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Hi all,

I've been wondering, if there's any more updates regarding the technical side of Rimworld, mainly the performance. I've done some comparisions lately, and for now the performance is almost similar on 2nd gen overclocked 2600k, 6nd processor and the new Ryzen 3xxx series.

Using the "Show TPS" mod on 2600k, a five year colony with 12 people and few animals are going from starting 800 TPS to average 200-300 TPS.
Obviously, the mods slow things down, so I slimmed the modlist to add only cosmetic/UI/graphical enhancements, besides few heavier ones like CE and Save our Ship 2.

I've read somewhere, that the new Unity engine versions have built-in functions to optimize the game on a multi-core processors, is there any chance that Rimworld could use that new functions? (don't quote me on anything tho, I'm not expert in those things). Would it be feasible to do it?

It would be nice to have some info in any more optimization is planned, or the developement is stopped altogether now.
Mods / Any way to measure mod impact on performance?
August 07, 2019, 02:31:57 PM

Since I saw the mod to measure startup time of each mod, I was wondering is there any way to benchmark the performance impact of each mod when running the game?

What I mean is when I use aroung 100 mods, the game is getting quite laggy on x3 and x4, especially when trader caravan is on the map. I have no red errors in the debug window, everything is sorted and dandy, but I wonder how I can pinpoint which mods slows the game that much?

I mean I have around 8 colonist, like 3 prisoners with Prison Labor mod and few animals and the game is quite stuttery on x3, even more so on x4. I remember it wasn't that bad before (or it was just less mods? :D). It would be nice for people with more powerfull PCs (I'm still rocking I7 2600K @ 4.8 Ghz) post their experiences as well, or some videos with bigger bases and how they run at that speeds. It might push me to upgrade to new Ryzen sooner than later. Thanks!
Support / Stutter problem
March 17, 2019, 10:13:18 AM

Did anyone encounter a weird stutter in menu? When I launch the game I have like 30% of CPU used in the menu already, and it's i7 2600k @ 4.8 Ghz, so I imagine it's bit too high? I'm using the mod manager as well, and when scrolling around the mods, it stutters as well. Same in game, regular stutter when scrolling paused or not. Tried disabling all background programs, doing all sorts of Windows 10 optimization tricks, Windows is updated to the latest version, even tried disabling the Meltdown and Spectre fixes to regain lost performance, nothing really helps. 16 GB of RAM with around 80 mods.

Funny thing is when I play at my gf's computer which have i5 6400k which clocks around 3.2Ghz at turbo, there's no stutter.

Here's the debug log after game init:

Anyone had similar problems?