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Ideas / Some counterplay against drop pods
« on: January 16, 2019, 06:48:18 AM »
As it stands now, there's nearly no counter for drop pod raids. Your colony has 10 pawns scattered around doing their things, 10 mechanoids suddenly drop in your workshop or your storage and start destroying everything. If you try to fight them, you risk getting one-shot (that's even with marine armor + marine helmets) or losing limbs. If you don't try to fight them, your base gets ransacked.

If you prepare and make sure you have the right weapons and armor, half of your base is already gone. And chances are they'll take a few shots at your pawns right after landing before they have time to vacate, so it forces you to always equip armor, just in case, which slows down your pawns all the time just for one specific event. Even when you have armor equipped with a bunch of weapons good at countering lancers and scythers, any mistep could cause a death. You basically have to get your pawns as close to the lancers as possible and engage them in melee combat where they're weakest (unlike you want some pawn to randomly get one-shot through 130% sharp armor), and do it fast. The more time your pawns take to close the distance, the more chances of one-shots happening.

You can see that it's impossible to prevent loss like this, especially when the mechanoids outnumber you and you can't even engage all of them in melee. Not to mention that outfitting all your pawns with melee weapons will leave you vulnerable to a full scyther raid. There's just no winning. The only thing you can do is rig your whole colony with dozens of turrets everywhere. That's the only counterplay that I've found. How about something more engaging ?

And one of the most infuriating ways for colonists to die in this game is death by drop pod. Your augmented best guy just got killed by rng, aren't you having fun ? That's another part of drop pods that should change imo. (I know you can get generally get res serums, but it's too rare, slow and inconvenient in sea ice - but maybe it's just sea ice being unbalanced, idk)

Here's an idea : some device that needs to be researched and built, which draws power, and can detect drop pod raids in advance. Say, you have 1 minute or 2 to react to it. It tells you where it's going to land, and that's it. You can then outfit your pawns, move them out of the way so they don't get crushed, move some turrets, and get ready to fight.

Ideas / An option for colonists to eat at 10% hunger rather than 25%
« on: December 02, 2018, 10:09:08 AM »
Wasting .15 nutrition per meal may not seem like a big deal, but it absolutely is when your colony is running out of food. There should be a way to enforce colonists to ration food and eat only when starving, even if it decreases morale temporarily.

Not sure if it'd make sense to also have the option for animals (unless you could ask for your colonists to feed them rather than just let them feed themselves).

Ideas / Worker restrictions on blueprints
« on: December 02, 2018, 04:58:45 AM »
There are worker restrictions on crafts, so that your unskilled crafters can work on stuff with no quality levels, e.g. bionic limbs and your skilled ones can work on stuff with quality levels, e.g. weapons, but while the same system applies to construction (walls and doors have no quality levels but beds do), you can't assign a specific worker or a minimum skill required for your blueprints.

If this was implemented, players who're looking to optimize everything could have less stuff to micromanage : order a royal bed to be constructed, set minimum required skill or worker, and let your colonists handle it for you. Right now, without this, you have to be careful about who builds what and use manual priorities and forbidding, which is somewhat bothersome.

I reckon it's not an easy thing to implement since blueprints don't really have any ui for this. I think a global setting with its own ui window would do the trick : the same kind of layout from the crafting window but which affects all your constructions. If I set it to 10-20 skill, only 10+ builders will work on blueprints with quality levels like couches, beds, etc...

Ideas / Make bedrooms with multiple doors viable
« on: December 01, 2018, 08:19:24 AM »
Right now if you make a bedroom with several doors for convenience, there's a good chance that your colonists are going to move through them when someone's sleeping.

It'd be nice if colonists were smart enough not to disturb someone's sleep just to get 2 seconds faster to their objective, but another solution would be to allow the player to draw out areas that colonists should avoid if possible while moving, while still being allowed to move there when something needs to be done (repairing, firefighting, cleaning ...). Not perfect though since your cleaner might disturb someone's sleep, but better than nothing.

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