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Ideas / Booze
January 01, 2015, 09:20:45 AM
So one particular dislike i always had with the morale system, was that there wasn't really much you could do to counter it. You can force your colonist to go into a pretty room, but that always seems a bit silly and gamey. And a strategy game can easily get frustrating if the player doesn't feel like he has any ability to control the situation.
Therefore i propose: Booze!
The colonists would be able to brew booze out of plant-type food. When colonist would become at risk of breaking they would go and have themselves a nice drink. This would give them a nice boost to morale for some time and keep them sane for the time being.
But not all is sunshine and happyness, because booze isn't either. There would be various levels of booze, just as there are various levels of meals. Higher quality booze requires higher skill and more time to make. The lowest quality booze would even have the chance to cause liver damage to the colonist.
But even the best booze is not without flaws, for colonists that rely on that sweet liquid too much, or just have an addictive personality (new trait) will get addicted to booze, getting a big morale penalty when they haven't had their fix in a while. This means they require not only regular food, but also regular booze increasing their strain on the colony.

I think this would not only enrich the strategy aspect of the game, allowing players a way to prevent mental-breaks, but also would increase the variety of interesting stories and situation that can happen in rimworld.
General Discussion / Artificial Shoulders?
December 20, 2014, 06:27:14 PM
I don't really know if this is a bug or not. One of the space soldiers from a big cryptopotyard had a bionic arm, but not on his actual arm but on his right shoulder. I managed to capture him and was excited to remove the bionic arm, since my doctor had one hand crippled and the other arm shot of and was strangely not as effective as before.
Anyway so i remove his shoulder apparently, the captured prisoner dies immediatly after the operation from bloodloss and i am left without any bionic arm.
Is this intended? Is it not possible to salvage bionic arms that are inbeded into a shoulder? Or did my game just bug out?
General Discussion / Eating priority.
August 25, 2014, 11:29:26 AM
I found that morale is a lot harder to manage in alpha 6 and part of that is the eating priority. Eating should be the number one priority and colonists should do it before they reach the "urgently hungry" phase. Sometimes they seem to be so stuck on a job that they just won't eat. You also can't rightclick a meal and force them to eat.

I guess it was somewhat this way in the game before, but because there wasn't as much to do for your colonists it wasn't that much of a problem. Now with cooking, crafting and doctoring it gets really hard to manage morale sometimes and often requires a lot of micromanagment, like forbidding every job so colonists don't starve themselves to insanity.
General Discussion / Usefullness of Hydroponics
August 23, 2014, 06:17:44 AM
Now in the most recent version sunlamps no longer cause plants to grow overnight.
So i played around a bit and noticed something.
When you just make a room with a sunlamp in the middle and designate a growing zone around that, you get way more food than with using hydroponics. I know tynan said somewhere that hydroponics have a much larger fertility, but i can't see the fertility actually do something. The plants grow exactly as fast and since i can grow more of them, without the need to lay down walking paths between tables, i get a LOT more food from simple growing zones. I know hydroponics are probably still usefull in mountains, but considering they cost a fair bit of metal to build i just don't see them as heavily usefull anymore.
General Discussion / Incapable of ...
August 14, 2014, 03:39:51 AM
I know the incapable of ... system has been in place since the very beginning of the game, but i don't think it really makes much sense anymore. We allready have the passion system in place and people are not just completely incapable to do something just because they don't want to. They will suck at it, as is garanteed by the passion system, but they should be able to do it.
I say this, because as new gameplay system get added there are more and more jobs for your colonists do to, but their ability to do them doesn't increase. We now have jobs like cooking which pretty much have to be done all the time and the medical jobs also take a fair amount of time.
This is getting more and more like dwarf fortress which isn't a bad thing, but there is a definite difference in games were you can have more than 200 dwarfs and a game were you can have about 12 colonists in normal mode.
This is why i think we need to get rid of the incapable of ... system. If there's supposed to be a chance to do all these different jobs we can't have such a high chance that the colonist we capture can be completely and utterly useless.
Ideas / Choosing Biome
June 13, 2014, 06:25:59 AM
In the recent patch Tynan added another sort of Biome to the game, which generates as a huge open world with small hills instead of a mountain blocking half the map. It would be really nice if we could choose the generated biome before the game, just as we can choose map size.
Because i like the new map way more than the old one, it would be nice to having to regenerate a new colony over and over again until you get the map type you like

General Discussion / Vegetarians
June 09, 2014, 12:57:47 PM
Seriously Tynan, what do you have against Vegetarians?
I just noticed that fine meals are only possible with meat + plants. I can cook some mighty fine meals without meat just fine, tynan, thank you very much!
Seriously though why is that. The need to use 2 seperate ressources is clear, but it should be possible to use potatoes and berries for example.
Bugs / Alpha 3 No Medics
April 10, 2014, 12:36:01 PM
My Colonist with the medical labor enabled is refusing to feed my injured, starving colonist. I tried ordering her to do it, but the only order that came up with a rightclick was something about the bed.
Bugs / [W | 0.1.334b] inefficient farming [usability]
January 28, 2014, 04:08:18 AM
So i have been really wondering lately, why i am always so low on food in the new version. With an amazing farmer and tons of farming spots this shouldn't happen normall, considering i have only 3 colonists to feed.
Then i watched my farmer for a bit and noticed that hauling food to hoppers seems to have a higher priority than growing food, therefore he keeps harvesting one plant and then bringing the potatos to the hopper, before harvesting another single plant. It's unbelievably ineffective.

Edit: I just realized, it's probably because "cook" has a higher priority than "grower", duh!
General Discussion / website change
November 10, 2013, 04:43:46 AM
anyone know why the rimworldgame website got changed that much?
It looks pretty cool, but the fact that there isn't a header anymore makes it much more difficult to navigate. I had to search a while to even find the forum link.
Stories / Kassandra Stories (That Bi***)
November 05, 2013, 10:54:17 AM
Hehe, so i am quite enjoying the game so far.
I am currently getting my ass kicked on Kassandra difficulty and the balance seems a bit skewed in that difficulty level, but i am having fun nonetheless.
I know i could probably switch to cassandra classic, but everytime i want to do it i just say:"F*** you, game, you will not beat me!" and start on Kassandra nonetheless.
So i thought i might share some of my Kassandra stories with you.

Story number one: The Madness.
So everything was going fine. I dug out a few rooms of the mountain, had a working food distribution system underground, my first prisoner was slowly but surely being "convinced" to join us. The while my miner mines out some rooms, he loses his freaking mind from being in the dark for five minutes. I send one of my guys to wrestle him down and put him into prison to convince him that this isn't so bad a place after all. During the fight, he suddenly switches from rampage mode into "just wandering around" from loosing hope. I then arrest him, thinking i could end the fight early with this, but while my guy arrested him, he kept punching my guy. He was my prisoner, in prison and everything and yet he kept punching my guy, until my guy passed out. I then send my farmer to rescue my injured guy and, and i am not lying in this, 5 little tiles away from the bed, the farmer carrying the injured guy ALSO goes insane and starts punching squirrels, while my only sane person left bleeds out a few meters away from his bed.

Story Number two: High - Tech Raiders.
So again, everything went pretty fine in the beginning. Managed to build up quite a little base, with rooms for everyone (This time outside of the mountain) and an eating area, but for some reason nothing gets juice from the geothermal plant. I just couldn't find the fault. Then OF COURSE my miner goes insane again. This time i just don't know why. He wasn't mining anything inside, just some metal outside, not in the dark and yet he still went insane. I quickly threw together a prison after i hit him down, put him in it, but the problem arises, that my people can't get unproccessed food out of the stockpiles.
My colony nearly died right there, until i notice that i forgot to build ONE FRIKKIN Door, so the juice wouldn't get through. Of course my prisoner had allready starved to death. Luckily i could capture a lonely raider and convince him to join us. And then...
Nothing happens. For Days and Days. I build up a nice base. One small entry with sandbacks, so that the enemy is slowed down, six gun turrets, everything seemed fine and i was ready to take on any raider.
Then, finally, something happens and some raiders come on the ninth day of the 2 cycle. 10 raiders. 10 RAIDERS! On the SECOND assault in the game. 10. And not only 10 normal raiders, no! They come with 3(!!!) M-24, 2 shotguns, 2 uzis and only 3 pistols. I have watched dozens of Blitzkriegslers videos before and i have NEVER seen raiders that well equiped. I had 2 frikkin pistols and they come with M-24, shotguns and uzis. Obviously they had no problems. With the M-24 they were able to easily snipe one of my turrets away without any danger and the rest they just overwhelmed with firepower. My two guys with pistols also were obviously no problem to them.

Exspecially the last game felt weird. There were just such a large time period of absolutly NOTHING happening until they dropped this nuclear bomb of a raiding party on me. Well, i'll see how the next game will go.