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Common Sense Expansion

Like the well-known "Common Sense" mod, this mod fixes broken game mechanics and bugs, hence its name. Both mods can function independently.

  • Sown plants are not cut down when a growing zone is switched to a different plant.
  • The "Allow cutting" toggle in growing zones only affects sowing. This complements the process of switching to a new plant in the zone. In the original game, only the designated plant can be harvested when cutting is disabled.
  • Fix bug: Malnutrition ailment doesn't affect hunger rate.

Safe to add to an existing save.
Safe to remove from an existing save.


Latest release on GitHub:

How to install
  • Unpack into your RimWorld\Mods folder.
  • Activate the mod in the mod menu in the game.

Source code

Credits for logo pictograms

Distributed under MIT License (included), a permissive license with conditions only requiring preservation of copyright and license notices. Modpack makers can include the mod in their modpacks. Other modders can make derivative mods based on the mod.
Bugs / Re: Bugs I've found on rimworld
September 07, 2022, 02:09:46 AM
There's no 'Allow harvesting' option in vanilla, and mod bugs should be reported to mod authors.

'Allow sowing' works for me in vanilla.

Quote from: Notreallysomeone on August 25, 2022, 10:58:11 PM
Downed pawns will not be rescued by other, unless ordered to do it

It's not a bug, it seems to be an intended feature. Pawns just don't feel they are smart enough to rescue properly. May be, they'll get smarter some time.
We need adjustable food priorities with reasonable presets for caravans and caravan preparations, separate for cannibal humans, non-cannibal humans, vegetarians, and each-vorous animal. Not having this feature is a bug, because caravaning is a pain without it.
You don't seem to have attached or linked the video.
Most probably, you've bumped into an insidious game mechanics on leafless plants. It's described in wiki:
A pawn may "forget" their direct relative too.

White Shrew was a raider. He was captured and recruited. He seemed to be single but one beautiful day his wife came with a raid. She just appeared on his Social tab out of nowhere, and he seemed to like her. She was killed, sadly, and cremated. Shrew was supposed to mourn her for 30 days. 13 days passed... Load the saved game and skip about 2 in-game hours. Shrew not only forgets that she died, he forgets that she has ever existed (mood debuff vanishes just as the Social tab record). Only one thing left he cannot explain, hate to Kadence 'Kay' Sherrill. Killed my spouse: -65.

Sad story.

I believe, some future raid may come with his wife. Again.

So, the bug is: [1.3.3117 + Royalty] the game makes up relatives on the go, and it may delete them. It would be better to fix relatives when a character is created.
Releases / Re: [1.2] [KV] ModSync RW
September 30, 2021, 06:25:37 AM
Quote from: Kiame on April 14, 2021, 02:19:10 AM
Now supports Manifest.xml files and will use Manifest.xml before ModSync.xml or Version.xml (the latter two being the fall backs)

It would be nice to mention this in the main post. Thank you for the mod!
Bugs / Re: Pawns keep catching fire
September 30, 2021, 03:19:26 AM
Your pawns are just too hot.
Quote from: Pheanox on September 24, 2021, 07:00:27 PM
I'm not quite certain what the bug here is though.  Is this a clarity issue?
I'd say it's not just clarity. The description says "no need to be outdoors" while it's actually "need to be indoors". Not the same thing. So, the description is simply wrong.

Was Undergrounder changed?
I believe so. While it may have been unintended, but the trait was changed in the base game when Ideology DLC came out. Hence, the trait description is outdated.

Is the Tunneler meme relevant to the trait in some way?
Yes. It seems, the Tunneler meme applies Undergrounder trait implicitly. I only mentioned the meme to emphasize the fact that even without the meme (with Ideology disabled), pawns can have the new Indoors need.

  • The default door auto-closes after a delay. If you save then load while it's still open, the delay is reset, and the door closes later than it should.
  • In the following scenario, a door is stuck open after being save-loaded twice.

    • Any door will do. I created a new game (base + Royalty), here is a 7-Zip archive with save files.
    • Let a pawn go through the door (file "Bug 09.1 Before opening.rws").
    • Save the game after the pawn moves about 4 tiles past the door but before the door starts closing (file "Bug 09.2 Intermediate save.rws").
    • Load the game.
    • Move 4 more tiles before the door starts closing and save the game (file "Bug 09.3 Door stuck open.rws").
    • Load the game.
    That's it. The door is stuck open. It will be fixed though after any pawn goes through.
Undergrounder trait replaces Outdoors need with Indoors one, but the trait's description doesn't mention that, it only says like "no need to be outdoors" which was probably true in version 1.2. The Tunneler meme also replaces needs, but the Undergrounder trait does it even with Ideology disabled.
Bugs / [1.3.3087] Numpad Enter doesn't work
August 15, 2021, 09:02:27 AM
Numpad Enter should work as normal Enter but it does nothing. Checked for: renaming pawn, renaming animal, renaming zone, entering save game file name.
Bugs / Re: Can't Right Click
August 13, 2021, 05:21:29 AM
Your saved game uses mods, but this particular forum board is for mod-less game. Either disable mods and try again, or post in Mod Bugs.
Bugs / Re: [1.3.3087] Too much animals in [World]
August 13, 2021, 04:49:15 AM
Quote from: Canute on August 13, 2021, 03:19:02 AMdon't create a memory leak.

Technically, it's a problem similar to memory leaks. Namely, a limited-size colony takes unlimited RAM and may become unplayable, because every PC is limited in RAM.
"Grow" and "Plant cut" topics of work priorities have misleading names and descriptions. I nearly posted a whole bug report named "Pawn is harvesting when only allowed growing".

It may seem that "Grow" means "Sow", and "Plant cut" description clearly says "harvest plants". So, for maximizing yields, I tried to only allow harvesting to the most proficient worker, and sowing to another worker. I failed, for sure.

I see 3 possibilities of fixing the issue. I'd prefer the 2nd one, if possible.

1. Simply fix texts. Rename "Grow" topic to "Field". In it's description, change "Growing" name to "Field work". Change the description of "Plant cut" to "Cut or chop plants as designated. Does not apply to harvesting crops or foraging for wild plants."

2. Fix the description of "Plant cut" like in #1. Split the "Grow" topic in two: "Sow" and "Harvest". The more control, the better. It makes possible what I tried to achieve (one person sows, another harvests).

3. Move harvesting from "Grow" topic to "Plant cut". Because separating sowing and harvesting makes a bit more sense than separating harvesting crops and chopping trees. This option also allows for what I tried to achieve.