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Releases / [1.0-1.2] Patched mods stash
August 24, 2020, 01:24:33 PM
Gathering all patches of mods i`ve already done.

RF - Advanced Bridges [1.0-1.2] [Original thread]
Thi is an update of RF bridges. Includes only bridges.

Cryptorestore caskets [1.0-1.2] [Original thread]
This is an update of cryptorestore caskets. Update allows to heal diseases, regrow lost organs, heal permanent injuries (with a cost of course) in addition to regular restoration stuff.

Releases / [1.4] Unification mods
February 26, 2020, 03:04:49 PM
Unification mods
Due to being unable to create new topics this topic will be used to provide non-steam download links for all mods i will be publishing.

Current mod list:
Mod nameDescriptionLinkVersions
Terraform techThis is a library mod that provides classes and functionality for terraforming needs.
Has built-in functionality that allows rebuilding and repairing natural walls.
Google drive1.4
Terraform LiveMakes lanskape enviroment more "alive" in rimworld: soil moistens, oceans now have flux and reflux, etc.Google drive1.4
Early times terraformA standalone expansion to Early times mod that includes terrain change recipes.Google drive1.4
Unification projectA mod with objective to unify 100 different definitions of different materials added by different mods. Also allwos to unify not only materials but recipes, recipe lists, fuel lists and so on.1.4
Releases / [1.0-1.4] Early Times mod
February 22, 2020, 08:55:20 AM
Early times Mod

Ever felt like rimworld is missing early time content? Then this mod is to fix that up.
This is two in one mods patched together carefully and with added features.


  • Early research and additional tribal items
  • Fungus domestication
  • Medieval researh and related items
  • Additional tool cabinets
  • Early times mining solution
  • Additional security items and turrets
  • Books
  • Transition from primitive to modern items
  • Terraforming
  • And more...
  • Cheese? Cheese!

Download links:
1.0-1.4 [Google drive] 1.0-1.4 [Steam]



  • Quarry 1.1
  • Doors Expanded
  • Gimmicks
  • Rim of Madness - Bones
  • VGP Garden Gourmet
  • ZARS Tribalism
  • TribalInstruments
  • Simple chains: steel
  • Simple chains: leather
  • Simple chains: lumber
  • Medieval times: tools of the trade
  • RimWriter - Books, Scrolls, Tablets, and Libraries
  • RimWriter - Books, Scrolls, Tablets, and Libraries (continued)
  • Musical Instruments
  • Musical Instruments (Continued)
  • [RF] Concrete
  • [RF] Concrete (Continued)
  • [RF] Advanced Bridges
  • [RF] Advanced Bridges (Continued)
  • [RF] Advanced Bridges Continued [1.0][1.1][1.2]
  • [WD] Simple Concrete
  • [JPT] Burn It for Fuel
  • [XND] Proper Shotguns
  • [XND] Survival Tools

  • rimworld westernization project
  • SteamWorldContinued
  • Clockwork And Steam
  • Early Firearms mod
  • Simple Mining Extension
  • Ancient Rim - core
  • Ancient Rim - SPQRim
  • Tribal Signal Fire
  • Tribal Signal Fire (Continued)
  • Cupro's Alloys
  • [Ry]Rimcraft Metals
  • [HLX] Regrowth

  • Researchpal generates logical techtree (and gives minor strange exception that does not effect anything)
  • Compatability with most other mods is unknown
  • Requires new game start to gain full content access
  • Breaks save game when removed
  • Can be installed on existing saves but no new factions will be found unless Faction discovery mod is installed

Mod rights:
I am not using this mod to earn any money, this mod is free of charge. Any further modifications and copies or modpacks with this mod must be provided free of charge.
This is not fully my mod, and i dont claim any right on it, you may download, modify and use it as you please without notifying me, unless mod rights from previous owners of mods that current mod was built upon are applied.

Vindar, Party cowboy, Rudo for tech tree and steam help
HydromancerX for ideas

"Crieg corps reporting"

Changelog & planned stuff:
Google doc

Compat with:
[JPT] Human Resources
-seeds integration

Releases / [1.0-1.2] Patched mods stash[Deleted]
April 10, 2019, 01:10:03 PM
Gathering all patches of mods i`ve already done.

RF - Advanced Bridges [1.0-1.2] [Original thread]
Thi is an update of RF bridges. Includes only bridges.

Cryptorestore caskets [1.0-1.2] [Original thread]
This is an update of cryptorestore caskets. Update allows to heal diseases, regrow lost organs, heal permanent injuries (with a cost of course) in addition to regular restoration stuff.

Help / How to add custom terrain set pieces?
December 25, 2018, 01:59:20 PM
How to add custom terrain set pieces to mapgen? Want to add terrain with specific hand-made tag. Atleast poin in the direction how to.
Outdated / [B18] Mechanite weapons 1.4
May 08, 2018, 03:58:02 PM
Mechanite guns mod
Did you wonder anytime why you cannot rip those charge lances and heavy blasters? Now you can even modify them! This is perfectly balanced because player canont mass-produce and needs to fight some dangerous enemies.

Adds 9 new guns that derivate from those on mechaoid`s:
3 lightened versions, 2 stationary upgrades for blaster and minigun, 2 upgrades for inferno cannon, even further modified charge lance and gauss cannon.

Different upgrades require research.

Reforged scyther blade:
Scyther blade is recieved by successfully downing scyther, and tearing off his blade. After obtaining it is mostly sold to traders because it is hard to manipulate objects with it after installig it as arm replacement... but one of researchers mentioned that it can be manipulated to extend itself without wielder, so jamming it in extended state and attaching a handle only is a thing of research and good craftsman.

Adjusted weapons:
Weapons ripped of most casing and adjusted for human wielding.

  Light charge lance:
Batteries and charging element were ripped from casing and relocated to backpack, main condensator element position unchanged, added grip, stock and sights for easier handling. Main working mechanism remains unhanged. Due to weapon`s specific properties recoil is very low. Decent replacement for survival bolt rifle.

  Light charge blaster
Adjusted heavy charge blater allowing for easier handling, although its still hard to aim because of slight recoil per shot and lack of sights.

  Light inferno cannon
Ripped off most metal casing, main working element - molten core is exposed resulting in better cooling after shots, though cooling still required to not melt wielder on next shot. Exposed core seemes to be unstable and may explode when triggered.

     Stationary weapons:
     These weapons require long stanging on place and take some time to setup and relocate.
  Stationary minigun
Minigun on tripod and with metal protective shield. Very low recoil per shot and high accuracy.

  Stationary charge blaster
Lightened charge blaster on a tripod with metal protective shield. Lowered recoil and sights allow for much better accuracy, though weapon is still not very accurate itself.

  Artillery cannon
Piece of engineer improvisation - lightened inferno cannon  repurposed into mortar allowing to fire heavy objects on long distances.

     Upgraded stuff:
  Rapid charge lance
Doubled amount of charging elements and condensators, improved cooling allows for greatly increased rate of fire. Manual switch and frequent reload takes some requirement on shooter too.

  Gauss cannon
This piece of tech is just for killing swarms of insects. Rip and tear.

  Napalm cannon
Inferno cannon molten core overclocked, exaust heat redirected into main firing chamber allowing for cascade of shots without frequent reload. Rapid firing causes massive barrel overheat requiring some cooling. Pyro, NO

v1.0 Initial release
v1.1 adjusted research and recipes to allow obtaining not on late game
v1.2 increased stationary weapons cost and reload time, fixed gauss cannon
v1.3 fixed weapon categories and balanced stationary weapons
v1.4 added reforged scyther blade, removed shield from stationary weapons(it didnt work anyway)
v1.5 balanced weaponery quite a bit, stationary minigun and blaster currently unchanged - they will become buildings

Download Latest:

Licence: Free to download and use as you wish without notifying me.

Planned: transform stationary charge blaster and minigun into buildings, BFG?