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I have 2 cooks, one is lvl 15 the other lvl 16, i keep getting food poisoning by incompetent cook.

What are the factors?

Was thinking maybe we picked up a 'coupla' simple meals a while back and if it is, it's at the bottom of the pile? like how insect meat taints all, maybe a raider dropped one or a pod, and it calculates the unknowns cooking skill so to speak? guess i'll be cookin nothin till they are all gone? :/ (Don't think i picked up any though.. )

Or, was my cook high? :D
One has a middle finger missing the other a toe.. missin' a limb, it reduces quality?
Though the fingerless guys other arm is bionic, increasing manipulation by over 100%
If the area was dirty it would say due to dirty cooking area.
I think the staggerinly ugly trait is a little cruel, in this day n age (the year 5513 to be exact) cosmetic surgery is guaranteed to exist.
I grab 10 glitterworld dump em outside with an X on em n let em rot, i go into the settings n remove the staggeringly ugly trait from the pawn as if to say i gave them surgery to remove the 'debilitating' stat :P  i figure 10 glitterworld is costly enough to still be a fair play.

Think i should just let them be staggeringly ugly?
Pretend that ina a world where i can buy limbs that regenerate and a healer mech that can remove scars, no one knows of cosmetic surgery? :P

Maybe i should use a healer mech instead

..Healer mech should be able to remove stag' ugly, goes to ugly, then to nothing then to pretty, then beautiful.. after each use :P

would be nice to get the pause to consider the things it is allowed to butcher via the bill, when calculating how much meat we have. At the moment it is considering my butchered insects from another bill and my pawns have no meat.

And on the other hand, if increase the amount to be butchered and we are low on insect meat we get an excess surplus.

Otherwise a brilliant feature.
i have a lot of my animals set to 'outside', when i get a raid etc i have to manually change every animal from the 'outside' zone to the 'NFinside' zone.
Is there a mod that would with one click, change all in one zone to another?

E.g: up the top where it says the zones, right clicking on one of the zones would say transfer all in this zone to:  'zone'

the list of text at the top left can be a pain when you need to click a specific pawn and you can't. Instead you have to wait for the non essential text to go when it wants to, would be nice if we could right click it to get rid of it, quit the inconvenience :P
Bugs / power armor/marine armor label
April 03, 2019, 07:35:37 PM

Research tree still states 'research power armor' instead of 'marine armor', nothin much in the grand scheme of things, took me a bit to find/realize it is marine armor now :)
maybe it was intended?

my thrumbo is loosing it's tamness 1 point left, i tell my toon to go tame it, he goes "sure", he grabs rice, changes his mind grabs some meat and tries to boost taming on a dumb ass squirrel, not to mention he is my lvl 17 guy in animals and he fails, every damn time

If we're going to have the new mechanic at least make the pawn smart enough to know IDFC about a squirrel :P

To combat this i put 5 ppl on tame, a lvl 9 a lvl 12 one 14 n two 17's i zoom out n all i see is fail, fail , fail , fail :/

A moments silence please, just lost the thrumbo ..but on the bright side, we have a squirrel still!  lol
Ideas / fix caravans.
March 31, 2019, 10:24:06 PM
I love a good toxic fallout, the form caravan..not so..much

I ended up rocket launching all my animals and the dumb ass pawns that kept running in circles, vented reloaded, to the same junk.

I know caravans are hard to get to work right, so i made a single zone with all my animals locked in it and started to form the caravan the morons the pawns, seemed to collect all the animals and then zig zag back n forth until they got to 50% toxic build up, it's just a fail.

Not to mention that as soon as you start to form a caravan the animals loose their set zones so they are allowed to eat all crops...

(placed all animals in a zoned room with the 3 pawns, then started form caravan, they grabbed em all i opened the door and then they piss farted around the caravan zone for a day or so)

notice the new menu showing what is to be loaded, tried to get them to manually load it, they grabbed some rice and the animals that followed, ate the rest of what was supposed to be for the caravan... 

This time just 1 pawn and the animals no stuff, just grab em n go, nah that would be too easy... looser walking back n forth again

I try again, 1 pawn, no stuff she collects em all, i open the door, they spew forth
and distribute , she then proceeds to go and grab every single animal ahgain, just trash

Before you say well see if you can code any better, i don't have to ..i paid someone to do it.

no zones for animals apon beginning so this time some of them got high, n passed out yay

just ..garbage

(Dev mode to the rescue, hit auto create to step over ...the bropken caravans. feel sorry for the people that don't have that luxury :P
Bugs / grow and plant cut?
March 27, 2019, 09:37:15 PM
i decided to set one pawn to grow and one cut, was hoping for that to work but setting him on grow auto cuts anyway, whats the dif? :)
Ideas / refugee being chased options
March 27, 2019, 06:52:59 PM
Usually it will say refugee chased at blah blah and asks for shelter ...i'd like to see the option to ask them questions, each time the degree of them getting caught increases, rather than just, not knowing anything..

E.G first question:

What did you do to survive..? (chance of loosing refugee is increased by 10% die roll ) "i was a cave world illuminator"
then you can ask the next one for a higher risk of loss
Why are you running..? i'm, i'm hideously ugly, or, i light fires.. (+30% to lose, roll die)
How can you help us..?   I'm a brawler? (+60% to lose, die roll)

The refugee screams through the radio as he is killed by the faction of meat grinders..

I figure something along those lines, you get to know more about them and prisoners quests etc, at the risk of loosing them. :D

We had a Sloth who got brain damage, he had no movement so he stayed by the hospital, waiting for a brain implant.
He stayed there until, tameness reduced to 0%, he was wild but imobile.
We kept him on tame, they kept feeding him, finally we installed the new brain stimulator.

The doc arrived with the brain stimulator, gave anesthetic to the megasloth and everything went smoothly seemed a success but at the end of the procedure he walks away and there is no change, still brain damage, no crit failure still under anisthetic and a procedure that still waits to be done? :)
Ideas / create one major hub for each faction
March 26, 2019, 01:33:45 PM
i understand the inability to have many robust towns you can visit, though it would be nice if each faction had one HQ that has substance that you can visit :)
Ideas / my animals doin a death train for no reason
March 25, 2019, 01:41:28 PM
100's a doors they can choose and  my animals are practically single filling through a raid, i want to help kill them, animals as retarded as that deserve to die.
My animals have basically circled my base to go through the entry where i am fighting a raid, wasn't there supposed to be some sort of 'animals will avoid guns' update?
So far i've lost 3 chickens 2 boars 2 pigs a muffalo a boomalope's about to boom, several does and the rest are on there merry moronic way, what sad ai pathing..

My 'suggestion' ..

No locked doors, no nothin, just all my animals decided to go that way, good thing i can reload, god forbid i went with perma death and lost everything due to ..stupid, (though that being said i'd probably change their zones if it were perma) but who'da thought they'd be that ..thick

My base is a circle, they paraded from the top, down the side past the first and second set of doors right through the raid.. why? they have the whole map to eat food from..
Ideas / stop pawns feeding fine meals to animals..
March 24, 2019, 10:50:08 PM
One of the ..silliest things in this game is pawns thinking feeding injured animals fine meals is acceptable and not stupidity.. when there is 20 simple meals a bucket load of berries and veggies right there... RIGHT THERE!...

I am very surprised this situation still occurs..  ..

I mean geez .. lol

That's what i 'suggest' ..
Mods / [mod request] star craft styled
October 10, 2018, 02:47:19 PM
replace factions with zergs terrans and protos, the faction you choose removes the rest from the world map.
Set it up like a dominance, where colonies progress aka rise of nations rise of legends, (or possibly just stationary colonies) victory once you vanquish all other foes and colonies get harder as you remove them, includes raids :P

Tehe, it's a big ask, and i can't see it happening, but, it would be sweet :D

love to see a zerg pop out a the ground :P

...Just realized zerg would need some sort of terrain changing ability i guess... it would be a giant mod if ever
A 1 in 30 chance give or take, where the long range mineral scanner detects an anomaly, has a different icon to the pick axe

you arrive and it looks like this:
(behind the door should obviously be undiscovered)

And when you open it it looks like this:
(add or reduce threats n wealth etc..)

(i don't know how to add a pic then text, so there it is, add wealth but nothing mineable, you know there is good shit inside but do you try to pull it off..? will greed get the better of you..

[attachment deleted due to age]
This is B18, but figured i'd still pop it up here incase the issue still occurs

I just dealt with a raid, a pawn badly injured got an infection that killed her, i reloaded my save and checked her:

she has 85% pain and an infection that is sitting at 78% ~and rising, with a 96% immunity, in 1 minute she will need rebandaging but  in the end it takes to long the pain threshold rises and (i gather) she dies from the pain

after repeated attempts i decide to use luciferium as it reduces pain

Her pain drops down to 68% she leaps out of bed proceeds to walk with no new bandage and promtly dies on the floor.. her infection is still under 80% (though it did click over to extreme)
It seemed to me that although the pain was reduced it was not actually reduced?

Is it a bug? i mean shouldn't luci have reduced the pain there for removing the chance of death?
*It was not due to blood loss, just alot of bruises n a few burns

On higher skill levels meteors should start fires within a small radius around them selves.
i was thinking the possibility of scorched earth under them aswell, but, dunno bout that one..
I am about to bash rimworld, it is one of my favourite games, bring on the critique

If rimworld were a story and as you read the chapters, you'd get to chapter 5 and go hang on didn't this happen in chapter 2?

You get 4 or so events that rinse and repeat with a lifeless wasteland outside of the only thing that breaths in rimworld, your settlement. there is other 'bases' if you can call them that, but they are slapped together squares with a few turrets thrown in.

I love this game*

The progress in the game creation so far, has been to put the things in that should be in, one damn solid foundation for some great stories. but there are no actors apart from the ones you directly control with almost no outside influence
You got a raid, you've been ambushed, poison ship, raid, poison ship, fallout, raid, poison ship, raid, raid, raid, volcanic winter, that about sums it up..

The book of rimworld is laden with golden covers, but the pages lay somewhat bare, fill the world of rimworld with life.

there is no fluctuation in story

Again, hate me for it, i think i gave a good bash, i say again, i love this game, it is beautiful and my god the hours my wife and i have put into it.

But, for the love of god (lol) put some life into the rest of the world, please :D :)

Something that isn't just arbitrary interaction
There is a post here somewhere saying 'tell your stories', there isn't many as there is no real variation..
I did have a hilarious yet sad moment where i had a self tamed squirrel, who got burnt, then cirosis of the liver then walked outside n had a meteor land on him all in the space of 3 or so days poor poor squirrel one.. :/
Inumerable times i will be deleting a stack of notifications, as in 'new lovers'  'cargo pods' sad wander' etc and just as i will be doing so, a new one will start to drop down and it instantly gets deleted.
It would be nice if there was a delay on 'delete ability'  like it must stay visible for 3 seconds or something :)