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I welcome everyone to share their coloniests withdrawal stories and how it affected the pawns daily life and the daily life of the colony.

I am also going to share my story of a colonist named Pi (since his intelligence level is 17) who I am going to try and update from time to time since even though his withdrawal is over he is still getting affected by the crazy events, illness, and possibly crazy powers that happened during his withdrawal. Take in mind that my colony right now is in its early stage and is barely scraping along since the difficulty is intense.
Hello, I am going to post a picture about the problem I am having in the colony but I was wondering if it would be better to create tables and chairs in each room rather then create a big room where everyone goes and eats it. Also just wondering how big does a room have to be in order to meet the needs of the pawn without creating negative effects if it is too small also I am going to post a picture, later on, to show what I did with the layout of my rooms and if I should change it for any reason. Also how to maximize the security of my area without causing problems with space. Thanks for your feedback

Edit: here is the pictures take in consideration that I am in right now early game stage

also, I still can't find out how to put an image on this site so I am just going to give you the website that has the image of my colony so you can answer my question 

the second image is a close up of the room set up I have