken.

Is anyone else who was added since 1.0 having this issue?

Thanks for any help!

Since 1.0, when they were added, I've not had either of the two specified characters show up in-game.  I have them specified in Options.  I've been playing for two weeks, and had several new colonies, and haven't seen either one yet.

Is there a way to search all characters on a planet and check if they are being added?  Is anyone else having this problem?


Ideas / Way to improve selected item/pawn indicator square
« on: January 08, 2019, 08:01:51 PM »
This may be already in the game, and I've just overlooked it, but I'd really like a mod or option that makes the selection indicator be much more noticeable.  Either larger, colored, flashing, something.  This would help me, for instance, when I'm zoomed out on the map and trying to see all of what I've got selected.

If anyone knows a way to change them, either by mod or options already in the game, please let me know.  Thanks!

For the life of me, I can't figure out how to add my tamed animals to ship cryptosleep caskets.  I don't want to fly away and leave all my pets behind! 

On colonists, you can get a select a colonist, right-click a cryptosleep casket, and get an option to "Enter Cryptosleep casket."

I would like a similar option for animals.  Either by selecting them individually and adding them via right-click, like colonists, or by adding a Handling option for colonists to load them into the caskets (like a real pet owner puts their animals into pet carriers).  Or, via the Animals tab.  I'm not picky, so whatever is easier.

I, and my pixel fur babies, would really appreciate the help!   

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