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Death and destruction everywhere!

Was it my fault? I hope not but right now I hate Rimworld!!! :P

We double down on progress and get electricity, heating and cooling going in  our colony.

The animals in the pen looked like they'd do a good job but no, there's not enough food and the rice fields are dying!

As our colonists blissfully slide into a cold winter, hunting will have to be the only way to survive, and the animal traps are no good either.

Our colonists blissfully continue their lives without a care, and so do I because it looks like our winter problem is gone.

I thought the yaks might not be good enough, but they are super fast, both at producing milk and reproducing!

Milk and meat will get us through winter, and if not, a little bit of cannibalism might help...just a bit, not much! buahahahaha!

Get the game file at
The Elusive Yak keeps escaping the safe sanctuary we've built for it, through the one little gap that we're just going to build.

The colonists of course, blissfully unaware that the Yak is not in the sanctuary waste time building walls and a roof on it.

The title of the video says that we manage to tame the yaks, but do we? Watch and find out!

Get the game save file at
I finally get some time to understand our colonists better, and it looks like Leni wants to write a book on it, since her previous book hasn't been published yet ;)

The elusive male yak stays elusive preventing me from breeding it.

Game Save File
Its all animals in this episode as we deal with hunting and taming them.

Hopefully we'll tame all the yaks before they get killed by all the foxes and wolves in our colony.

Leni finally gets clothing, and we know have a little dromedary to take care of!

The story-telling aspect is still hard to achieve, doesn't come naturally to me. But i'm getting some ideas, will try them out soon
All right time for another drop, Part 3 of Accord Of Enoum

Pretty brutal part this: we engage in genocide, slave trade and exhibitionism, such an unhealthy colony! :P

Made a few changes to the format

- Going to do only 20 minutes of gameplay in each part so that its easier to find time to watch the series.
- Will be sharing the save game which i start with just in-case you want to have some fun playing it your own way, or compete with me or whatever....let's see how this goes :)

Here's the link to the video:
And the game save file -

Enjoy! :)

Just played another 50 mins of of the same scenario.

The game plunged me into a ton of action, made it hard for me to focus on the story, but it is what it is.

Part of the fun in this video series is to just show the gameplay as it happens, without any kind of editing.

Watch and Enjoy! :)
Hi Everyone,

New to the forums so please forgive any errors.

I've started playing Rimworld and I love the story-telling aspect of the game.

So I'm starting a series where the game builds the story with challenges while I build a story around the characters.

Please show me some love and watch the video at

I plan to continue playing the game and posting videos often (atleast twice a week) so please do subscribe and watch the game progress if you like what i'm doing.

Also, don't hesitate to kick me and tell me what i'm doing wrong, I love feedback, and I'm super new to making youtube videos!