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All other raid types are available minus that and scattered drop pods.
The upper part of the visage mask collides a bit with the hat (attached figure for reference). Is it possible for the hat to be in front and the mask below?

Solved: XML property that the mask is rendered below hat. If you disable it the apparel worn first goes below.
As said in title. The only option available is make-roof and delete roof. Delete roof also removes overhead mountain but there is no way to add it.
Weird. For me it works fine when planting normal crops. I didn't test with planting trees. The zone even considers adjacent trees.
Same for me. It was deemed as fixed but it is still bugged.

Moderator Note:

This is now fixed in bug patch 1.3.3080.

if (pawn.RaceProps.Humanlike && !
     float startGrayingHair = pawn.RaceProps.lifeExpectancy / 2;
But how would I check if a defof is present without throwing red errors that it does not exist?

How do I check if Celestials.CelestialsDefOf.O21_CelestialHediff exists?

If I check directly if the pawn has the hediff it throws the error that it does not exist.
Help / Re: Linking backstories
May 25, 2021, 12:36:31 PM
Also, check the backstories+ mod.
I want to make a check of a DefOf during my code, but only if such DefOf exists. How do I check if such mod is present?
Help / Re: How to Create a Settings Page for Mod
May 07, 2021, 10:49:22 AM
I would start by searching for a really simple mod that has settings. That way it would be really easy to discern the settings part in the assembly and the actual mod part.
I solved it, solution for the future on the botton

I have a Pawn_DraftController instance __instance.drafter that has an internal method __instance.drafter.GetGizmos() which does several things and yields an IEnumerable<Gizmo>.

I searched in the forums and found that I could use


but I want to call the method and not get a private value.

Thanks in advance.


I tried to

IEnumerable<Gizmo> gizmos_drafter = Traverse.Create(__instance.drafter).Method("GetGizmos", null).GetValue<IEnumerable<Gizmo>>();

I think it didn't work


I managed to get something working

var getGizmosMethod = __instance.drafter.GetType().GetMethod("GetGizmos", System.Reflection.BindingFlags.NonPublic | System.Reflection.BindingFlags.Instance);

IEnumerable<Gizmo> gizmos_drafter = (IEnumerable<Gizmo>) getGizmosMethod.Invoke(__instance.drafter, null);
Help / Re: Is it possible to patch a GameCondition?
April 27, 2021, 05:30:40 PM
Genius. I'm so dumb hahahah

My variables carry between harmony patches? Or this one carries because both methods are inside the same GameCondition_Flashstorm?

Is there a way to do it? I can't seem to assign values to variables from another harmonypatch

Managed to do it. Set the variable to public and call it by
GameCondition_Flashstorm_GameConditionTick_Patch.werePawnsChecked = false;
Inside the other patch
Help / Is it possible to patch a GameCondition?
April 27, 2021, 05:24:08 PM
I want to patch lightning strikes. My main problem is that I don't know how to create a variable and give it a starting value at the beginning of the flashstorm. Then this variable would change value during the flashstorm. At the beginning of another flashstorm it would be reset.

namespace Mod
[HarmonyPatch(typeof(GameCondition_Flashstorm), "GameConditionTick")]
public static class GameCondition_Flashstorm_GameConditionTick_Patch
static int nextCheckTicks = 0;
static bool doThisOncePerFlashstorm = true;

public static void Postfix(GameCondition_Flashstorm __instance)
if (doThisOnePerFlashstorm)
doThisOnePerFlashstorm = false;
if (Find.TickManager.TicksGame >= nextCheckTicks)
nextCheckTicks = Find.TickManager.TicksGame + 1000;

My issue is: nextCheckTicks does not reset to 0 at the next flashstorm neither does doThisOncePerFlashstorm turns false.

Thank you.
Thank you. Do I only have to learn how to edit the jobdriver to handle more than two pawns, or is there another related class?

I have been getting my info on this from here