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  • September 20, 2020, 12:12:04 PM
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I've just reloaded the save and the colonist bar didn't appear, my pawns were stuck in place and I could only draft them, but couldn't move them anyway. When I pressed right click I also drafted them, and the architect tab was almost empty. The factions, work, medical, mechanoid, and more tabs were all empty
It's as if I've lost all my colonists, but I can still draft them. Eventually, I get a game over message
The error log is a red mess, uploaded it and got the github zip, attached

I was just playing normally yerterday (with mods btw) when the game froze for around 15 seconds, and then crashed. While I originally didnt think much of it, it kept doing it consistently at the same time, around 10 seconds after it reached 6h in 1x speed. After I stopped a pawn from deep drilling, thinking it may be a misfired infestation event or something, it extended to 7h before the same happens. I've been constantly saving and refining the time until I now have a save that crashes 1 second after unpausing. It works perfectly if you don't unpause it though. Originally Windows didnt even recognize the crash, no message popped up and if didnt click while it was frozen, even the blue loading cursor didnt appear. After a restart and some poking, I got Windows to recognize it but only got an error report in the event viewer missing a lot of info. today, after digging around, I got another report with some more info, and I was hoping someone could make sense of it.

I've attached (I hope, first post in this forum) a few screenshots of the game frozen; the first time time I got a Windows "program stopped working" message; two of the event viewer error reports and the one I just found today while digging around with the reliability history (sorry it's in Spanish btw)
Alright apparently thats too many files, so maybe just the first Event Viewer Log and the Reliability History Log

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