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General Discussion / How to build a ship on a single-hex island?
« on: May 07, 2019, 06:14:37 AM »
Yes, I built my tribal colony on a single-hex island, to create a scenario where you can't simply pack and move in situations like a toxic fallout. And yes, I knew the raiders would be coming anyway.

But I'm getting into spaceflight research now and I'm running into a problem. I get no world quests. Not a single one. Not in all the years the colony has survived. I guess there's no world map hex some placing/pathing algorithm could place a quest into when there's no hex my caravans could get to that's not my home hex. And no quests means no AI cores.

Sure, I can *travel* to a ship, by leaving the island using transport pods. But I want to *launch* from this island. Sure, I could simply leave the island, build a colony elsewhere, obtain the AI core, and move back to the island, but that would feel too contrived.

So is there a vanilla way to build a ship in such a situation, without leaving the island? Or do I *have* to leave the island and settle elsewhere?

General Discussion / Got some lovin' MTB for villagers
« on: November 26, 2018, 04:19:04 PM »
I'm sorry if this is common knowledge but my search hasn't turned up the answer for this - what is the Got some lovin' MTB based on?

The reason I'm asking is that I've got a husband/wife couple who spend most of their time with +100 opinion of each other but they never get the Got some lovin' bonus. When I turn on the debug info, their Lovin' MTB is 404 hours, although their Lovin' MTB towards other colonists is as low as 10 hours. And the main difference from similar couples is the fact that the husband is a villager. They do share a double bed in a mediocre bedroom, same as two other couples in the same game, and they're the only couple who never spend fun time in that bed. The other difference I can find is that the wife is a night-owl. However, I've adjusted the husband's schedule so that they do work and sleep in sync.

Sadly, I do not recall how exactly the husband joined. It was some kind of event, I believe, I think he was being chased by some raider, but I'm not sure. What I am sure of is that the reason I let him join was that Cassandra made him a husband of one of my (non-original) colonists.

Is there something I'm missing here, or is this because the code somehow penalizes villager pawns?

General Discussion / Another question about plasteel armor
« on: November 16, 2018, 06:21:57 PM »
So, I'm a newbie and still learning the game, which means I'm trying to come up with ideas, and one I've decided to try to bounce off the forumites today is that of plasteel plate armor. I did find the idea using the search function but I haven't noticed my own question about this answered, so I hope I'm not reopening a shut case.

The way I read the rules, a combination of devilstrand duster + flak vest gives a pawn better protection for the torso but less protection for arms and legs, while the plasteel plate armor means say twice the torso damage but half arms/legs damage from an AR or other sharp weapons. The plasteel plate armor is a tiny bit better against blunt damage and somewhat better against heat, but my pawns don't face those damage types very often.

I do realize the plasteel armor costs waaaay more, but I'm trying to ignore that consideration here. I guess that even with its higher durability, the plasteel armor might cost say twice what the duster+vest combo does, but I don't know what price tag to put onto my pawns and therefore how cost-efficient the idea is.

The thing I am wondering about now is, is it better to have a better protected torso and more vulnerable extremities, or a more balanced level of protection?

Or is there something I'm missing about the rules for damage?

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