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Stories / From Bad to Worse
« on: September 05, 2019, 11:19:53 AM »
Hello everyone.  This is a casual story I've been working on in my free time.  It's based on experiences in Rimworld, but with some creative liberties taken.  I play with a long list of mods, so a lot of elements to the story are from those, and not found in vanilla (dinos, humanoid animals, modern weaponry, and so on).  They add variety, but make my game startup take forever.  Anyway, I hope you like like the story as much as I've had fun writing it.


From Bad to Worse

Aprimay 7, 5517
Well, all things considered, our situation could be worse…

About 4 hours ago, we were all safely aboard our ship before our pilot decided to “test out the new stabilizers”.  What he had in mind was more of a stunt maneuver that put us right on course to clip a mountain peak with the underside of the ship.  It feels somehow fitting that he didn’t make it to a pod in time.  In fact, most of the crew didn’t make it.  It’s just Dave, Green, Misha, and I, all stuck in this mountainous forest with nothing but some basic supplies and scrap metal all around us.

As I’m writing this journal, Dave, our onboard botanical expert (glorified gardener, really), and Green, our doctor, are arguing about how to best set up camp.  I feel bad for Misha.  She’s the only person here with actual engineering experience, and the other two won’t shut up long enough to listen to her.  As for me, I’m what’s left of security.  I’ve had my share of scuffles, but I’m no soldier, and we were never properly equipped.  Heck, the captain of the ship barely let us keep shotguns on board for fear we’d blow a hole in his ship.  Instead, it was SMGs and pistols for all.  I’m at least glad one pistol was added to each escape pod for “survival purposes”, so we’re all armed somewhat. 

Sounds like the others have finally decided to pick a spot for camp.  I’ll keep this up as long as I can, in case we get rescued. 

Aprimay 8, 5517
Last night was a rough sleep.  We’ve become so used to our beds that none of us were ready for a long night on the ground.  We had managed to build a small hut out of wood and scraps from the ship that fell around us, but we’re going to need a better place if we’re going to be stuck here.  Dave’s foot ended up in my ribs no less than 3 times, and Misha insisted on sleeping on the edge, so she wasn’t stuck between a bunch of guys.  Can’t blame her for that. 

After taking a quick scope of the land, we realized where we are: lost.  None of us remember seeing this valley on a map, much less how to get back to a town or something.  The only option we have is to build right here in hopes that someone finds us soon. 

While the others work on fire and a larger hut, I set out finding food.  Sure, we have the rations, but not many.  I’m pretty sure I saw some animals nearby, or signs of them at least.  A deer or a set of rabbits would be great right now.  Unfortunately, as of me writing this, I have been unsuccessful, so I’ll have to try again tomorrow.

Aprimay 10, 5517
So, you know those old textbooks back in school that talk about giant lizards living on Terra, maybe 360 trillion years ago?  I think that was the number, but I feel like the old scientists were just trying to see how high they could go before people caught on…anyway.  I digress…THERE’S DINOSAURS ON THIS FREAKING PLANET!!!

What I thought was a flock of birds I was stalking ended up being a group of small dinosaurs making their way to the water.  I have no idea what kind of monsters they were, but all I can think of are the meat-eating kind, and I don’t want to end up as dinner.  I tried to tell the others about it, but they laughed and said I was under stress from the crash.  At least, that was until I went out and shot a little one by itself and showed them.  I think it freaked Misha out, but Dave was trying to figure out how to cook it within minutes.  At least it’s something…

Or it would be something if Dave was competent at cooking.  He ended up burning practically everything even remotely edible, so we ended up popping open more rations.  There’s only so many times you can eat bagged spaghetti before it gets boring…

Aprimay 12, 5517
Things are looking up, finally.  We have more room in our little base, and we’ve managed to bag a few decent-sized dinos to feed ourselves.  Dave still sucks at cooking, but at least he’s learning.  Green set himself up a small “lab”, and Misha managed to scrape together some electrical components and metal into a power system.  We even found a decent solar panel to set up, and now we have light!  On top of that, reptile skin sleeping bags are surprisingly comfortable. 

Dave set up a small garden with local plants, which are very similar to plants back home.  It was actually very easy figuring out what was edible, and Green’s tongue only swelled up once when he tried something unusual.  Still didn’t manage to shut him up, but it was worth a shot.  I’m a bit afraid for Misha, though.  Despite a list of projects to work on and take her mind off things, she seems nervous and stressed out.  Maybe it’s the area and animals, maybe it’s being the only woman, or maybe it’s Green’s body odor (probably that).  In any case, she doesn’t seem to want to talk about it, and keeps to herself most of the time.

Aprimay 15, 5517
We aren’t as alone as we thought…

As I was out gathering, I heard voices through a thicket, speaking in a language I couldn’t understand.  As I moved closer to get a look, I noticed it was a trio of who I assume are natives to this area.  They were dressed in rough hide clothes and carried spears and bows.  Like the idiot I am, I stepped out to say hi.

The one in front of their group took one look at me, then drew an arrow and fired it my direction.  If I hadn’t moved so fast, I’d have an arrow in my neck right now.  Of course, the others followed suit and started shooting, so I did my best to shake them.  I even fired back, hoping the gunshot would either scare them or at least alert the rest of my group.  Amazingly, it did neither.  After I managed to lose the tribe people, I got back to camp to find the others totally oblivious.  They thought I was hunting again, even though our makeshift freezer is full of food now.  Once again, just like the dinosaurs, they didn’t believe me at first. 

Jugust 3, 5517
Well, now we’re in trouble.  Seems those few natives were part of a larger group, and they came to pay us a visit.  If only it were a house-warming…

We were putting on the last details to Misha’s personal hut when another arrow sailed right past Green’s head and buried itself in the door (they need to work on that aim).  They were coming from the east, and we had barely enough time to find cover before more arrows came in.  Once we actually spotted the shooters, Misha and I began returning fire.  Dave “helped”, but mostly wasted ammo, and Green ducked inside his hut to get out of the line of fire.  Coward.  After a few shots, I managed to drop one of the raiders, which must have gotten their attention because they suddenly focused fire on me!  Misha managed to change positions and got a few more shots in on them, hitting a couple and dropping another.  As timid and nervous as she is, that girl can shoot!  Once she landed the hits, the others turned tail and ran. 

It took us a minute to realize we were in the clear, but we finally went out to find the two we downed.  One was already dead when we reached him, with a hole in the neck.  The other was barely alive from a chest wound, and spoke some unrecognizable language before expiring.  I collected their weapons, some rough short bows, and we buried them east of our village, the direction they came from. 

Jugust 7, 5517
It’s been 4 days since the raid, and it’s been quiet here at the camp.  I hate just calling it “the camp”, because the more I think about it, the more I realize we’re going to be stuck here a long time.  Seems like we should at least give our place here a name.  Maybe it would make me feel more at home, and not like I’m on some camping trip that never ends.  I’ll throw out some ideas to the others and see if any stick.

I have to give Dave some credit this time.  He’s an awful shot, a worse cook, and kinda annoying, but he can sure grow a garden.  Already, his plants have grown larger, and we should be harvesting soon, which means we need a way to preserve what we gather.  So far, Misha has managed to make do with primitive cold boxes, but their efficiency is lacking.  She mentioned getting air conditioning into a sealed hut, and I think she could pull it off.  Green’s hut looks like a mad scientist’s lab, with his research bench and other things laying around everywhere.  I think Misha has him roped into her air conditioning idea because he’s been jabbering on and on about making batteries and a better power system. 

In the meantime, I’ve been setting up defenses, hopefully to throw off more raiders.  Sandbags were first, so we have decent cover next time.  Then it was spike traps and bottlenecks.  What I wouldn’t give for a pair of watch dogs to patrol with. 

Jugust 8, 5517
I think someone upstairs is reading my journal. 

While we were working in the gardens, we heard a rustling in the bushes.  We had barely pulled our guns when a little Yorkie dog came bouncing out of the leaves.  I think Green might have wet himself in terror until he noticed it looked exactly like the captain’s dog.  Turns out, he was right, it was that dog.  I’m not sure how it survived the crash, or survived the local wildlife, but I’ll take what I can get. 

Only problem is, the dog wasn’t alone.  Before we knew it, we had 5, 6, 7, 8 Yorkies running out to us, and not nearly enough food to feed them all.  Dave was overwhelmed, but Misha was ecstatic.  She was immediately attached to the captain’s dog, which the captain lovingly named Toots.  I just hope its name isn’t based on behavior.

Well, attachment or not, we need to figure out what we’re doing with all these dogs.  I know I wanted a watch dog, but this is ridiculous.  I’m sure we’ll think of a solution.

Stories / Dark Side Hospitality - A Rimworld Story
« on: November 06, 2018, 01:08:27 PM »
I play with a fairly large cocktail of mods, including Rimatomics, Prepare Carefully, Hospitality, animal tribals, and the Star Wars set, to name a few.  Takes forever to load the game, but it makes for some very interesting gameplay.  The following story/journal is based off a colony I ran for a long time, but from the eyes of a visiting caravan.  I hope you enjoy it.

2 Aprimay, 5503
It feels like our caravan has been walking for ages.  6 of us left just a few days ago with 3 muffalos, but I feel like we haven’t even gotten far at all.  There hasn’t been any civilization yet, just trees, hills, and deer.  Our leader, White, says we should reach a settlement soon, but he doesn’t seem to have an idea of just how soon.  We had heard reports from scouts that some pods had landed a quadrum ago, but no one had been over to the area since.  I guess we’ll find out what landed when we get there.

4 Aprimay, 5503
All was going well (as well as could be managed, anyway), until a pack of boomrats showed up.  At first, they kept their distance, like most tend to do, but before long, one of them snapped.  I had heard of carnivores going manhunter, but boomrats???  Our hunter, Henry, was able to dispatch the first, which of course blew up and started fires.  From that point, it was tough to spot the little things scurrying our way.  When we finally caught sight of them again, they were much closer AND ON FIRE!  Poor Joy, she couldn’t shoot fast enough.  One rat dropped right next to her and died from burns.  I’ve never seen someone get flung into the air like that.  She’s alive but her left leg may never be the same.  What’s worse, she’s the best healer of us all by a wide margin.  We tried to patch her up, but if we don’t get help, I fear infection may set in.  White is pushing forward, for help and to get away from this burning field, and we will do our best to keep up.

5 Aprimay, 5503
We had a stroke of luck today!  A small compound was spotted in the distance, built into the side of a mountain.  With further luck, maybe they have some medicine to trade.  Joy is doing her best to keep going, but it’s taking a toll on her. 

5 Aprimay, 5503
I’m currently sitting in a rather comfortable bedroom, writing with light from a LAMP!  I never knew electricity, as they call it, was so amazing!  Back at the village, torches are everywhere, and the heat can get to be a burden.  The owners of this place were gracious enough to give us lodging in what they called their hot L…howtel…hotel…whatever, there’s lots of rooms with beds in them.  We each got our own room!  Joy was taken to their healer, and they have promised to patch her up in no time, saying their medicine was much better than the healroots we used on her.  Looks like we’ll be here until she’s alright to move. 

One thing I should note about our hosts…I’ve seen people loaded up in fancy clothing at many caravan stops, but these people are the exact opposite!  Not a scrap of cloth or leather on them, and not a bit of armor in sight.  Yet, they seem very comfortable, despite the strange looks they have gotten so far.  Also, one of them has a very strange look in his eyes, the kind you see when a cat spots a rat (non-exploding kind).  Come to think of it, each one of our 5 hosts seems to have some kind of funny feeling about them, but I can’t seem to put my finger on why.  A few of them just seem cold, and not in the temperature sense.  Maybe the walking just has me tired, and I’m seeing things where there is nothing.

6 Aprimay, 5503
It appears we are not the only visitor, and I must say this is a first for me.  As I was walking out for breakfast, the door next to me opened and a man…no, an elk on 2 legs, walked out and said hello.  I admit, it took me a few seconds to let it sink in, and I think he noticed, as he quickly looked away and moved on.  I’ve never seen beast-men, and here I thought thrumbos were exotic.  It makes me wonder what other animals are out there like this…wolves?  Elephants?  Camels? 

Breakfast was delicious, gazelle and rice, I think.  I’m not sure where they got the gazelle from, as we are far from the savannas, but it must have cost them quite a bit.  White tried to insist we would eat our pemmican, rather than take their food, but the leader on this place was insistent.  We have standards, he said, and we wouldn’t want our guests to be stuck with pemmican. 

7 Aprimay, 5503
It’s been 2 days since we arrived, and I haven’t seen Joy lately.  I stopped by once before to check on her, and she was fine, but today I went, and I was denied entry.  The healer, or doctor as they call him, said she was resting and didn’t need to be disturbed.  I also noticed my elk neighbor has left.  He must have snuck out early, as I didn’t see him go.  A shame, as I would have liked to apologize for my behavior yesterday.  Maybe I will see him again out on the road.  Breakfast was more gazelle and rice, and still delicious.  I also spent a good bit of time looking at the many pieces of art around the buildings.  These people seem to have wonderful sculptors.  Of the many statues, one caught my eye, some symbol.  I quite like it, and may stitch it onto my shirt.  I asked our hosts about it, and they smiled, saying it was the emblem of their order.  I need practice drawing it, though, as I can’t seem to get the angles inside the circle right.  I can’t remember the name of their order either, but I’m sure it will come to me…Siph?  No that’s not right…

8 Aprimay, 5503
Something is wrong.  White has been searching the compound eagerly, looking for something.  When I stopped him to ask, he said Red and Sam, our guards, were missing!  I had just seen them last night before bed, and surely they wouldn’t leave us.  Breakfast was tense, but different this time.  Elk and potatoes.  I imagine my old neighbor would not have enjoyed this meal very much, but as always, it was cooked wonderfully.  Henry seems a bit worried as well, and has joined White is searching for the others. 

8 Aprimay, 5503
As I was heading to bed, I got a peak inside my neighbor’s room and noticed his gear is still there.  I’m not sure what would cause someone to leave without their stuff, but I imagine he might need his bedroll and sword.  I mentioned it to White, and he got a dark look on his face.  Almost immediately, he left the rooms and said to leave immediately if he wasn’t back in 30 minutes.  After he left, I told Henry what was going on.  He already had his bow out and strung, and suggested I grab my knife too.  I hope this is not my last entry…

9 Aprimay, 5503
They’re gone…all of them, even Henry…and I saw it happen.  White did not return, so we left, but not without looking for Joy.  We felt too bad leaving without her.  When we got to her room, we looked in, and it was empty, aside from a neat stack of clothes…her clothes.  Henry immediately pulled me away and made for the entrance, saying something about yesterday’s breakfast not being normal elk meat.  It took me a moment, but I realized what he meant. 

We got to the front door, but as we were opening it, one of the residents appeared.  Her face had dark lines everywhere, like she was sick.  Henry barely shoved me out into the rain before I saw a red glow appear from what I think was a sword, and a bolt of lightning come from her hand right at Henry.  FROM HER HAND!
I feel awful, but I did not wait for Henry…

10 Aprimay, 5503
This cave is cold, and I can hear noises in the dark.  I fear a torch would attract too much attention, a fire even more, so I cannot get warm.  I fear I may not survive this nightmare and see my village again…
…a red glow is coming from deep inside the cave…won’t be long now.

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